Dang that was good!

Dang that was good!

Well, my screamin' red RWD Model 3 goes into the body shop on Monday to get torn down after a fender bender. Not knowing how long it'll take to identify all the bent parts, order and receive them, then install them, I felt the need - the need for speed. I hadn't yet had the chance to drive the Model 3 on winding roads despite having 5000 miles on it, so I figured it was time. Drove from Phoenix to Prescott Valley with the intention of driving over Mingus mountain to Jerome and back. It's not a long twisty road - maybe 20 miles, but it's a pretty good one as long as you don't run into traffic - there's only only section where passing is permitted and reasonable. If you're behind a slower moving vehicle, it's 10 miles before you can safely get around them.

Man, does this car like to go around corners. I've always described it as like driving a slot car, and driving it over the mountain felt exactly that way. Four 18" A/S tires squealing mightily around the posted 20-40 mph corners, and it was solid as a rock. Accelerating out of the corners was just so easy, and the traction control allows just the tiniest bit of rear wheel slippage (BTW, it does allow a lot more if you enable "Slip Start"). Body roll was non-existent (which was kinda disconcerting for me - even my Miata leaned quite a bit in hard corners). I'm a bit of a chicken, so when the corners open up to higher speeds I dial back rather than continuing to push - screwing up a posted 50 mph corner at 100 mph with a 500 foot drop off just off the edge of the asphalt just isn't my idea of a good day, where screwing up a posted 20 mph corner at 40 mph is much less likely to be terminally exciting.

And, despite the bad aerodynamics from the crunched bumper and hood, the 80 mph freeway drive up and back, and the "spirited" driving session, I pulled into the driveway showing about 290 wh/mi after four hours.

I can't imagine what doing something like that with an AWD (or P) Model 3 would be like. I think I'd P my pants.