Cancelling Model 3 deposit

Cancelling Model 3 deposit

It was very easy to pay in the $1, the website doesnt allow to make the cancellation as per the instructions, now they make you call a phone number.....

I have been waiting for about an hour already at the phone provided....decided to hang up............and the phone announcements say it will take about 45 days to get the refund.......

All of this after huge delays for deliveries when the will to buy was fresh, and even worse, with the basic model 3 not available until 2019....... do you expect me to talk about your company when it come as a subject daily in my automotive consulting business?

Thankyou.......... order#RN108858528

A lost customer that expected a lot more from Tesla

EVRider | 23. juli 2018

This is a user forum, so Tesla won't see your post here. To contact Tesla, you can use the Contact link below or the support form on your My Tesla account. Probably not a good idea to post your reservation number on a public forum like this.

DTsea | 23. juli 2018

nobody ever promised a car to you in 2017.

Yodrak. | 23. juli 2018

"... my automotive consulting business"

A rather naive post for someone who's in the automotive consulting business.

Madatgascar | 24. juli 2018

Based on his or her user name, apparently OP is an editor for Mexico Now, a magazine that reports on Mexico’s auto industry (maquiladoras for other automakers).

mcflyInAustin | 24. juli 2018

I just canceled my Model 3 reservation (because I decided to go with a Model S). The website worked flawlessly and I got my refund in 2 days.

Middledawg | 24. juli 2018

Why did you cancel? If you decided you didn't want a Model 3 after all, your decision. If you cancelled because you are tired of waiting — Say What?

Tesla has opened up the configuration process. Reservation or not, you can go there right now and order a RWD, AWD or AWD performance Tesla immediately. No more waiting. Tesla just SHORTENED delivery times today for the 2nd time in two weeks.

Here is the latest:
RWD M3 ~1-3 month delivery time
AWD M3 ~2-4 month delivery time
AWDP M3 - ~1-3 month delivery time

The ONLY possibility you can't yet configure is a M3 with a short range battery. Those are still 6-9 months away.

You want the $35,000 base with perhaps a few options. Why? Unless you're financially stretched to be able to pay for only the short range model, the longer range battery is by far the better choice. I own one of the last 90D MXes built. I decided at that time the extra 38 miles range (257 vs 295) wasn't worth the extra $7,000. That is the ONLY thing I regret about the MX I bought. It makes zero difference zipping around town, but on trips those 38 miles do make a difference.

You want an electric car, any electric car? My advice is to go for the most range you can afford. Never go below 200 miles unless you intend your BEV to be a commuter car and nothing more. Also, if you do plan to take it on trips look hard, and I mean hard, at the availability of Level 2 or better charging. Unless you're driving a hybrid equipped with a battery pack with 20 miles or so range, 110v charging is less than useless.

janendan | 24. juli 2018

With deliveries so close you might want to do what I have asked of local Tesla. I was locked-out within 3 days of ordering jun 27, and they would not let me go to RWD after AWD-gate. Rather than lose the $3500 to reorder I have proposed an immediate trade on delivery. I need every mile of range because I just found out yesterday that Condo EVSE with HOA approved Evercharge is double last years estimate to over $5500 + $15/month + $.15/ KWh. Florida, the condo state, is going to need hundreds of 800V. Superchargers.

janendan | 24. juli 2018

@dmm1240,..I did ask Evercharge to estimate cost for a Level1 outlet by my parking spot. I average 50mi/ day and the car averages 18 hrs/ day in the spot. Retirement I highly underrated. Is level1 useful?

SUN 2 DRV | 25. juli 2018

For a Model 3 a Level 1 charger should give you about 4 miles of range per hour of charging. (or about 3 mi/hour for Model S) So your 18 hours should add about 72 miles.

Linderfield | 11. kan 2019

I can find no way to let Tesla know I want a refund of my $1000 deposit - no 'manage' button or phone number. Can anyone clue me in???