Track day

Track day

Just ran my 2015 P85D today at Irwindale 1/8 mile track. Was very surprised on how well and consistent it ran. Ran it 4 times and all runs were 7.3 with one 7.4. Noticed that my mph was dropping after every run. Im guessing that it’s was due to the battery draining lower after every run. My first run was at 80% which earned me my highest mph.
Is it best to run the battery as close as possible to 100%?
I ran the car on insane mode with the battery set to max performance. Is there anything else I should have done to run faster?
Is there a launch setting?

Thanks guys, I just got my car last week

JayInJapan | 22. juni 2018

Your car has the most power at 100%, yes, but don’t charge it to 100 and leave it. Charge to 100, and drive it. Newer cars have a launch setting, but (I might be wrong) I don’t believe P85Ds have it. Your goal is to smash the accelerator down to the floor ASAP.

Tropopause | 22. juni 2018

Definitely 100% will deliver the best times because the voltage is at its highest. PD models have launch mode which may or may not give you better times, depending upon how fast you can smash the accelerator as Jay said.

Tropopause | 22. juni 2018

Also don't drive through the water puddle if there's one for smoking the tires. You want clean, dry tires.

gridley1950 | 22. juni 2018

Ran my 2015 P85D at our local 1/8 mile track without battery preconditioning. Started with full charge and got 7.6 and 7.7 seconds. Preconditioning said it would take ~35 minutes. They put me in the hot rod class because I was too fast for Vettes, Camaros etc. Cross that one off the bucket list!

Mrojo | 22. juni 2018

Tropopause how do I activate launch control?

Tropopause | 22. juni 2018

From the Owner's Manual:

Launch Mode, available on performance dual
motor vehicles only, provides optimum
acceleration on surfaces with good traction.

Note: Hard acceleration including, but not
limited to, using launch mode, increases stress
on the vehicle’s powertrain, and can cause
premature wear and aging of various
components. Model S constantly monitors
powertrain fatigue and damage, and notifies
you if vehicle components need to be

Warning: Use Launch Mode only in
appropriate locations where there is no
cross traffic or pedestrians present.
Launch Mode is designed for use on
closed circuit driving courses. It is the
driver’s responsibility to ensure that
driving style and acceleration do not
endanger or inconvenience other road

To Activate Launch Mode:

Before activating Launch Mode, it is
recommended that the brakes are slightly
warm by driving for a few minutes and using
the brakes a few times.

1. Set the acceleration level to Insane or
Ludicrous and enable Max Battery Power
(described above).

Note: You can use Launch Mode
immediately after enabling Max Battery
Power. There is no need to wait until Max
Battery Power is in its READY state.

2. With Model S shifted into Drive and at a
complete stop with the steering wheel
straight, fully press the brake pedal with
your left foot.

3. While still pressing the brake with your left
foot, fully press the accelerator pedal with
your right foot, then release the
accelerator pedal. The instrument panel
displays a message indicating that Launch
Mode is enabled.

4. Within eight seconds, fully press the
accelerator pedal a second time to preload
motor torque, then within four
seconds, release the brake.
When you release the brake, Model S launches

Note: Launch Mode is not available if Slip Start
has been enabled (i.e. wheels can spin). See
Traction Control on page 61.

Note: Launch Mode is available only if the
ambient temperature is 37° F (3° C) or

Mrojo | 22. juni 2018

Thank you tropopause

Uncle Paul | 22. juni 2018

EV's launch quickest by stomping the peddle as quickly as possible. People are used to just pressing down the peddle, but a stomp will get max torque just a fraction quicker.