Dangerous Autosteer Problem

Dangerous Autosteer Problem

Hi. How do I report a dangerous problem with Autosteer? When driving down a certain street in Autosteer mode the Model 3 tries to drive off the road in exactly the same spot every single time I pass there. This happens in both directions. The street itself is straight as can be with a 40 mph speed limit. There is no median, no obstacles at all and the painted lines are as they should be. It is not a construction zone either. Several times I tried to let the car do its thing to see if it would autocorrect but every single time I had to yank the steering wheel and bring it back into the lane. I would have ended up in the ditch.
I would like to report this asap to Tesla. Any pointers?

Rykemapo | 02. november 2018

Sounds like a really slow divided highway.

Magic 8 Ball | 02. november 2018

In your owner's manual you will find instructions on how to file these instances with TESLA.

derotam | 02. november 2018

If you were on "highways and limited-access roads with a fully attentive driver." pg 67 then yes that would be a "dangerous problem" If you are using Autosteer in a way it was not designed for, then you found an issue that hasn't been accounted for yet...hence Autosteer is only intended for use on "highways and limited-access roads with a fully attentive driver"

Now that that is out of the way, yes to expand on M8B.. go to page 158.

CharleyBC | 02. november 2018

Press the right scroll wheel until it's listening for you (just like if you were going to give nav instructions), and say "Bug report. Autosteer tries to drive off the road."

Can you get a friend to shoot a video of this happening? Ideally include both the screen and the view out the front in the shot. And then post here. The rest of us might be able to learn something from your experience.

terminator9 | 02. november 2018

haha.. who reads user manual these days?

derotam | 02. november 2018

Or use the dashcam to record the video. Who needs a friend, the car is your friend, lol

CharleyBC | 02. november 2018

Yeah, I thought about dashcam, but then we wouldn't get to see what the screen thinks is happening, nor the opportunity for driver narration. ("Oh, crap, that scared me!")

Of course, both would be nice!

yul.mike | 02. november 2018

Oh please.... as if you guys never used it on anything other than on a highway ;-) Anyway, I never allow myself to get distracted when in Autopilot/Autosteer mode. Hands are always on the wheel and eyes on the road. Besides, maybe my experience can help the coding team to fix this problem, hence I wanted to report it.
Thanks for the help guys

disapr | 02. november 2018

I use AP everywhere that it is available just to see how it handles it and also to log when AP's ability improves or degrades. I have a spot on a 30mph divided road where the car will violently steer into the curb if you're not holding the wheel (which I am). I've reported it and we will see if/when it's resolved. Very interesting to see how the different software updates handle various segments of my commute. Bug report is useful when used as intended.

maztec | 02. november 2018

Seriously guys? @yul.mike took pains to explain it was a legitimate road and described it up front. Chastising him for not driving on an approved road is just weird.

Do what @CharleyBC said, right click, bug report, autosteer drives off road. It is important to note these instances so that Tesla fixes whatever software bug it may be.

Magic 8 Ball | 02. november 2018

I am not seeing the chastising mentioned but it is fair to point out that it would be wasting everyone's time to file a bug report if the system was not used as intended, and I think that is what was being expressed.

yul.mike | 02. november 2018

M8B: If you read the entire paragraph in the owners manual you'll realize that Tesla is just covering their a**. They say AP is ONLY to be used on highways and such but if you do use it on other (more residential) roads then the speed may be limited. Total legalese for: "Go ahead and use it because you're doing valuable testing for us but you can't sue us if something goes wrong."
If it was a big no-no they could easily disable the feature on all roads that ARE NOT highways. Gathering data is important for Tesla to improve their vehicles performance so I doubt that reporting a bug, any bug is a waste of time.
In any case, I will report it the next time I pass that spot on the road.

Magic 8 Ball | 02. november 2018

Yep, notice I did not make any accusations and simply said: "if the system was not used as intended". I made no judgement of your particular instance. However the word "ONLY" does have meaning.

rcg1004 | 02. november 2018

Tesla rep told me when you send a bug report, it sends video of the past 3 minutes as well as the next three minutes and the car's parameters.

RedPillSucks | 02. november 2018

Oh Great Solomon, lets split the baby in half. You're both right.
Autopilot is NOT Full Self Driving, and therefor has restrictions on its use.
Definitely file a bug report. If Tesla things it will be able to do a coast to coast drive on autopilot, then it has to resolve these issues.

mark.mach | 14. kan 2019

I don't think this is that unusual. I have had my Tesla for four days, put less than 170 miles on it, and I have already found two places where autosteer tries to take me into the oncoming traffic's lane consistently.

Magic 8 Ball | 14. kan 2019



Xerogas | 14. kan 2019

@mark.mach: "I don't think this is that unusual. I have had my Tesla for four days, put less than 170 miles on it, and I have already found two places where autosteer tries to take me into the oncoming traffic's lane consistently."
On a freeway? We have divided freeways where I live. No chance of driving into oncoming traffic.

CharleyBC | 14. kan 2019

"Necrothread". I learned a new word today. I like it.