Steve Bannon blasts Elon : “he is a man-child!”

Steve Bannon blasts Elon : “he is a man-child!”

I don’t mind most people bashing Elon for what I consider somewhat immature behavior, but to have served under Trump (under his desk, pleasuring him, most likely) and then to call Elon “man-child”? This guy is looking at “hypocrite” in the rear view mirror.

greg | 30. august 2018

Well the old saying goes that "it takes one to know one.",

If anyone was getting pleasured in the White House I'm sure it was Man Boy Bannon not the Orange Man-child.

The difference though is Musk is actually trying to help get us out of the mess we created. The absolute worst Musk can do is fail in that mission, so we end up killing ourselves exactly as foretold would happen - due to our own inaction and inability to grasp situational reality.

The Orange Man-Child and Bannon Man Boy can't do that - they can only make a bigger mess 'cos all they know or want, is to wallow in the mud.

But the Orange one has the ability at his fingertips to send the entire planet back to the Stone Age, on a whim.

I'll take the Musk "man-child" any day thanks - because if he succeeds, even partly, we're all better off than any other outcome.

Tesla-David | 30. august 2018

@greg, well said, totally agree.

Middledawg | 31. august 2018

Pot, meet Yosemite Sam, err Steve Bannon.

carlk | 31. august 2018

Trumps does things illegal including borderline treason.

SamO | 31. august 2018

Funding obviously was secured, dipshit. He presented the offer to the board.

But please keep up the narrative that Musk is a loose cannon.

jimglas | 31. august 2018

Who give a FF what cannon has to say. About anything.

carlk | 31. august 2018

Moe What lawsuit? Don't think it's smart for that pedo guy to expose (sorry about the pun) himself.

jamespompi | 31. august 2018

CNN should ask for Alex Jones' opinion next lmao.

You cant deny that Trump and Musk at least have similar twitter habits.

jimglas | 31. august 2018

@jamespompi: Elon is tweeting "NO COLLUSION!"?

RedShift | 31. august 2018

False equivalency. Simple minds seek to make simple connections.

carlk | 31. august 2018

Elon only tweets truth. He never had any intention to lie. Trump's ONLY intention for his tweets is to lie.

SamO | 31. august 2018

So mos lies. carl corrects him. mos calls carl a fanboi.

Moving on . . . Elon is like Drumpf because they both use Twitter???

jamespompi | 31. august 2018

Didn't mean to piss anyone off, no need to insult each others intelligence..

I'll refrain as it doesn't really contribute to the purpose of an automotive forum anyway. I'll stick to the help and get helped part of this forum.

RedShift | 01. september 2018

Skymaster thinks selling the Presidecy to an enemy country is ‘kicking ass’.

Delusional MORON.

carlk | 01. september 2018

@skymaster Neither was misunderstood. People worship Elon because they understand exactly what he has done. Others despise he for the same reason. People despise Trump because they know he's a racist. Others worship him for the same reason.

skymaster | 02. september 2018

I really don't care if Winston Churchill said it or not...because I feel it hits the nail right on the head!

"If you turn 20 and you're not a liberal, then you have no heart."
"if you turn 40 and you're not a conservative, then you have no brains."

greg | 02. september 2018


"This country will continue to kick ass, get better deals worldwide and reelect Trump in 2020 by a LANDSLIDE!!"

Oh Really? here fixed it for ya

"This country will continue to kick itself up the ass, every country but us will get much better deals worldwide and if we reelect Trump in 2020 then we will deserve everything we get from the rest of the world in return."

RedShift | 02. september 2018


What a great comeback! Too bad you aren’t even smart enough to google who said those lines.

carlk | 02. september 2018

@skymaster You can have money and have heart too. A lot of billionaires nowadays do. That's called progress. We are not cavemen anymore.

blue adept | 02. september 2018

Actually, it's likely that Bannon will end up in prison before all that much longer due to that whole Cambridge Analytica breach of Facebook user data thing.

Al1 | 02. september 2018

An American partner of indicted Russian pleads guilty.

Samuel Patten, 47 an american who has been actively involved in special PR operations conducted by Russian military intelligence agency during elections in post Soviet countries.

Turned out he also did work for the parent company of Cambridge Analytica.

Patten pleads guilty and promises to cooperate with Mueller.

blue adept | 03. september 2018


Remnant | 03. september 2018


SamO | 03. september 2018

Drumpf will die penniless on Rikers Island. The State of NY has him in their sights.

His kids will be indicted and cannot be pardoned. His accountant and lawyer have already sprung the trap.

I'm not a fan of Mike Pence, but I think mindless conservatives will soon be extolling his virtues as the current President is exposed to be a financial fraud and a common criminal..

johnse | 03. september 2018

Pence will be going down, too. He was right in the thick of it.

Ironic thing is, if the Republicans had done there jobs and cleaned house by actually investigating and impeaching then, Paul Ryan would have become president. If they wait for the Dems to control house, Trumps replacement may be Peloci :)

Al1 | 03. september 2018

Quite frankly I believe Trump was the first US president in decades who didn't start his presidency by feeding the russian crocodile. Maybe that's no credit to him but to disposition of the planets. But I frankly fear this will be used by democrats to merly set the scores, rather than address fundamental issues and protect democracy pretty much globally.

SCCRENDO | 03. september 2018

@A/1. Wtf are you smoking

NKYTA | 03. september 2018

@A1|1, “Quite frankly I believe Trump was the first US president in decades who didn't start his presidency by feeding the russian crocodile. Maybe that's no credit to him but to disposition of the planets. But I frankly fear this will be used by democrats to merly set the scores, rather than address fundamental issues and protect democracy pretty much globally.”

I’m normally a fan of what you post, but the above is pretty whacked.

Set aside what we are waiting to learn from Mueller, Drumpf is a “fan” of Russia and Putin. If you don’t see that, perhaps skip the rest.

This is not good. This is not good for the country I love.

This is not good when the Presidenti is tweeting and name calling people that deserve respect.

This guy is worse than Rodney Dangerfield. He doesn’t deserve one whit of respect.

From my perspective:

He and the Republican Party have destroyed the courts.
The Supreme Court is supposed to be a pillar and yet another check on the other branches of government.
Nunes is a patsy, and his voters should take a really close look.
POTUS has destroyed the public’s confidence in both the Fourth Estate and the rule of Law.
Pruitt and his follow on are destroying National Parks and drilling where we don’t need to drill. Oh, and coal, really!
DeVos and brethren don’t have a clue when it comes to Education (for everyone, not just their kids).

Yeah, the stock market is doing great, which helps me but not most Americans.
The tax cuts are pretty laughable, when you add 1.6 Trillion to our debt. Not helping me.

On the Democrats, I totally agree. I’m moving Independent, and so should everyone. This two party system has to be broken, by the voters.

$$ in politics MUST be removed. We, the voters have to make that happen.

Al1 | 03. september 2018

I am non smoker. Here is the trailer to a new documentary "Active Measures".

Al1 | 03. september 2018


Russians clearly helped him and he clearly eagerly used their help to say the least. To the extent that Madeleine Albright called him Siberian candidate and top Russian politicians were openly celebrating his victory with Champagne.

I know all that. My point was there is difference between what Trump says and what people appointed by him do when it comes to Russia.

SCCRENDO | 04. september 2018

Short of watching your documentary I am certainly not clear on what point you are trying to make.

Al1 | 04. september 2018

SCCRENDO, I just watched documentary and will probably need more time as it gave a lot of food for thought. Definitely recommend it. Everybody can draw his / her own conclusions.

jimglas | 05. september 2018

I just pre ordered Woodward’s book. Arrives 8/18. Long before my P3D I am sure.

SCCRENDO | 05. september 2018

@jimglas. Is it available oh kindle yet??

carlk | 05. september 2018

I think he means 9/18.

blacktape242 | 05. september 2018

so what, most of the media blast him daily.

jimglas | 05. september 2018

Hardback only for now
And delivery 9/11

SCCRENDO | 05. september 2018

Should be a great read. I will wait for the kindle or audible version. Now we just need to teach the Republicans to read

rxlawdude | 05. september 2018

"so what, most of the media blast him daily."

The so what is that the media blasting him is in response to the petulant, narcissistic, autocratic BS the Orange-a-Tan emits on a daily basis.

Sam_S | 05. september 2018

As far as Musk and Trump goes...this definition only applies to one of them.

In Internet slang, a troll (/troʊl, trɒl/) is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses[2] and normalizing tangential discussion,[3] whether for the troll's amusement or a specific gain.

SCCRENDO | 05. september 2018

Unfortunately Elon is also doing this so indeed they may both be trolls. I am still a fanbois of Elon because he helps far more than he hurts. But I do wish he would find someone to speak on his behalf. Trump unfortunately has no redeeming features.

Tesla2018 | 08. september 2018

Elon and Trump are publicity whores who need to have their twitter account taken away from them. Obama said he would miss not having his Blackberry when he was President so why is Trump allowed to post. Aren't they afraid of hacking anymore.
Doesnt Tesla have a corporate spokesman. At leadt Trump has Sarah Sanders to make statements and deal with the press. Elon needs a communications director od OR firm to run things by first.
People on this forum post stuff that upsets others and have disagreements, but it doesnt affect the running of a company or country.

sosmerc | 08. september 2018

Management changes coming so hopefully that will help steady the ship. Elon should concentrate on providing positive encouragement to the most important element of the company.....his employees!