Car getting repainted by Tesla thru a body shop. Should I be compensated for this?

Car getting repainted by Tesla thru a body shop. Should I be compensated for this?

New owner here, car was delivered with paint issues in 2 body sections. While the car was with Tesla, they caused a dent and now has to fix that dent and repaint a 3rd section. My questions is...wouldn't this lower the value of my car?

The car I traded in to Tesla happen to went thru the a similar scenarios (Honda dealer had to repaint a third of the car due peeling paint issue). When Carmax inspect the car....they were able to identify the repaint job by spotting the new layer overlap under the seat gasket (otherwise, you can't really tell at all). They deducted value for the car for that, since new paint job might age differently to original and people generally don't want that.

Is it reasonable to ask Tesla to compensate for this?

PS...they had already given me free wall charger and other merchandises due to a very long list of initial issues I have had with the car.

nineteenelevenfan | 12. desember 2018

Lucky you...I got nothing but a months out "virtual waiting list" (and still waiting since Sept) for all my paint I would say you've already been compensated.

TeslaMarque | 12. desember 2018

Ask yourself, would you full price (KBB Flawless Private Party our retail) for a used car that’s been repaired? If the repairs are minor and not noticeable, and were done prior to taking delivery, or done by the original manufacturer and are due to warranty issues, I do not believe this is disclosed to the buyer on the title or to like Carfax (although I could be wrong, look this up for yourself if this situation is relevant to you). But obviously, if the repair is noticeable, I think you’d have a very hard time selling for full blown retail. Ask yourself, would you pay full price, and go from there.

If the repairs are not done to your satisfaction,l and you feel you suffered damages, speak to a local attorney.

ILoveMyModel3 | 12. desember 2018

No this will not lower the value of your car because it was not involved in an accident. All new/used certified cars are repainted but you weren't informed.

the_nineball | 12. desember 2018

The free wall charger was compensation for taking time out from work to pick up the car when told ready when in fact....not.

Free merchandise was for scratching up the middle console when they were fixing another issue....costing yet more time in the shop.

My car had spent 3+ weeks in their shop out of the total 5 weeks of ownership.

spockagain34 | 12. desember 2018

You're an entitled prick. No, you don't deserve compensation for anything.

the_nineball | 12. desember 2018

Like I had mentioned before....with my previous experience thru CarMax Honda Accord value was deducted to the due to the dealer repaint job on the car when new. The guys at CarMax were pros see the repaint job by looking at the right places.

doctorsmile | 12. desember 2018

wow. maybe I should be asking for a weekend pick up? reduce the chance of time off work and I live about 50 miles from service center.

the_nineball | 12. desember 2018


I work on Saturdays and can't make it to the service center by 6pm on weekday.

doctorsmile | 12. desember 2018

thx. will they deliver/work on Sundays like sales ? Esp. given the year end rush..

the_nineball | 12. desember 2018

The closest service center to me are like Sundays.

On the bright side...

Magic 8 Ball | 12. desember 2018

Absolutely you should be compensated, just like I and everyone else should be compensation. Compensation all around, on me this time.

doctorsmile | 12. desember 2018

Great article about the M3. Except I'm seeing 2016 MSs going for 35K+ on Tesla's site so I'm thinking that this is more accurate.

Chick-fil-as make more money then McDs (in 6 days!)

doctorsmile | 12. desember 2018

i hope the MR M3s retain their value even when 35K SR is released. Or we can use the tax credit as a buffer.

M3BlueGeorgia | 12. desember 2018

@doctorsmile You must be looking at a different Tesla site than me.

I'm seeing 2014 S for mid $40s and 2015 for low $50s:

doctorsmile | 12. desember 2018

they have regional inventory, more on the west coast. The major negative is you don't get to test drive before you buy

doctorsmile | 12. desember 2018

and body damage that will not be fixed at that price.

DTsea | 12. desember 2018

spockagain great post!

op: no.

Fuzzball | 12. desember 2018

the_nineball - ignore the pretentious pricks on this forum. Lots of them littered here.

Speak with the service manager about this. They can work some form of comp for you. Speaking from experience, not the same but a similar issue. Car was in shop for 2 months waiting for part. Make sure your loaner is a tesla too unless issue has already been resolved.

the_nineball | 16. desember 2018

Thanks Firaz.ashraf

Yeah...I learn a long time ago to not feed the trolls. Anyhow...the car is still in the shop for almost a month one is getting back to me on why it's taking so long. I hope they didn't dent another place and have to patch and repaint a 4th section. I'll have a talk with the manager when I pick up to see what they can do in addition.

Just want to point out that I am still absolutely in love with the M3...but Tesla need to fix the service and initial delivery issues.

They did give me a 75D Model S as a loaner...but it has issues like loud rattling when accelerating hard, rear camera goes blank half the time....and lot of water leak into the trunk when rain....but I'm afraid to ask for another loaner and they can give me a non-Tesla.

RES IPSA | 16. desember 2018

I would not worry about diminished value due to the new paint job. You have gotten a wall charger, a loaner car to drive, and other merchandise. Sounds like Tesla has realized they made so mistakes and have compensated you for those mistakes.

Once Tesla comes out with a 100+ kw M3, all of our cars lose significant value. Buying a new model car like the M3 is not a good investment. Just sell it for what you can get for it 5-7 years from now.

Fuzzball | 17. desember 2018

the_nineball: No harm in calling service and asking about a different Tesla Loaner. Be specific. If you are not too far, they can send someone to drop a different loaner and pickup the older one.

Also, your best time of leverage is to speak with service manager while car is in shop. Dont think you will have same response when problem resolved. Most folks even in the service team do not know that service manager can offer comp in a situation like this where it is an internal fault by Tesla while car in shop. Make sure the conversation is private, will have higher probability of good outcome.

Lastly, the key backlog is on the parts to repair the vehicle, after the autobody shop has reviewed and ordered them. They will not give you an update till they get a confirm that parts are available which can be a few months. At least get a confirm if the car has been looked at by the autobody shop and whether the order for parts has been placed.

ModernTriDad | 17. desember 2018

If your trade-in process for this car is anything like the one I just had with Tesla when I bought my Model 3, the paint job won’t even matter. Tesla used the pics I took on the phone (not even of the whole car) with no physical inspection and offered me higher than I expected. I know that's not everyone's experience with the trade-in, but the next time you trade-in, it may not even make a difference... at least through Tesla.

tuan87le | 09. juni 2019

My car got key the other day. Is gettimg repainted for free under warranty? Thanks

landoncube | 09. juni 2019

Decision point:
Life sucks.
Life is GOOD.

lilbean | 09. juni 2019

@tuan Great question. Ask Tesla and report back. Lol.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 09. juni 2019

Did you say your car got keyed and you expect a warranty to cover it? If that were the case what would the warranty NOT cover? How about a golf club to the hood by an angry spouse?

Magic 8 Ball | 09. juni 2019


Lonestar10_1999 | 09. juni 2019

If Tesla keyed the car, then the repaint should be under warranty.....unless you got the the Service Tech so irate that you had it coming. Lol