Car doesn't appear in iPhone 6s Tesla App

Car doesn't appear in iPhone 6s Tesla App

I got my 3 last Sunday and but on my Tesla App in iPhone 6s I don't see it!

When I open the app a list of videos appear, when I close it, I see a blank screen. Nothing else!

The car appears in my account in though. (Although it seems to suggest the car is not delivered yet!)

What am I missing here?!

bjmoose | 27. september 2018

I vaguely remember experiencing this problem...

Try force-quitting the app.
Try signing out of your account in the app and then try signing in again.

Repeat those steps again after you've had the car a week. And if it still doesn't work, contact customer support. They ought to be able to correct that without you ever setting foot in a service center.

aperfectecho | 27. september 2018

also try a hard reset on the phone, if you have not already

JBishop | 27. september 2018

I have the same exact problem with my 6s and took delivery on Sunday as well. I consulted my local delivery manager and he says the vehicle shows as delivered in their system, but on my account page it still says I need to schedule delivery. I tried the hard reboot of the phone, redownloading the app, toggling Mobile Access off and on in the car, and nothing seems to work.

He suggested calling the number for assistance when you hit the T logo in the car and seeing if they can force activate it on the account.

Other than that we may just have to wait a few more days. They're likely just backed up from all the deliveries.

al | 27. september 2018

I got my car Sunday as well. I informed my delivery agent and I am will wait patiently till mid-October. I know their focus is delivering cars and collecting checks. I got mine and happy to use card for a few weeks. Loving every minute of it. 435 miles and counting.... Started with 14.

Driller2x | 03. oktober 2018

Same problem, also Iphone 6S. Is this a bug specific to the 6s ?

Future_owner | 03. oktober 2018

I have a 6s and mine worked fine the minute I left the showroom. I received my car in May when volume was a lot lower so it might just be a symptom of the good problem of all the new users coming though the system at once.