Holiday light and music show

Holiday light and music show

Is code changed from modelxmas or holiday for light and music show?

MANAN.SHAH | 29. juni 2018

Is code changed?

ratchet | 29. juni 2018

You don't need a code any longer. Just press the Tesla "T" at the top center of your MCU display. A panel will open with icons for all of the Easter Eggs, including ModelXmas.

MANAN.SHAH | 29. juni 2018

Its asking me password once i Hold T

Redmiata98 | 29. juni 2018

Park outside, turn the volume up, then press and hold the Tesla T (top center of the touchscreen) and enter modelxmas in the access code popup. Leave the car and press the fob roof to lock the car. Enjoy the show.

MANAN.SHAH | 30. juni 2018

I know this solution but after update on 2 days before it stopped working

MANAN.SHAH | 30. juni 2018

I know this solution but after update on 2 days before it stopped working

Redmiata98 | 30. juni 2018

Mannan, the show is quirky and has 2 narrow important parameters for it to work properly.
1. The car must be on level ground.
2. There must be no obstructions or items near the car to be detected by the sensors. I usually take this to mean a clearance around the car of 5 or 6 feet. Also, if anything gets within that perimeter the shows immediately stops.
Let us know if this works.
As a side note, it works at the supercharger while you are plugged in as long as there is no one parked on either side of you ;-)

MANAN.SHAH | 02. juli 2018

I tried with all these but still no luck
It happens after latest update
Let me know if you have any other solution

Redmiata98 | 02. juli 2018

What update are you on? I used it last week and it worked. Unfortunately! i do not remember which update I was on then. I just downloaded 2018.24.1 Friday. If you have the same one, let me know and I’ll try mine and see what happens.

Coldfire73 | 03. juli 2018

If it's asking for a password, are you sure it's not in Valet mode?

Dale9271 | 03. juli 2018

It’s broke in 24.1 update

Vawlkus | 04. juli 2018

confirmed: 24.1 update broke the show by disabling the FOB cue.
On a side note, the center screen crashes when you try to start the show now.

Triggerplz | 04. juli 2018

I just tried the show it's not working, I'm on 24.1

LTR | 04. juli 2018

I got 24.1 a week ago. Checked it today. Still works.

burdogg | 04. juli 2018

I haven't tried it on mine, but the way to get to it is like this:
Press the T (not press and hold, just tap the T)
It brings up your car, wait for a second or two and then another screen slides up and has all the easter eggs there. Tap on the ornament and now follow the instructions for the show.

Interesting those reporting it is broken with 24.1 - I will have to try and see if mine is too.

Triggerplz | 04. juli 2018

@burdogg all of that was done but when you get out the car and press the fob nothing happens and the touchscreen crashes, did it again this time when I pressed the FOB all the windows came down and nothing happened, I've done it a dozen times before so I'm doing it correctly it's just not working right now

burdogg | 04. juli 2018

Don't have time to try it right now - but that sucks it isn't working, although larry says his still is, so I am curious if mine is, will have to try tomorrow if I get time - have to get to bed so I can be alive for work tomorrow.

seniorchip | 04. juli 2018

Same here. Like others, windows came down, sound system full on, touchscreen crash. Did a full reboot from the steering wheel and still doesn't work. My auto open door stopped working after trying to get the Celebration Show to run, but all door functions seem to be okay now. Not sure if this was a one-off non problem or if the reboot corrected the door problem.

Vawlkus | 05. juli 2018

Hey Larry; can we get the complete software version you’re running? I’m curious to see if there’s a difference there.

LTR | 05. juli 2018

Car reports version 2018.24.1 12dd099

Redmiata98 | 05. juli 2018

I am on that version, Larry. Mine does not work and I got the same results as senior. I called Tech spt yesterday and we went through the scroll button reset and complete shutdown with no changes. On a plus note, we do have the roll down the windows back but it is a bit convoluted to get there ;-)
Might have to do with your X edition. Mine is P90L, Dec “15 build with AP1.

LTR | 05. juli 2018

I have a 2 week old D100....AP2...

Vawlkus | 06. juli 2018

I have a year old 100D with AP2, and the exact same software rev.
What a puzzler.

Larry, do you use the code to start the show, or the shortcut from the logo screen?

LTR | 06. juli 2018

I don't know how to use 'the code'...
I select the Easter Egg icon on the screen...
exit the car...
close the door...and hit the top of the fob.

Vawlkus | 07. juli 2018

Had a thought of what might explain this.
Larry, are you sure you have AP2 and not 2.5? The extra hardware that 2.5 has would explain why you can still do the show while others without the 2.5 hardware can’t.
If that’s the case, it’s likely a minor memory leak that’s causing the 2.0 MCU to crash when attempting the show.

LTR | 07. juli 2018

Car is two weeks old. 2.5? Where can I find out?

bob | 07. juli 2018

@larry you are 2.5 (if not newer). 2.5 was the default suite starting last August or maybe July. It’s possible recent builds are enhanced even more than the 2 to 2.5 upgrade

packpike | 08. juli 2018

Mine is a 75D AP2.5 on 24.1 and it crashes.

Vawlkus | 09. juli 2018

Dammit, stop ruining my theories! :P

Anyone else noticed the yellow symbol for the Rear Fog Lights comes after a failed attempt before the MCU crashes?

jjgunn | 09. juli 2018

I tried this yesterday, I may not have been on perfectly level ground.

Heard a loud "brrrrrraaapppp" then nothing.

Guess it's broke. Santa & reindeer worked & sleigh bells when turning on blinker.

Vawlkus | 11. juli 2018

Something else I’ve noticed: I can’t use the FOB button to lock my car anymore.
I typically just use the proximity lock anyway, so it’s not an issue for me, but anyone else that does use that will need to watch it.

packpike | 11. juli 2018

So maybe if I initiate the show and walk far enough away with my FOB it will lock on it's own and start? I use auto-lock/unlock too, so I never use the FOB itself for that function except when starting the show.

packpike | 11. juli 2018

its, not it's! Why can't I edit my post by the way?

Triggerplz | 11. juli 2018

Only the OP can edit

Triggerplz | 11. juli 2018

@Vaelkus I tried to lock the door with the fob and it did lock the door, I unlocked it from the app hit the fob and it locked, I tried the Xmas show again got out the car hit the fob all the windows went down and the only that happened was the touch screen crashed, and when it came back on the radio was super loud like it was prepared for the Xmas show. O Well at the least the windows went down that's a feature I would like to have on the fob and with the ability to also close the windows from the fob

Triggerplz | 11. juli 2018

Oops Vawlkus

brett | 12. juli 2018

I have a 2017 ModelX 100D...AP2.0 hardware...and my XMas show does the same thing everyone else states: windows come down...volume has been turned-up full blast...and then the car does nothing else for the show...and then the MCU reboots. The show used to work the last time I tried it, which was in June, so perhaps a subsequent software update (and I had a firmware update two weeks ago too) has caused this. My software is 24.1.

packpike | 12. juli 2018

I received 2018.26 just now. Hopefully it fixes the show as I'm traveling next week and I'm sure I'll get some requests!

Tdreamer | 12. juli 2018

Reports over on TMC are that 2018.26 is rolling out to only X's and I believe at least one recipient confirmed it fixes the Xmas show. Release notes just state bug fixes. Don't have it yet myself.

packpike | 13. juli 2018

I'll give it a try this afternoon and let you know.

Vawlkus | 13. juli 2018

Hope I see it queue up tonite when I get home. I miss blowing people’s minds with that show :P

jimglas | 13. juli 2018

Since its a holiday show
maybe they will bring it back around the holidays?

Triggerplz | 13. juli 2018

I downloaded 26 3 today, the Christmas show is back

jimglas | 13. juli 2018

Heck ya!

Redmiata98 | 15. juli 2018

Just confirmed that mine is working again after the 26.3 update. Christmas in July!

Vawlkus | 15. juli 2018

Agreed, got 26.3 yesterday and the show is working for me as well.

Thanks Tesla. :)