100 miles in --- 199900 to go!

100 miles in --- 199900 to go!

Picked up my Blue, LR, Prem, Sport Wheels Model 3 yesterday in Tyson's Corner, VA. I'm still feeling the excitement. I enjoyed my commute this morning so much that I was disappointed when I got to my destination. I even quickly got over my sense that I was forgetting something because there was no key fob in my pocket as I walked away from the car. It was a nice little perk to turn the climate control on as I was walking out to the car at lunchtime so I didn't have to get into a 90+ degree environment. I haven't listened to the radio this loud since I was in high school.

I'm an admitted Tesla fan, but I have to say that I don't find anything wrong with the design decisions made by Elon and team. I was worried about the wood trim, the single display, the UI, the navigation, the glovebox, the phone key, the phone attachment (with case), the fit and finish, the paint, one-footed driving, etc. Nothing was wrong and all the worry was about non-issues.

I didn't prepay for EAP but I will buy it at some point in the near future (probably after I write my last college tuition check.) But, I can still see how the car is sensing the environment around it as I drive. I'm already confident it can do better than me given the lane departure shakes I get.

Still grinning!

jamespompi | 16. august 2018

Does the car self destruct at 200k?

RJMIII | 16. august 2018

No, I think that's my own limit. That's how far I made it with my 2008 Prius just this last week. It was a marathon to make it that long with a single car. Maybe I'll feel differently when I hit that mile stone with the Model 3. Especially since it will be doing the driving by then. Looking forward to finding out.

Carl Thompson | 16. august 2018

Congrats and enjoy!

disapr | 16. august 2018

@RJMIII I sincerely hope that you never hit a mile stone with your Model 3.... :)

Congrats! The Model 3 is going to be a lifesaver in NOVA traffic.

jjgunn | 16. august 2018

Pffftt.....240,000 & still going on my ICE Toyota Yaris.

You'll get 500,000 on your M3 unless you want to trade it in on a Roadster 2020. heh heh >:-}

Tesla_User | 16. august 2018

Jokes aside, does anyone know what is the 'battery life' for the Model 3 (long range). Does anyone know when we need to replace it?

Kathy Applebaum | 16. august 2018

"does anyone know what is the 'battery life' for the Model 3 (long range). Does anyone know when we need to replace it?"

No one knows for certain yet, but if it's like the other Tesla batteries, you will probably see less than 10% degradation in the first 200,000 miles. That wouldn't be enough to cause me to replace the battery.