Supercharger on Staten Island

Supercharger on Staten Island

I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this message, but I will start here. I live on Staten Island, New York and Tesla owners here do not have a supercharger in the entire borough. As some of you may know, Staten Islanders cannot drive off the Island without paying a fairly substantial toll (approx. $15 round trip). Would anyone have any suggestion about how to petition Tesla to arrange to install at least one somewhere on the Island? Spending an extra $15 to charge my Model 3 defeats the energy savings I would experience every time I needed to charge. I live in an apartment, so having a wall charger would not work for me or other Tesla owners in my borough. Thank you for any helpful suggestions.

Earl and Nagin ... | 21. november 2018

There isn't a Supercharger in my town either.

robert.s.bjekich | 21. november 2018

Contact Tesla and propose a location.

NKYTA | 21. november 2018

Where is akikiki? :-)

SCCRENDO | 21. november 2018

Install a charger at home

jordanrichard | 22. november 2018

SCCRENDO, he can't. As he said, he lives in an apartment.

tompat1, why are you not charging your car when you leave the island? I assume you do leave Staten Island from time to time.

SteveMost | 22. november 2018

Get the PlugShare app.
There are 3 charging locations in St George, one at the courthouse. Also one in tottenville...
Good luck.
I used to live on SI. Moved to North Carolina...

jojoenergy | 06. januar 2019

There's over 500,000 people on Staten Island and a ton of Tesla's here. There really need on at Staten Island mall. Huge renovations been going on there. It would be perfect! Come on Elon's team... We are once again the "Forgotten Boro."

DTsea | 06. januar 2019


stangiller | 16. april 2019

Agreed ! Staten Island mall would make a great location for a supercharger station. Ever since the Staten Island mall has been refaced, it has become one of the go to places on the Island . There are multiple parking areas in the back of the mall that are untouched and would make a great spot for Superchargers . How can we present this not as individuals to Tesla l but as a Tesla community in the island ?

jallan258 | 25. juni 2019

Good news I just spotted Tesla Super Chargers on Staten Island. Zwo Two lounge on the south shore. Not in yet but signs are up, and most the electronics are in except to the actual connectors for the car.

reed_lewis | 26. juni 2019

Is this a Super Charger, or a destination charger? If it is a true super charger, you should submit it to

jallan258 | 30. juni 2019

It's a true super charger its definitely not a destination charger. If you live on Staten Island swing by Z two and see for yourself.