XPEL Wrap in Los Angeles

XPEL Wrap in Los Angeles

Hi, I picked up my Model 3 this past weekend in Los Angeles and looking into getting an XPEL Wrap. I'm looking in El Segundo and looking to get a few quotes from companies in the area. So far I've gotten one from T Sportline for $5,500 for a complete wrap. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

lilbean | 30. kan 2018

Sticker City, Sherman Oaks! Love them! TS is overpriced, imo.

lilbean | 30. kan 2018


jjaroundtheclock | 30. kan 2018

Yes sticker city is good price and good jobs too.

Michael B | 30. kan 2018

Autoskinz in Valencia or Concours Auto Spa in Torrance.

mkas805 | 30. kan 2018

Seconding Autoskinz in Valencia, doing full wrap with them of Xpel stealth.

thbaxter | 31. kan 2018

Since I live in the South Bay I contacted Concours Auto Spa in Torrance but they said they only do Suntek Ultra. Anyone currently using Suntek and what are your thoughts on it?

missalexa8 | 06. juni 2018

Stop by StickerCity to see clear bra installation in person since installer is key!

frederick | 06. juni 2018

Also try Unique Auto Film in Tarzana. They did my Xpel Stealth full wrap.

leewalker10 | 06. juni 2018


I also don't see any reason to do or than the bumper and hood,

Michael B | 06. juni 2018

Suntek Ultra is great from what I read. Same warranty as Xpel. Consensus is that it is more clear then Xpel. I’m getting Suntek Ultra in a few days at Concours.
Gen 3 PPFs are similar. Suntek and Xpel easier to install. 3M harder to install but word is that it is more durable. I prefer perfect install over slightly more durability.

lilbean | 07. juni 2018

While I was waiting for my car at Sticker City, a Model X owner dropped his car off. There were two big scratches and gouges on the door film. When the installer peeled the Xpel off, the doors were unharmed.

ryanrubin | 07. juni 2018

Most shops in the LA area I found used XPEL and while researching I came across Impression Auto Salon in Santa Clarita where they used Suntek. I went out for a consultation with Brian the owner and he came up with a protection package that met my needs. It wasn’t what I came in asking for but he discussed all the pros and cons of daily driving, where I park my vehicle and how long I intend to keep it while most others gave me a list of prices and basically said more is more. I’m very happy with the work they did and will come back for any further work.

tom8959 | 07. juni 2018

I recently got a quote for a full Expel body wrap from Sticker City for $4800 - significantly less than your T Sportline quote, but still hard for me to justify the expense.

ktruong4721 | 07. juni 2018

To me $5K for the wrap is too expensive. Put that into TESLA stock and then 10 years later, I can cash out to buy a new car (maybe add $$ for any different)

jbilgihan | 07. juni 2018

@ryanrubin - if you don't mind my asking what was recommended and what was the cost?

ryanrubin | 07. juni 2018

I was back and forth between full wrap on the car which was expensive no matter where I checked but I was also considering adding a ceramic coating on top of the wrap or just a coating alone. I couldn't justify the full wrap price which ends up costing about 10% of the cars value and I wanted to instead get the best coating possible. I ended up settling on CQuartz Finest Reserve and they only have 2 authorized installer in all of the Los Angeles area one of which being Impression Auto Salon. I phoned Brian and asked to have Finest put on my car ($2500 minimum) and went for a consultation with him. After our discussion we settled on a full Suntek wrap for the front of the vehicle, CQuartz UK 3.0 for the coating as well as paint correction before application for a total of $2500. I ended up getting better paint protection and a slightly lesser coating for a lesser price than what I was walking in to purchase. I could have gone with the Pro or Finest Reserve coating but the cost was considerably more ($1000-2000) and we decided to use the savings should I require any touch up work on the vehicle which is also considerably less expensive should I need to fix the UK 3.0 coating. This might not be the best solution for your vehicle but through the consultation process and weighing all the pros and cons this was the best way to protect my vehicle. I highly encourage all to contact Brian at Impression and in the few times I've visited he was working on quite a few of our Model 3 brothers and sisters.

ryanrubin | 07. juni 2018

I'd also like to add that a week after my coating had cured Brian had me back at his shop and he showed me his method for a rinse less wash on my vehicle. It now takes me 30 mins on a weekend morning to fully clean the outside of my vehicle and it looks awesome every time, much easier than my bucket and hose method before the ceramic coating. That's an extra level of customer service that I didn't find elsewhere.

alexa.ndye | 08. juni 2018

Try calling Mighty Fine Auto Detailing for a quote. I only got the front bumper, mirrors, and fog lights protected, so I wouldn't have a good estimate for you.

eksplosyon | 09. juni 2018

@tom8959 is that quote from StickerCity for a clear wrap or Xpel Stealth?

stevenkim26 | 09. mars 2019

I got my Model X fully wrapped with SunTek Ultra Matte and I am very happy with the job Benjamin from Bemaro Films has done on my car. After watching his Youtube videos, I knew that he'd do a great job on my car and he didn't disappoint.

Michael B | 09. mars 2019

Concours Auto Spa. Best value (high quality, low price, and good customer service). Brett is great (owners son), and the installer at the Marina Del Ray location does great awesome job. The old installer at the Torrance location was so-so. Difference only reallying being how well edges and corners are wrapped.

Michael B | 09. mars 2019

I heard they have a new installer in the Torrance locations who is better now, by the way.

jdhfilms | 25. april 2019

I called around to get quotes and sticker City was by far the most expensive. Someone here said they had a quote for a full stealth for 4800 and after negotiating and adding interior and some other services they were 5799 just for the body wrap. And wanted 1290 for chrome delete.
I got a great quote from Alex at Carbyne Motorsport - has anyone used them?

code4ok | 25. april 2019

I have used Victor ever since 2004. He works out of his vehicle, comes to your place and uses the 3M product with the 3M warranty. He has done both of my M3's and they look great! He is in Riverside, but he will come to you...don't know how far though. He is used by shops all over the area because he is just that good and knows his stuff...over 15 years now. He has also done race cars. No overhead so better price. (951) 833-1914.

silverjoanne90 | 07. november 2019

I just used Alex at Carbine Motorsport in Glendale. They wrapped the entire front end of my 3, then did a ceramic coat. It looks beautiful and feels like silk. I would really recommend then to anyone. There were 3 more Teslas waiting to get wrapped!