Referral Reward Not Appearing

Referral Reward Not Appearing

I have had three total referrals, taking delivery in the following order (10/1, 10/9, 10/15). I received the first award (the RadioFlyer car at the time) and redeemed it, but haven't received the second or third award yet. I assumed this was just the typical delay and waited patiently. My coworker who also has three referrals (the third of which took delivery yesterday) already sees all three awards available to pick in the Tesla App.

Is anyone else having these issues? Seems like they made the system more automated by browsing previous threads, but it just baffles me why I referrals received deliveries well over a month ago and I don't see any awards whereas my coworker's referral received yesterday and the third award is already visible in the app..

patswin | 15. november 2018

If your awards are not showing in your loot box under awards, log into your account, click on the manage button and scroll down to bottom of page. There you can submit questions and ask why your awards are not showing up. I did this and within a week or two that had it fixed.

wisam.alrawi | 15. november 2018

@ktam I had issues with missing lootbox and not referral link showing up under my account and I did what @patswin did. Someone from Tesla replied back to me and they investigated the issue. Someone manually updated my account and I received lootbox on the app the the rewards on the website.

dugfink | 17. november 2018

I had a referral get delivered on 9/21/18. I still have not received any information in my loot box. I have reached out via the process outlined above also. I will report back. One discouraging data point...about 2 months ago I sent in a question via that process and did not receive a response for 3 weeks. I finally got a response asking "Sorry for the delay, do you still need assistance"? Fingers crossed this time!

afherbon | 16. april 2019

I requested two charging stations in January/February as my rewards. I still haven't heard from Tesla, and they are not responding to my followup emails, calls and online requests. Any others having trouble??

rohit.vlsi | 07. juni 2019

I used a referral to buy Model 3, my account does not show supercharger reward, no response from tesla.
Any suggestion?

marcogenovese | 26. september 2019

Same issue, not sure what is going on here but a little frustrated...