Thud sound while supercharging - solution.

Thud sound while supercharging - solution.

I know everyone is tired of the thud noise discussion. A service center in North Carolina believes they have a solution to the problem. So far I have hundreds of submissions on my Google form from only people that are experiencing the thud noise during supercharging and/or driving. From the data collected so far, it appears to only happen to cars delivered from May 2018 forward.

In order to show the correct data to Tesla please fill out this form even if you aren't having a problem. I will be forwarding the results over to my Tesla contact at the end of day Friday.

Thanks, everyone

djharrington | 06. desember 2018

Death of the FlufferBot was announced in early May.

Bighorn | 06. desember 2018

Exactly. Is this a legitimate link?

brian | 07. desember 2018

I just got mine a week ago - vin is 1083xx and it made the thud sound three times during my one supercharge session 2 days ago. So... it’s not fixed on a fairly recent VIN.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 07. desember 2018

Should I bother doing a search online for queries as to the strange 'TIK, TIK, TIK, TIK, *TANG*, TIK, TIK, TIK, TIK, *TING*, *TONG*, TIK, TIK, TIK, TIK....' sounds that come from under a circa 1968 American V8 powered vehicle after parking?