Windshield Protection

Windshield Protection

I'm a high mileage driver and mainly expressway driving. In the last six years, I have collected many small paint chips on my front grill and hood area from debris and pebbles which I understand that it could be protected by a clear vinyl wrap. But my poor windshield is also covered with tiny speckles from these pebbles. Any coating or protective surfaces can prevent that?

sroh | 31. juli 2018

I don't know that you that you can do much for windshields. I know some who apply ceramic coatings on windshields. But some complain it interferes with the wipers. And it wouldn't really help with rock chips.

It couldn't hurt to try a silicon based topper product. Look at Gyeon Cure or Carpor Reload. At the very least, these will bead water like crazy and make keeping your windshield clean easier. And there is a miniscule amount of protection so might lessen the number of tiny speckles.

bharat | 01. august 2018

Check with TintWorld (franchise chain - you probably have one near you) .. they have a protective film (much like a PPF but for windshields) - i am thinking about it too... The techs said it probably needs to be replaced every one or 2 years - but then would it be better to replace the windshield? Still wondering and thinking about it (I did het the PPF and Ceramic coating)