Car doesn’t fully turn on after entry

Car doesn’t fully turn on after entry

I’m using an iPhone and I can enter my Model 3 without issue. The problem that I have is that the car doesn’t wake up (turn on) sometimes for a period of time and I have to open the app again. It seems to happen at random.

Anyone else have this issue?

EVRider | 20. desember 2018

Is the touchscreen blank while you're waiting for it to turn on? If not, are there any messages on the screen?

Rymack1 | 20. desember 2018

Screen is black. Eventually Tesla logo appears

EVRider | 20. desember 2018

Not seeing that in our Model 3, but we've only had it a couple of days. Is this a new issue or has it been there all along?

Rymack1 | 20. desember 2018

Been going on for around 2 months. Was hoping a software update would have resolved the issue but no luck yet. It seems like it started after version 9

liujis | 20. desember 2018

I have similar issue, sometimes car is already driving, screen is still blank.
Also hoping the software update will resolve it, but not yet, still happen randomly

M3phan | 20. desember 2018

Had my car since July, it’s done it maybe half a dozen times, no consistent reason or time or software version, usually remedies itself (screen eventually comes on). One time it didn’t, and I did the simul-press on the steering wheel nipples, and it powered up. Hasn’t affected the car. My iPhone sometimes dies the same thing. Not worried about it.

howard | 20. desember 2018

This has only happened once to me right after the latest update. Figured maybe the console was doing a deep boot. It was blank for maybe 30 seconds, then the logo and finally it all came up. The controls were sluggish for a bit. Has been fine since.

dwakelee | 20. desember 2018

Do you have a USB memory device plugged into the car? If so, this has been known to cause this symptom.

jjgunn | 20. desember 2018

Dual scroll wheel reboot. Especially after firmware update is complete.

Rymack1 | 20. desember 2018

I do have a flash drive plugged in for the dashcam. I haven’t rebooted it in a while. Thanks for the tips