HVAC/AC Weak Airflow through Vents

HVAC/AC Weak Airflow through Vents

Its been pretty hot in the UK for the last few weeks and Ive noticed a fault that comes and goes with no fault codes ( remote access by tesla engineer). Basically the A/C can be on max output through front vents and not give out air , you can hear the fan working but sometimes it does not come through. There has been a time when an ice partical came through and i am getting the impression something over proglonged use is freezing up and blocking airflow. The Glass Roof enhances the temp issue in the car and its gets very hot in the car to an almost undrivable situation especially with 3 children in the car. I dont believe it to be a gas leak as sometimes it runs faultless. When precooling after a long drive and A/C use its struggles to get below 21 degrees inside the car .

Car is due into the SC next week but i know its going to work fine during the 30-60 mins inspection. Wondering if anybody else has had this or can give me knowledge to ensure SC checks for faults.

Note: range mode is OFF and ive preformed all the resets.

pnajar | 08. juli 2018

It’s sounds like blockage or air gate in the system is not working correctly

pastorjimkuchera | 08. juli 2018

Had the same problem. Airbox actuator motor failure. Unusual. Hope parts are available. 3 day turnaround on my car waiting for parts. If I recall, ut's a major dash removal. No problems in last 20K miles. 12 hours labor. Glad I bought the EAP.

Rocky_H | 09. juli 2018

That is some kind of real issue. I've seen reports on that symptom, and it's sometimes one of maybe two or three different kinds of problems, which they can find and fix. So even if you can't happen to make it show that symptom at the time at the service center, just knowing that it has done that a few times should cause them to check it out and correct whatever is wrong.

docdac | 09. juli 2018

On a very hot day with sustained driving, the battery can get hot. The cooling system diverts all resources to battery cooling, at the expense of cabin cooling. This happened to me last summer while driving at ~70 mph in 100 degree F temps for several hours. Cabin temperature creeped up, air flow through the vents was weak and not very cold. When I stopped to supercharge, the A/C came back aund all was good again. I called Tesla at the time, they reviewed my logs, and confirmed this was the case.

avinash.linganna | 29. kan 2019

Just had the same problem with mine. 1.5 hour fix. Dx'ed from logs. I wish the car would notify the owner when a fault fires