Tire failure experience?

Tire failure experience?

This is the first car I have owned that has no spare tire.

Since I have not had a flat tire for about 25 years, this is not a big worry. However, I wonder about user experience with a flat tire while on a trip. Is the option to have the car towed?

Anybody out there with experience in this?

JPPTM | 03. desember 2018

Tesla Service if available will bring out a spare wheel & tire and make the swap. But FWIW I carry my AAA card. And if you do need to be towed, it is flatbed only and the car needs to be placed in Tow Mode first.

lilbean | 03. desember 2018

I carry an air compressor and tire plug kit just in case.

Redmiata98 | 04. desember 2018

Caution, watch the wear on the inside of your rear tires. The “normal” replacement requirement appears to be around 24k. Mine went out about then when I was driving on a remote section of US66 late in the afternoon. The belt separated while I was driving. Saw the slow leak displayed on the dash and was able to pull over safely. Tesla offered to send out a truck with a spare tire to change. I opted for a tow because I was concerned the other rear tire might be in similatr condition. It took almost two hours for the truck to arrive and load the X (part of that time can be attributed to rush hour out of Washington DC). They delivered it after closing time and Tyco Road (VA) replaced the tires and I picked up the X the next day. So, in short you can count on Tesla providing road service even on the east coast.

Uncle Paul | 04. desember 2018

Just got a nail in my X. Display said right rear tire at 35 lbs.

Drove to local tire shop and they plugged it and sent me on my way.

Treated me just like any other customer, but asked me to open my Falcon WIng doors for them.

No special equipment necessary.

Model X Guy | 05. desember 2018

I've been using 5 Model S Slipstreams with Michelin Premier LTX 245/55R19 tires on our 5 seat Model X 100D for over 22,000 miles. The wheels actually appear stronger than the 20's as the wheel hub is thicker. I use the 5th wheel and tire as a spare and rotate all 5 every 5,000 miles. Had one flat on an interstate trip and was able to change it and was back on the road in 15 minutes. Tires are quieter, ride better, are long lasting, and I get over 300 miles range on the interstate at 75MPH. Even the service center couldn't tell the difference until I pointed it out to them.

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mebphill | 05. desember 2018

In response to: Since I have not had a flat tire for about 25 years, this is not a big worry."

I have been driving for over 40 years. Picked up maybe 1 or 2 nails in that time.
I have had my X for 8 months and have picked up 2 nails already.
One was in Toronto. Road assist was great. I received a loaner tire and my month old tire needed to be replaced.
The nail was in the shoulder.
Was on my way to Florida and stopped in Myrtle beach and noticed a nail in my tire.
Hadn't lost any tire pressure, but I couldnt chance continuing going back on the highway.
Had a terrible time finding a place that would fix the OEM tires with the foam inside.
Finally found a Firestone dealer that did it.

It would be nice to have a small temporary spare.

gops5070 | 06. desember 2018

Just hit the situation and the experience is sub par
1. Tesla should have emergency number prominent in the console manual to call. When stranded on highway with flat tire couldnt find the number and had to tow personally to a nearby tire shop
1. The tires are not standard tires and hence Sams club declined to patch it. Apparently there is some foam in there that prevents them from fixing it
2. Finally managed to locate the emergency number and called them which was much better than waiting 20 minutes for the regular service call. They helped get a towing to service center
3. Apparently when the car is towed on flat bed the location will still show the old location. Gave me scare if it was indeed picked up
4. No notification from service center they received or when they are going to fix it
5. Without a car now two days and no ETA and worst of all just called them and they had no record of my car in for service.

Will update this thread with how it goes

maildjm | 06. desember 2018

Pending owner here with delivery date in two weeks. DId they not offer you a loaner? I thought if you were without your car, you got a loaner?

Redmiata98 | 07. desember 2018

You normally do get a loaner but if the car arrives after they close, you will have to return for the loaner. It happened to me and they offered a loaner if I would come back while they are open.
The phone number is on the touchscreen:, tyey can’ Make it ANY easier ;-(
“The Tesla "T"
Touch the Tesla "T" at the top center of the touchscreen to display:
• Vehicle name (see Naming Your Vehicle on page 126).
• Battery size.
• Odometer.
• Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
• Version of software currently installed on your Model X.
• Release notes associated with the currently-installed software version.
• This owner's manual.
• One-touch access to call Tesla Customer Support and Roadside Assistance.
• One-touch access to all discovered Easter Eggs (see Easter Eggs on page 196).”

Redmiata98 | 07. desember 2018

Sorry, “they can’t make it ANY easier” (Does anyone RTFM anymore?)