Tesla, Mercedes, BMW?

Tesla, Mercedes, BMW?

I get a kick out of reading all the comments comparing your BMW or Mercedes or MS to the Model 3. Our newest vehicle is a 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 pickup that we bought used. I've had my Explorer for 21 years and it has over 300,000 miles on it. (Thank goodness my husband is a master mechanic). My husband's project cars include a 1967 Mustang, a 1985 Camaro (which he has run at Bonneville), a 1978 Ram Charger, a 1963 Cushman truckster, and a few motorcycles. And don't forget our 2 quads. Yeah, he's deeply into ICE, and I've always been a car gal. After we paid off the truck, I wanted a smaller, more economical car. I was thinking Honda Accord or similar. Tesla had won me over when the first roadster came out and I drooled all over myself. I thought it was even cooler than my dream Acura NSX. But never in a million years did I think that a car like the M3 would be available at a somewhat affordable price. It wasn't hard to talk hubby into it - he and I both think Elon Musk is a visionary genius. Besides, what car manufacturer is so cool that they call it a Ludicrous button? We reserved about a year ago. This will be my husband's first new car ever in his whole life. And I haven't bought a new car since 1995. So M3 here we come, and we don't need no stinkin' BMW or Mercedes to compare it to. The closest comparison I've had would be 1991 Acura Integra. Can't really compare the NASCAR drive at the Richard Petty Driving Experience, top speed 143.13 mph (so far, I'm not done yet), but I bet the M3 corners even tighter. And there aren't any freeways where we live - it's roads. Can't wait to put the M3 through it's paces. LR, AWD, dual motor, Obsidian Metallic. Haven't pulled the trigger yet, waiting to confirm finances and take a test drive. Oh, and we're not kids - I'm 68, he's 69 - but we still kick ass on the road.

ebmcs03 | 03. juli 2018

Wow. Yikes. First new car at 69? You’ve been humble. Hurry order and enjoy it.

I think the next car you should get is a Porsche Mission E to do a compare and contrast. A his and her car.

ravisundaramam | 03. juli 2018

Best wishes. Hope you get to drive the model 3 for half a million miles.

hokiegir1 | 03. juli 2018


ReD eXiLe ms us | 03. juli 2018

Do NOT buy a Porsche anything... ;-)

Magic 8 Ball | 03. juli 2018

Test drives are now available at some TESLA stores. Well worth the effort to keep your excitement in overdrive.

vikiw | 03. juli 2018

I already have 2 Porsches: a front Porsche and a back Porsche. LOL. Couldn't resist. We already have his and hers cars. "She" contributed the ones that are drivable on a daily basis. "He" contributed the ones that aren't. Tee hee.

Magic 8 Ball | 03. juli 2018

Difference between a Porsche and a porcupine................

Anyone, Bueller Bueller Bueller

jordanrichard | 03. juli 2018

Now, now. That joke is about BMWs.

Madatgascar | 03. juli 2018

On a porcupine, the prick is on the outside!

gballant4570 | 03. juli 2018

I bought two new - one 1978 and the other 2008. 30 years maybe another in 2018? Another 8.....

EinSV | 04. juli 2018


Just picked up mine on Monday and the handling and responsiveness are incredible. You and your husband are going to get a huge kick out of it.

ebmcs03 | 04. juli 2018

So many Porsche haters?