Car deleted my phone in the rain.

Car deleted my phone in the rain.

Just thought I'd vent...

Went out to the car last night in rain. Opened the trunk and juggled all the stuff in my arms into it (dry cleaning, lunch, laptop, overweight equipment from work). Then went to open the car, no dice. Huh, looked at the phone, for some reason it was now rebooting. Dragged the key card out, had to get it soaking wet since the card has to actually touch the frame (how does that work with winter ice?). Was like great...

A little while later went to play something on my phone. Bluetooth was greyed out in the car. Phone was missing from the Bluetooth options. Okay, reboot Bluetooth on the phone. Did this more than once, no dice. Rebooted phone, still no dice. Enabled/disabled bluetooth on the phone a few more times. Did the two button reboot on the car, EAP stayed on, but still no dice. A few more phone and blue tooth reboots and finally gave in and paired phone. Only then did I have a phone again.

Just annoyed the car somehow lost my bluetooth pairing. Firrmware 34.1.

Still love the car. Hate the Google pixel. Going back to Samsung.

disapr | 02. oktober 2018

The Pixel 2 XL works flawlessly as a key. If you prefer Android, definitely check out the P2XL since it is known to work well. I'll probably order a Pixel 3 and will do some testing with that but it should also work well.

HighlandPony | 02. oktober 2018

Since the first indication of a problem was the phone rebooting I’d say the problem is likely the phone, not the car. Maybe the phone got wet, sounds like it crashed anyway.

gmkellogg | 02. oktober 2018

I've had no issues with my Pixel XL. Are you running Android P?

hokiegir1 | 02. oktober 2018

I have a Pixel (have had for over a year, so the whole time we've had the car) and hubby has a Pixel XL (he's had about a month) that both work well. Not 100%, but I'd say about 98%, with the remaining 2% being fixed by unlocking the phone and pressing to unlock the car. It does sound like your phone may have had an issue that reset the connections. I've had issues with "losing" my garmin watch from to time and having to repair that, so it's possible it did the same for your car. I don't know what has triggered those instances for me.