Tesla's Paint Repair Kit Results?

Tesla's Paint Repair Kit Results?

Hi all,

Does anyone have experience with the paint repair kit? Wondering how well it works for touching up rock chips? Maybe not as good as wrapping the car but just little bit less expensive!


Ygor81 | 02. oktober 2018

I was about to buy some of this. Would love to hear feedback as well.

swmonty | 02. oktober 2018

I just received my paint repair kit. I give it 3 out 5 stars. The color is a perfect match, which is the best thing about the product.

I had 3 chips that needed repair, one on the hood, one on the door and a 1/2" scrape on the rear door.

I was not able to get any paint to stay in the hood, I tried 5-6 times and every time I used the buffing solution the paint came out of the chip. I tried different dry times, different pressure, etc.

The other 2 chips are still noticeable, but less now then without the repair as they are the correct color and no blobbing of paint like you get with a normal touch up kit.

Not sure I would buy again, I would probably just leave the chips alone like I have done on every other car I have owned.

I have a Model3, Blue car.

viniigm3 | 02. oktober 2018

Got my car, Mid-Night Silver Metallic in June, within a month the car was hit with a pebble off of a construction vehicle. The pebble hit the hood and left a set of scratches which looked like a scratch from a small animal claw. The scratches were deep. I ordered a paint repair kit. The results were very good. The visibility of the scratches was reduced significantly. They can be noticed but you need to know where they are and have certain lighting conditions to see them. The repair will not be prefect because you are not getting the clear coat back.

It took multiple applications and lite buffing with the solution to get to where I was satisfied. The results are much better than what you would get with $10 bottle from an automotive store. The extra money for this kit was worth it for the ability to touch up with the best quality especially in such a visible location.