Screen Burn-In Issue

Screen Burn-In Issue

Our 2017 Model X (100D) has a noticeable brown line (about 1/2 inch) around all four corners of the MCU screen. Resetting the MCU has not resolved the problem. Is this a known or commonplace issue? Will Tesla need to replace the MCU?

burdogg | 06. desember 2018

Brown - or yellow. The yellow line across the top and then down the sides? If so, yes, and yes they will replace it. We had ours replaced, only to have it appear again 6 months later. I just saw this morning on facebook that someone was told from service that they actually don't have the fix yet, so were telling him to hold off until summer I think when the new part will be available so it doesn't recur. Take that for what it is worth.

jakeworld | 06. desember 2018

Thanks. Yes, it is a yellowish to brown line that essentially is "framing" the entire screen along all four edges.. | 06. desember 2018

Also the issue has nothing to do with burn-in (LCDs don't have any burn-in). It's believed the adhesive yellows over time, and while it doesn't look right, it will not stop the display from working. It will get slowly get more pronounced over time. @burdoog has the other related details.

jakeworld | 06. desember 2018

Understood, thanks.

chadcristi | 09. desember 2018

Yes, I heard that a permanent fix is due Summer 2019 and that they've halted all replacements for that issue until then. It sounds like the replacement screens right now will eventually do it again.

d.cherin | 10. desember 2018

Mine was replaced 11/19/18. 2016 X del 12/22/16

X Red 5 | 11. desember 2018

Good to know. Mine also in the last six months started to show and get darker.

susan | 23. januar 2019

My car is 6 months old and already shows yellow line around screen.