White sticker

White sticker

Is there a way to extend the white carpool sticker? It is sad that it is only allowed to be used for 2 years.

SoCal Buzz | 13. november 2018

You can only extend (replace with Red actually) if application for original was in 2017 or 2018.

Haggy | 14. november 2018

It goes by issue date, so if you applied at the end of 2016 but they didn't process it until Jan 2017, you are in luck. If you got it a week earlier, then you are out of luck.

spineeric | 14. november 2018

Haggy is correct.

I applied for the white stickers at the end of December 2016. I received the stickers in January 2017. Last week I received the renewal notice for the red stickers. I mailed the renewal with a check the next day.

SoCal Buzz | 14. november 2018

That would be very fortunate @spin!