Car Cover recommendation?

Car Cover recommendation?

I'm going to be street parking my Model 3 and am thinking an outdoor car cover is a good idea. The Tesla one is $350 and screams "Tesla;" I'm thinking I might want something a bit less conspicuous and a bit less expensive, if possible.

Does anyone have any recommendations based on ones they've used and/or seen? I'm sure Tesla's is a perfect fit, but I don't see that as absolutely necessary so long as it covers the car and won't blow away in the wind.


MalibuRed | 29. juni 2018

Tesla covers are high quality and good material not to scratch. There is no way to lock the cover down and since your in public street parking you might look at Evvanex price seems right and has cutouts for not blocking the vents so the battery keeps cool. I used to use covers but it doesn’t keep the car any cooler it’s good for keeeping it clean though.

Magic 8 Ball | 29. juni 2018

@Dcap writes: ".......not to scratch"

The most important consideration in buying a cover, IMO.

maintreqd | 29. juni 2018

@douwe yeah I'm thinking the same, although my primary defense against this is I will be getting full PPF and ceramic put on, first stop after taking delivery. Not taking any chances since I'll be street parking.

You would think ALL car covers are made of material on the inside that won't scratch, but I gather this is not the case...

maintreqd | 29. juni 2018

err...doesn't look like Evannex has one for Model 3. Bummer.

spc737 | 29. juni 2018

I would only use the cover on a spotless car. Any dirt on the paint can cause scratches no matter how soft the cover.

richard.h.yan | 05. august 2018

@maintreqdm any luck on finding a non-Tesla branded car cover?

lilbean | 05. august 2018

@spc +1

billlake2000 | 05. august 2018

budge #3, wally mart. 22.96. me cheap. ugh.

MalibuRed | 05. august 2018

Seen the all out in town. The Tesla cover looks the best...fits like a glove