Tesla, Pizza and the Experience

Tesla, Pizza and the Experience

While in college, I worked as an assistant manager at a regional pizza restaurant. Much like Tesla, restaurants live or die by word of mouth. We worked hard to give a great product with outstanding customer service. I was talking to the manager one day, and he told me something I will never forget about human nature and what he called the experience ratio. I was struck by how true this was.

If someone goes out and has a fantastic experience they may tell 1 or 2 people about it. If they have a bad experience they will tell on average 10 people about it. This he told me is backed up by a lot of marketing research.

Just a little perspective for some of the forum posts. I freaking love my Model 3.


jdcollins5 | 15. desember 2018

Pretty much describes this forum!

10 negative to 1 positive post.

I saw one member call this the Whine, Bitch and Moan forum :)

PhillyBob | 15. desember 2018

Still smiling .....

Had one situation where M3 turned into the world biggest paper weight. The positive experience from Tesla service has been told to at least 10 people. No legacy company comes close.

Stuff happens ..... whiners .... get over it or sell it .....

Best vehicle ever made for under $60K

Earl and Nagin ... | 15. desember 2018

Other than, perhaps a Model S or X, what car over $60K beats it? There's nothing I'd prefer to have.

gwolnik | 15. desember 2018

So far, my Model 3 has been great, nothing really wrong with it, and my few experiences with support have been good. From reading this forum, I was beginning to think I was the exception, but I suspect that my experience is actually the rule!

teslu3 | 15. desember 2018

10 negative to 1 positive? Not in this thread. Over 11K miles on my model 3, average 199 wh/mi. Only service was to rotate tires. Awesome car.

RES IPSA | 15. desember 2018

If you look at the negative comments, a vast majority are not about the M3 itself but about the process and interaction with Tesla. Most of these negative complaints are easily solved by Tesla... I hope Tesla is already in the process of solving them because next year, they will try to deliver 150,000 or more new vehicles. They need the service infrastructure in place.

I have had good and bad experiences with Tesla's service so far. I am still waiting more than 3 months for a rear assembly light unit. I have had to call three times... each time telling a new employee when I ordered it and forwarding them the email confirmation of the order. Very annoying that someone at Telsa simply won't place an order for the part...

And I am happy with the car for the most part.

007bond | 16. desember 2018

We love our Model 3, we have only one really big disappointment, that we cannot afford another one by the end of this year.

Overall buying a Tesla was a much better exp than any other car. First Tesla is really not a traditional car company so there will be some differences. Tesla really does not have dealers like other manufactures do. We enjoyed no haggle, no one trying to sell us junk, window etching, ext warranty, all that junk, inflated charges for DMV. My last BMW they had a charge on the sales doc for detailing $995 yes unreal to deliver me a clean car. So for use Tesla was so easy and nice, sure quick but we were prepared for that.

Also the car is cutting edge so expect some hiccups. Come on FW updates that give you new features, awsome!

Tesla is not your standard car, and it is not sold by the standard car dealer, so to some the buying exp is very different. For us it was a welcome change as we use to dread car buying, deciding who would play good cop who would plan bad cop. How were we going to get out of buying all those extras we did not need but they keep you there to wear you down till you buy something.

Like I said a welcome change, pick out car, make apt, pickup just the car nothing more, drive home, so easy.

jordanrichard | 16. desember 2018

Part of what is happening now is the general car buying public is now buying the car and are expecting the reliability experience/service experience of say a Toyota Camry. What these people are forgetting/not realizing is that they are buying the most advance car on the road that is pushing the boundaries on car tech. Just as Tesla is pushing the boundaries. People forget that when the car first came out, there were all sorts of problems. Look back at the pictures of cars from the early days. Often you will see 2 spare tires on a car. Why 2 tires, because the quality of the tires was garbage along with the conditions of the roads that is was common for tires to fail. Cars required oil changes every 700 miles, the list goes on and on.

There is nothing revolutionary about a Camry, so for a dealer to service it, is the same old, same old.

With that said, this is not meant to be a pass for Tesla getting behinds on things, but let’s apply some perspective here. You/we are driving, hands down, the most advance cars in the world, from a similarly advanced company in the world, and there are going to be missteps.

noleaf4me | 16. desember 2018

everyone I take for a ride in my Model 3 wants one......enough said!

Lonestar10_1999 | 16. desember 2018

Poor customer service can kill an otherwise great company with great products. Anyone who has had to resolve a computer issue with Dell Tech Support knows what I am talking about.

I hope Tesla management monitors these forum posts and takes corrective action when valid complaints are voiced.

RES IPSA | 16. desember 2018

A lot of owners and soon-to-be owners on this forum usually resort to the argument that Tesla is a new company doing things in a new a revolutionary way... That is great if it produces new and revolutionary products and/or services.

The M3 is a great car... a new and revolutionary product. But this has to be matched with comparable service.

A good example of new a revolutionary service... the mobile Ranger service. Very convenient to have you car serviced in your own garage while it is under warranty. After that, I doubt most will want to pay the $175 a hour labor charge.

But the simple organization of communicating with their customers and keeping records is lacking. Also, it should not take 4 or more months to get your car repaired after a moderate accident requiring body work.

Tesla needs to get organized quickly. They will be selling many more cars next year, and the current customer service, delivery, and ordering of parts problems will get exacerbated beyond control if they keep things the way they are now.

TM3Q | 16. desember 2018

Amazing car and best car I ever had! I'm a technology geek so more stuff is added on each update and more a I get excited. Things I would like to see is battery temperature indicator, more games when need to burn some time while waiting, a calculator, reduced amperage option while charging at SC (prolong battery life) and so many more :-)


007bond | 16. desember 2018

I agree with @ jordanrichard good points. Tesla is really Bleeding edge tech so for sure it is not for someone expecting Toyota Camry exp. Some issues are not Teslas fault not to far from my home is a brand new Tesla dealership. It is fully built and should have opened 6 months ago. However the local town has them all wrapped up in red tape and it may never open. This is one in many so existing dealership are under extra load. Agreed no excuse for bad service but they are trying to deliver a bunch of cars fast.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 16. desember 2018

"...the current customer service, delivery, and ordering of parts problems will get exacerbated beyond control if they keep things the way they are now."

More often than not, this position is held by people who live in those States that make it most difficult for Tesla to sell direct and operate Service Centers. If you live in one of those places, please participate by writing your local representatives in the State Assembly or Legislature. and express your support for fairness by allowing Tesla to operate without restrictions designed to protect the interests of the 'independent franchised dealerships' they do not use and have no contracts with.

Tesla has very good customer service where it is allowed. Never overlook that there are forces in place that require they use less convenient workarounds than they would prefer. Finally, don't forget how even the Model S outsells some entire brands -- Tesla really is very busy despite how some insist they would sell 'more cars' by using franchises. Notice there is no network of car dealerships that moves more long range fully electric cars than Tesla does.

gmr6415 | 17. desember 2018

I have a good friend who is a highly renowned chef. His saying is: making 1 bad meal outweighs 10,000 great meals in the eyes of the consumer.

ODWms | 17. desember 2018

“... I’m the minds of the not so bright.”

You didn’t let him finish. j/k

ODWms | 17. desember 2018

Sorry, *in*.

RES IPSA | 17. desember 2018

@ReD.... that may be partially true in some states, but I live in San Diego and still have had frustrating experiences (and good experiences) with Tesla's service.

ILoveMyModel3 | 17. desember 2018

I love my TM3 and all of my interactions with my Service Advisor, Delivery Manager, home delivery rep, and call center support reps, have been very pleasant and informative.