TSLA Quarter 3 earnings report, projections on stock price?

TSLA Quarter 3 earnings report, projections on stock price?

Madatgascar | 23. oktober 2018

Do I hear $420?

greg | 23. oktober 2018

Or $240?
I got an unsolicited buyback offer of $200 a share the other day so someone is dreaming big. Must be a short I think.

lar_lef | 23. oktober 2018

I'll use this topic to express my admiration for EM's mid-range 3 caper. A "deus ex machina' in that it is an event to save the situation and literally means "a god from a machine", so EM is a kind of deus ex machina, although the Greek gods, if blessed with considerable powers, were not without flaws.

carlk | 24. oktober 2018

New high(s). Not right away but in coming months.

SamO | 24. oktober 2018

Up $36 yesterday.
Up $9 pre-market today

Once TSLA announces it is profitable this afternoon, get ready for a short-burn.

jimglas | 24. oktober 2018


jimglas | 24. oktober 2018

Mic Drop

epikula | 24. oktober 2018

Earnings of $516 million dollars! earnings of $2.90 per share. Revenue of 6.82 billion. Houston we have lift-off!!!

reed_lewis | 24. oktober 2018

The actual numbers are: earnings of $311 million, and $1.82/share.

Patrick | 24. oktober 2018

Lift off is right - explosive numbers! The future is so bright I think we’ll need shades....

ravisundaramam | 24. oktober 2018

This is the BFR, SpaceX match this blaster!

Yodrak. | 24. oktober 2018

Down 5.64 at the end of the day (boo)
But way up again after hours (yea)

ravisundaramam | 24. oktober 2018

The number of explosive!

Less than 20% cancellation. Almost all AWD. Margin not expected to drop as the less priced version sales become more common. Really good numbers.

Has enough cash to pay off the Q4 loan. Will generate enough to pay off the 2019 Q1 loan too, if the trend continues.

Over all great numbers.

Ross1 | 24. oktober 2018

Are we there yet?
Have we saved the planet?

The tough call is that profit and market share are not in the mission.AFAIK.
The aim is to share tech, encourage competition and accelerate the uptake of sustainability. The rest is about method, not the core belief.

ravisundaramam | 24. oktober 2018

No. We have not saved the world yet.

But we survived to continue the fight. Profit and market share are not the mission of Tesla. But without them, we would be dead. That is the significance of market share and profits. Share price is also does not directly save the planet. Heck, it does not even affect day to day operations of Tesla. But a healthy share price will let it weather the storms and cash flow crunches.

jacklondon413 | 24. oktober 2018

A good stock price will make happy employees who own stock too. Happy employees = good products. Good products = happy customers. Happy customers = More profit. More profit = continue the mission.

sosmerc | 24. oktober 2018

It's basically a green light to move forward. It's still an uphill climb to complete the mission and there are going to be many challenges ahead. But take time to celebrate tonight....because tomorrow is a new day and it's back to work.

carlk | 24. oktober 2018

@Ross1 The aim is company not to fail. The rest will come.

Tesla-David | 25. oktober 2018

Galileo Russell provides a helpful overview and recap of Tesla's 3Q Earnings. I find his summary a refreshing and hopeful analysis of Tesla and EM's very positive future, with the utube link at the bottom of this interesting article about former Short seller Andrew Left's change of position from anti-Tesla to pro-Tesla going forward.

Al1 | 25. oktober 2018

Thanks Tesla-David for this excellent link.

You know, looking at stock price and reading some analysts after the call I can't help thinking they simply do not have very good analytical abilities.

jordanrichard | 26. oktober 2018

Sorry but it is quite grandiose to think that you/we are going to “save the planet”. The planet is water/rock/vegetation and was here before we were and will be here after us. The more apt wording would be to improve/save the environment.

Mike83 | 26. oktober 2018

The planet goes on perhaps with a different life form or none. The simple issue to saving our livable environment for our species. It is a good goal to want a good environment with clean air and water and places to enjoy. Some think making more money is more important and that is not only grandiose but self destructive.

jimglas | 26. oktober 2018

As I have said many times....The earth will soon be rid of this temporary infestation by humans.