Suspension creaking when going over speed bumps

Suspension creaking when going over speed bumps

When going over speedbumps, I notice the front suspension makes a brief creaking/crunch sound.
Does anyone else have this problem? Is this normal or should I have the service center check it out?

My car has approximately 12k miles.

vmulla | 10. desember 2018

Yup. I have it. I think it's just needs lubrication for the winter.

ModernTriDad | 11. desember 2018

I get a creak from the driver’s side over speed bumps at very low speed. I thought it was from the driver door, but maybe it’s the suspension. I’m not near a service center, but will submit a service request for it.

Lorenzryanc | 11. desember 2018

I have the same issue. I'm assuming just needs to be relubed. Definitely sounds bushing related.

LostInTx | 11. desember 2018

Have the same thing but it has become more prominent recently - maybe the cold weather.

I have 9K miles on my 3 and the ride isn't quite as smooth, the car isn't quite as quiet and the creaks are getting progressively louder. I have a service appointment tomorrow, asking Tesla to ensure the car is as tight as it should be.

We'll see.

seanmmvi | 25. mars 2019

HI All,

I have the same issue, my front driver side suspension is EXTREMELY creaky at low speeds, anything under 20mph and it sounds like a rusty old car. I have noticed its MUCH worse later in the day after the car has sat in the sun. As temps get higher here in SoCal, it becomes almost unbearable. On my way into work in the morning, there is almost no creaking, on my way home after it has sat in the sun all day its agonizing.

I was able to reproduce the creak by pushing down on the fender of the car with it parked and took a video. During actual driving, its much worse and louder. This is just what we were able to get out of it by pushing down on the fender.

Please give it a watch and let me know your thoughts.

Thank you,

stevehendler | 25. mars 2019

Can't watch the video now but sounds like a bushing. You can try reclocking it or having Tesla replace. I can't imagine there is anything to lube down there besides the sway bar bushings, which shouldn't have to be lubed anyway.

30moresummers | 25. mars 2019

Yes I have this!

Please post back here when you learn more/resolve it.


andrewlee05 | 25. mars 2019

I started to hear these creaks as well, starting in December or so. I mainly hear it on the driver's side when going over small bumps or even rough patches of road. Hope it's something minor. I've been reluctant to go in to the service center. Don't really want a Model S loaner if it is a bigger problem. I have about 6800 miles. Had it since April 2018.

seanmmvi | 25. mars 2019

I didn't realize when I resurrected this post from December that this is in the Model 3 sub-category.

I found this thread by googling "Tesla creaky suspension".

To be clear, the video is from my 2014 Model S

jennifer.ciolino | 13. september 2019

Our Model 3 had this symptom. It was an upper control arm, replaced by the Service Center. ~25,000 miles and 16 months old.

vmulla | 13. september 2019

I had this sound. It was only on one side of the car. The service center diagnosed it as a bushing for me. They replaced both the control arms under warranty.

Similar to @jennifer.ciolino my car got this when it was ~23K miles.

moy2181 | 15. september 2019

When you guys took your car in did they charge you a diagnosis fee of $97.50 an hour? That's what they're telling me they will charge me just to diagnose the issue. They said "if" we determine that your car has to be repaired then we will waive the diagnostics fee.

vmulla | 15. september 2019

That seems to be the standard practice now to discourage PIA customers. The service center folks seem to be quite reasonable (except when dealing with one infamous problem).
If you have a real problem don't let that charge discourage you.

Pepperidge | 16. september 2019

I have the issue fixed. The noise is from upper control arm ball joint. It seems SC is replacing a lot since they had the parts in stock, and replaced in 1 day.

moy2181 | 16. september 2019

Thank you @vmulla , I'll keep you guys posted in what the outcome is. My appointment is literally in a few minutes.

Bighorn | 16. september 2019

I have a worn out control arm sitting in my garage. It gets progressively worse if that’s the culprit.

dbwitt | 16. september 2019

Pretty sure I have the same thing going on also. Build date for my M3 is June 2018. About 3 weeks ago some minimal creaking started over larger bumps. 2 weeks later a mobile tech came and replicated but couldn't fix (I live 2 hours from service center so they tried this first). Now I am waiting another 2 weeks to get to the service center to address.

In the last few days the creaking has gotten substantially worse. Slowing down, speeding up, turning, small bumps...pretty much the whole ride, continuous creaking. I'm hoping there isn't any safety issues with this as I still have 10 days before I can get it in to the service center. I'm guessing there isn't, but it is really annoying and embarrassing with passengers in the car.

Otherwise the car has been great, no complaints, and I always recommend it to others and still will!

Bighorn | 16. september 2019

I should clarify that my control arm came off the Model S after over 150k miles.

rxlawdude | 16. september 2019

@Big, I didn't know you were an orthopod. :-)

Pepperidge | 16. september 2019

When upper ball joint (integrated with upper control arm assembly) has issue.

Pepperidge | 16. september 2019

Concern: Customer: The is a loud noise coming from driver front wheel area.
Removed and replaced drivers side upper control arm. Function checked vehicle after repairs, no further noises heard at this time.
Correction: Control Arm - Upper - Front - LH (Includes Alignment) (Remove & Replace)
Parts Replaced or Added
Part Quantity
FR UPR CTRL ARM ASSY, LH(1044321-00-G) 1.0
Pay Type: Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty 0.00

moy2181 | 16. september 2019

After taking in my M3 today for service, it was determined that the suspension arms just needed to be "retorqued" according to them. It took them a few hours but they got it done in one day. No charge as it was covered under warranty. All good since, no noises coming from the front suspension.
Thanks Pomona SC , you guys were great!!