Car drives with no key

Car drives with no key

Today I put my pocketbook with my phone in it on a bench next to the car. Then I got in the car and drove to starbucks. When I put the car in Park a came on the screen asking me to place the key card in the car to start but I had no pocketbook and no key and no phone. The only help for this absent minded old lady is the ability to drive with my watch. Please ... Tesla.

Bennettb619 | 08. november 2018

Has this happened to anyone else?

lbowroom | 08. november 2018

Did you remember to wear pants?

Bennettb619 | 08. november 2018

That’s quite rude. When you reach 80 and are putting all your quilting things into your new Tesla, you may forget your purse also.

lbowroom | 08. november 2018

If it helps, it was meant in a humorous spirit.

lbowroom | 08. november 2018

I would expect the car to warn you soon after leaving your phone behind and not wait until you arrive at your destination. If it didn't, it should.

Bennettb619 | 08. november 2018

Thank you. Do you know if it says anything anywhere about being able to drive with no key in the car?

CharleyBC | 08. november 2018

Not that I know of. If the car unlocks for your phone, and you touch the brake within 2 minutes (I think), you're good to go. "Good" may not be such a good word here, though.

Supposedly the car can triangulate the location of your phone via the 4 Bluetooth connections it makes, so perhaps a warning like "Phone key is not in the car" could be possible.

charles.a.braun | 08. november 2018

When you unlock the car, you have 1 (or maybe 2) minutes that you can put the car in D and go without any further "key" interaction.

ODWms | 08. november 2018

Once you turn it off though, you can’t restart without key.

pelkofer | 08. november 2018

I don't have my phone set up yet. So, I'm using the key card. When I unlock the car, it will drive without tapping the keycard on the center console for a short period of time. I haven't tried driving off without the key card. But, I suspect the car would be fine with that.

Bennettb619 | 08. november 2018

It was pretty awful to be that far from home with no phone or money or functioning car. Fortunately the manager at Starbucks was kind enough to drive me home and back. Probably there are not that many old forgetful ladies who are driving Tesla’s, but it would be nice if there were some way to prevent it.

ODWms | 08. november 2018

I’m so sorry that happened to you. Hopefully in a future update, TESLA will include a warning when there’s no key in the car.

2015P90DI | 08. november 2018

@lbowroom, I took your comment as a friendly joke. Some people on this site are very sensitive. I guess in the world in general, not just this site.

Anyway, as far as the car warning you, some cars will, but with the Model 3 being operated by a key card, it only senses the key car when you tap it to the console, then it doesn't know what you did with it it. Point being, the phone is also an option, but the car's capable of driving without a phone and just the key card, so it's not going to warn you if it doesn't sense your phone in the car.

I guess this could be another potential flaw in the original lack of a key fob idea. Now that there is a key fob, still don't think that will solve this issue as you'll still be able to drive the car with a key card, unless they add an option to disable key cards and an option to warn you if the phone or fob isn't in the car when driving as some other cars do.

CST | 08. november 2018

Maybe you have one of the new "passive entry" keyfobs :)

ODWms | 08. november 2018

I could see the software allowing recognition of the phone as being the initiating device, and deducing that that device was left behind. It would be different if the card was used to open the door, start the car, etc. but this way, it’d be able to give a warning based on that.

jordanrichard | 08. november 2018

Well, this actually highlights a potential back up plan if this happens again. Since the car will drive off without the phone (key), you can ask to borrow someone’s phone, install the app, unlock/start the car, uninstall the app on that person’s phone.

CorkChop | 08. november 2018

@CharleyBC- I think you mean trilaterate, not triangulate.

Xerogas | 08. november 2018

@Bennettb619: if you have children or a spouse or trustworthy relatives with a smartphone, ask them to install the Tesla app. If you get into this pickle again, you can call them and they can remotely unlock your Tesla so you can drive home.