Thumbs up for service center

Thumbs up for service center

I just went through my first service center (after delivery pickup end of Sept.) experience this week.

I had two issues (mine is M3 LR AWD). One was a small crack on the front roof glass, about a half inch from the front edge above where the steering wheel is. Although one of my concerns was the crack getting worse over time, the crack never grew more than the half inch or so it started as.
The second issue was the drivers door was closing with an approx. 3/8 inch drop in the alignment. (This was actually noticed by the firm that did my window tinting.) I reported both issues to Tesla about a month ago and was expecting to either have a mobile technician come or I would need to drive from Wichita to Kansas City once they were ready. I got a call this past Monday saying they were ready to schedule in the service to review & fix the items. I was pleasantly surprised when they said I would not need to make the drive as they were sending down a loaner car on a flatbed truck and then would pickup my car to take to the service center. So I ended up the the loaner car (Model S 85) on Wednesday and they loaded up my car. It was timed so I met the transport over my lunch hour. Car was then serviced on Thursday and returned to me on Friday. In 35+ years of car ownership, I have never once had anyone offer to bring the loaner car to me to swap out with my vehicle needing service. And these are local dealers or service shops, let alone needing to make a 200 mile round trip to the service location. So a "thumbs up" to the Tesla service center and a good example of customer service done right. And BTW, both issues are fixed as expected.

ODWms | 09. desember 2018

So refreshing to hear positive comments and accolades when they are warranted. You’ve got to know that experiences like yours are a lot more common than what we hear about. But people are much less apt to share them compared to negative ones. Kudos to you, and good luck!

M3phan | 09. desember 2018

Agree. I'm convinced there are more good SC stories out there than bad. My several visits have all been top notch.

ODWms | 09. desember 2018

Contrary to the ramblings of some, Tesla could not be anywhere near where it is today unless the good experiences far outweighed the bad. It’s just that human nature dictates that we report and broadcast negatives much more readily than positives. Just how we’re wired.

gmr6415 | 09. desember 2018

I had a great experience at the Tampa, FL service center. No complaints here at all.

GotLithium | 09. desember 2018

+1 ODWms
+1 Mauler
Ken at the Decatur SC kept me in the loop during my cars airbag warning light was diagnosed ( seat belt pretension unit replaced) and even set me up on a brand new MX 75 loaner.

hzb | 09. desember 2018

my SC experience has also been great

dgstan | 09. desember 2018

I waited 4 months for my parts to come in. Now that they've found them, I dropped the car off Thursday. When I made the appointment, they said two days. When I dropped it off, they said a week. Then, they texted and said two weeks.

Does the service center operate on the same Tesla timeline? Do you take their initial estimate and times it by ten?

M3phan | 09. desember 2018

I used it worked on the extent of the work and type of part. My parts experience was exact opposite. I took car in to look at the plastic molded back of both front seats (wasn’t fitting tight to the rest of the seat). Upon driving in (without an appointment since they are 10 minutes from my work), three staff walk over and in 5 minutes of checking the seats, say they will order new seat backs. I ask for time frame, they said about 2 weeks. We process the request. One week later I’m texted, Seats are in. I drive over, they immediately takeover and get 3 techs on my car. I’m in the clean and comfy waiting room for only 30 minutes. New seat backs installed. The fit is great. The service friendly. No charge, as expected. I brought back 3 dozen breakfast tacos as a thank you to this outstanding team.

M3phan | 09. desember 2018

Apologies on bad talk to text autocorrect in first sentence:
Should be… I guess it depends on the extent of the work and the type of part.