parts availability for collision repair

parts availability for collision repair

i unfortunately hit a deer one night 4 weeks ago. Tesla response by roadside assistance was immediate and great. i was immediately informed of tesla approved body repair shops and had my model X flatbedded there. the body shop is working on a dozen teslas and stated that it will be at least 6 weeks for the body parts to arrive no matter who orders them. my car rental is for 4 weeks. one model 3 owner has waited over 3 months for parts from tesla and states that tesla has assisted him with a rental car after the usual 30day insurance coverage for car rental in situations like this. does anyone know who to contact to pursue rental car assistance from tesla? obviously I just want my model X back. now i have to buy gas! thanks

DermMD | 14. september 2018

Once your Tesla is in the body shop you get assistance through Tesla's body shop repair team. That would be a good start particularly for an estimate of when all the ordered parts will be available which will give you a good estimate of when to expect your car back. I have had two major collisions in 3 years with the latest being 6 weeks ago. This latest one required some of the hardest parts to source I'm told including seat belts and windshield. Long story ishort both collisions have taken 6 weeks each for the car to be returned. My suspicion is that there are some outlier cases that take months and these are the ones that get press like most things that put Tesla in a bad light.

TSammy | 19. september 2018


How do I contact the Tesla body shop repair team?

My "Tinkerbell", MX60D is in the Collision shop 30 days already and still waiting on parts. I felt this was reasonable but your posts seem to suggest there is another way.

Went front wheel to front wheel with a semi-tractor at 55 mph, munched passenger front end pretty bad... needing steering gears, bumpers and passenger door.

DermMD | 20. september 2018

@TSammy I can't retrieve the email that gave me the number to call but it should have been included in the email you got from Tesla if you reported your accident to them. Anyhow, I'd suggest calling roadside assistance who will either transfer you or give you the number for the collision repair team.

d.cherin | 20. september 2018

For support with your Tesla at a Body Shop, please call 877-79-TESLA (877-798-3752) select option 2 and then option 4 to speak with a Body Shop Customer Advocate. You can also reach us by email at: Please reference your VIN and which Body Shop you are working with so we can promptly assist.

Uncle Paul | 23. september 2018

Some Tesla repairs are very quick and painless. Others take a long time and waiting for parts is a hassle. Believe it is the same for any other aluminum intensive vehicles.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 24. september 2018

When possible, always attempt to use one of Tesla’s (few) company owned body shops which can do same-DAY repairs.

Tesla is apparently going to stock them with Tesla parts and prioritize their own body shops over independent shops. They are rumored to provide Tesla loaners because it’s such a short process.

carl.plaskett | 09. juli 2019

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