$5K Performance Options - Value?

$5K Performance Options - Value?

When I choose my tesla configuration, I did not pick performance upgrade. Its a $5000 option which has following in addition to the $64K for the car - Is this really worth it? I feel $5K I am paying is more for 20 in wheels and Two other small things that I can get aftermarket for lower prices. Only thing I am not sure about is "Performance Brake Calipers" Anyone has an opinion?

Performance Upgrade - $5,000
20” Performance Wheels - Includes Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires and performance brake calipers
Carbon fiber spoiler
Aluminum alloy pedals
Increased top speed from 145mph to 155mph

nagesh | 28. juni 2018

Just to clarify, The last line "Increased top speed from 145,ph to 155mph is coming with the actual pick of performance car ($64K)