Need help ASAP. Door handle motor won't stop running

Need help ASAP. Door handle motor won't stop running

Car is a Mar. 2014 S85 RWD

Front passenger handle motor is running with handle in. Did reboot and power off, no change. Fuses are not listed in the manual nor under the covers for the fuses.

Does anyone know which fuse I need to pull?

Perhaps this fear is unfounded, but constant running motors get hot and that can lead to an even bigger problem if you know what I mean.


jordanrichard | 03. november 2018

Also, yes I am on hold at the moment with support, but I have a feeling that since this deal with electrical parts (fuses), they may not tell me which one to pull.

Yodrak. | 03. november 2018

Pull the door panel and unplug the door handle motor.

DanFoster1 | 03. november 2018

Most likely one of the two sensors or a broken paddle gear—does that handle still extend?

The paddle gear in my right rear handle broke. The motor wouldn’t stop trying to extend the handle so I pulled the fuse. Unfortunately, there are only two fuses: one for the front two handles, and one for the two rear handles. If you pull the fuse for the front, your driver’s door handle won’t extend.

Someone here advised me that getting a string (dental floss?) behind the handle and pulling it out may trigger the sensors so the motor stops running. I didn’t try that yet—I’ve simply left the rear doors’ fuse out, pending a service appointment to fix the handle under warrantee. I didn’t want the motor running for months! Of course, that’s unlikely to work if one of your sensor switches is the problem.

jordanrichard | 03. november 2018

I tried pulling the pass. handle out but the motor kept going and the handle did not want to be out.

Which fuse. You said you pulled the fuse, which fuse.....

DanFoster1 | 03. november 2018

Here is the reference I found online:

I pulled Fusebox 2, Fuse #40 because my broken paddle gear was right rear. I hope this helps!

akikiki | 03. november 2018

I'm looking at a diagram of the fuses. I see a couple that look like it might be a help to you.
The left column alignment of the fuse number and size doesn't perfectly align to the middle column Functional Description. Therefore you might have to try more than one. Here's what it looks like on the diagram

Door Controls, Left Door Handle, Left Front
F233 10AX2 MICRO3 Door Controls, Right Door Handle, Right Front
Door Handle, Left Rear
F234 5AX2 MICRO3 Door Handle, Right Rear

I recommend pulling F233

The fuse block is behind the right side kickpanel. There are two colums left and right 10 fuses each mounted horizontally. (None of these)
And there is a lower bower of 4 fuses grouped together at the bottom of the left column. F233 and F234 #2 and #3,
counting from left to right as in #1, #2, #3, #4. (#2, #3, and #4, look to be the same physical size and larger than #1

Let us know what happens. please.

Bighorn | 03. november 2018

Mine ran for 3 months. NBD
You can open the door still. String around the handle. Pulling fuse will keep the doors closed on that side I think.

akikiki | 03. november 2018

After Saving the entry above, the spacing changed. Diagram is hard to interpret clearly. But looks like front left and right are F233 and rear left and right are F234. Front fuse is 10A and rear fuse is 5A

jordanrichard | 03. november 2018

Ok, Tech support helped me out. Per the diagram he was looking at, it was fuse #32, 10amp fuse. So here was the fun part, the fuses are not numbered. So he told me what he was looking at and I just started pulling 10 amp fuses, but really I lucked out because the first one I pulled did the trick. It disables the present feature for the right side of the car.

As I pointed out to him and anyone here with a 2016 or older car can see, the owner’s manual in our car’s now, are now the owner’s manuals for our cars......

Scott at Tech support after helping me, emailed me a copy of my cars owner’s manual and low and behold as I remember, “Fuses” is listed in the table of contents. That is missing from the current owner’s manual in the cars.

For others who don’t have a fuse box that has numbers on it, this 10 amp fuse that I pulled is in the left fuses box. There are a group of “mini” fuses. This particular fuse is in the front row (from left to right), in the middle and again, its a 10amp fuses.

Bighorn | 03. november 2018

Like I said, pulling the fuse is not necessary.

Polybius | 11. november 2019

Pull the fuse, its easy. If it is winter, it is likely something has frozen. No sense in burning out the motor for a freeze spell

Bighorn | 11. november 2019

Uh no.