Super charger network statistics.

Super charger network statistics.

Where do I find stats about the supercharger network? Not looking for specific superchargers, I am trying to convince a bond trader the advantage Tesla has assiduously built over the years. So looking for stats like:

1. How dense is the network among the population? Like 50% of US homes are within 30 miles of a super charger or 75% are within 60 miles, etc.

2. How dense is the network along highways? Like there is a supercharger every 60 miles on 75% of the highways, less than 90 miles apart on all high ways, the longest stretch without supercharger etc?

3. Goal of Tesla, (one super charger every 30 miles of every highway or one supercharger within 45 miles of 90% of US homes)

4. Barrier to entry for the competition? Time taken to do site selection, partner selection, utility agreements, municipal permits, starting the service etc?

5. Other plans, like partnering with restaurants, malls, hair salons, movie theaters, anywhere people spend a couple of hours, getting them to provide a simple 50 amp charging options...

SamO | 05. juni 2018

All your answers are here:

Here's my informed estimate:

1. 95% of US are within 30 miles of a Supercharger. Just look at the map.

2. There is a Supercharger no further than 110 miles apart (in most cases).

3. No stated goals of that nature.

4. The only barrier to competition are technology and time.

5. Tesla has partnered with hotels, mall operators, municipalities, restaurant chains.

5a. Take a look at the Destination Charging map. Tesla has stated that those would be greater in number than Superchargers by "an order of magnitude."