No drill mud guards

No drill mud guards

I just installed No drill mud guards.

Exsibian | 04. november 2018

Looks really good! Have a link where you can buy them? Thanks!

Sparc | 04. november 2018

I made them by altering some universal mud guards, cut them to fit, drilled them to match the interior wheel well body pins, and installed new longer wheel well body pins. They took about 5 minutes to install, and work great.

Spartan-117 | 05. november 2018

Looks great. You may want to consider making more and selling them, draft a quick instruction sheet. Could be a home run!

Sparc | 05. november 2018

Yes, I could make them if people are interested. I put them on the front tires only because that's where most of the mud was spraying onto the car.

lilbean | 05. november 2018


sekhar_g | 05. november 2018

Looks great. I will be interested.

Sparc | 07. november 2018

I could make a few pairs as a test project.

drrock75k | 07. november 2018

I'd be interested.

sroh | 07. november 2018

Outstanding work! I'm interested also.

smooth-as-silk | 07. november 2018

Sign me up for a test project.

6813435 | 07. november 2018

Thumbs up! Count me in as well.

jjt2122 | 08. november 2018

Yea same here

ALDONY | 08. november 2018

Same here please..


syclone | 08. november 2018

Looks good! Please let me know when they are available.

whwoo2 | 08. november 2018

Looks great...where did you buy the universal mud guards?

aperfectecho | 08. november 2018

Me too!

stevan.eide | 08. november 2018

I live on a gravel road so I would be interested as well.

Lady | 11. november 2018

They look nice

socalbtc3 | 11. november 2018

The two bottom push rivets are the only attachment points. Does the top portion flop around at all? Seems like something is needed to keep the top stable like two sided adhesive? A kit that requires no drilling and makes use of existing holes and parts is always a winner with the semi_DIY crowd.

You should get a spec together and get this kit manufactured in China, get a trademarked name (S3XY Body Guards) and sell as many as you can because someone else will do exactly that!

Sparc | 13. november 2018

Thanks socalbtc3. Yes, the two bottom push rivets are the only attachment. I didn't want to drill into a new car so I used the existing holes and changed out the push rivets with new ones. I cut, fit, and drilled the holes to match the existing holes. It takes about 5 minutes to install without any tools except a screwdriver to pop out the old push rivets. I was washing the car every two days and now its every two weeks. You are also correct about the top of the Mud Guard is not connected. Its stiff enough to stay in place and not flap around. I suppose a person could use adhesive, however, I have the same setup on a Model S for two years without any problems. The one set I posted above if someone is interested is for the Model 3.

thedrisin | 14. november 2018

@Sparc. Where do you get the push rivets?

sterickson | 14. november 2018

I wonder how much drag they generate.

Sparc | 14. november 2018

I got the push pin from an auto body store. Not sure on the drag they generate. I do know that washing my car all the time was a drag.

smooth-as-silk | 17. november 2018

Hi Sparc. I attempted to contact you via your mud-guard site. I emailed you from eBid but can no longer since the auction ended. My eBid name plus will be how you can contact me. Thanks, David

thedrisin | 19. november 2018

What size push rivets did you use? Thanks.

thedrisin | 19. november 2018

I ordered some universal mud flaps and I am going to try this. Really, Tesla needs to design custom fit guards and install them. I have mud all over the sides of my beautiful multicoat red M3 that could be avoided with some simple mud guards.

Sparc | 20. november 2018

thedrisin, I used 5/16. You can see my pics on

thedrisin | 20. november 2018

@Sparc. Thank you. I could not tell the size. I ordered some universal flaps.

Sparc | 23. januar 2019

I added a screw to the Model 3 Mud Guards

wiboater4 | 24. januar 2019

Wonder if you could fasten them on with Velcro so you could remove and install them whenever you want?

Sparc | 24. januar 2019

You could just remove the body pins and they come off easy. They sure do keep the grim off the side of the car.

scott | 27. januar 2019

Hi! Will you be making any more? I would love a set. Crazy that there is nothing commercially available.

scott | 27. januar 2019

I see the web site now

Sparc | 28. januar 2019

I made a few more.

syung61 | 04. mars 2019

I am interested in one set as well. The Ebid link is no longer working.

margretlenarz | 13. mars 2019

I would love some of these, too. Tried the s3xy link. Worked at first. Then stopped. Said out of stock, too (while it worked). Please let me know when they're available. Thanks!

margretlenarz | 13. mars 2019

FYI, interested in them for the rear, too, especially with what I've read about water/gunk getting under the rear underbody panel. Do you have some for the rear? Thanks!

Sparc | 19. april 2019

margretlenarz, looks like a few back in stock

TimHyatt | 18. juli 2019
jebinc | 18. juli 2019

Those look to be the same Chinese made and shipped set that others are selling, including on ebay. The lead time is more than a month. This is probably why you (nor I) have found any reviews on these rubbery wrap-around flaps. Last post I saw reported a delivery date of late August (8/22, I think)...

And re drilling, I these are the same Chinese set, I reached out to the manufacturer directly (not the reseller) and asked that question. This was the answer I received....

"Dear Customer:

Welcome to our shop, this product comes with screws.
The installation steps are as follows:
1. First unscrew the screw in the installation position;
2. Align the fenders with the screw holes and fix them with screws (some original cars have no screw holes, need to be punched and installed);

Best regards."

CharleyBC | 18. juli 2019

@TimHyatt: I haven’t bought these. Here’s my concern with this design. They wrap around the body a bit. One could argue that gives an integrated look. But it means there’s plastic against your paint. If you choose to remove them in the future, the paint might show signs of abrasion.

ricksli | 18. juli 2019

I’ve got the Taptes on order. I’ll post when I receive.

jebinc | 18. juli 2019

@ricksli - Did Tapes give you an estimated delivery or ship date? I'm curious if this is just a resell of the long-lead Chinese made ones others are trying to sell.

ricksli | 19. juli 2019

Yep. Ordered 7/11. Arrived at JFK yesterday which is an hour from me. Shouldn’t be long now.

thedrisin | 19. juli 2019

@Ricksli. Looking forward to your review.