Grab bar or handle for middle seat passengers

Grab bar or handle for middle seat passengers

We love our Model X. It is a super car. For us it is also family car. It replaced our Toyota Sienna XLE. Is there a way to make it easy for elderly to get in the car in the middle row? We have 6 seat configuration and there is no handle any where.

lhdalal | 20. desember 2018

Any one has any suggestions?

chuckgrim | 22. desember 2018

Place one hand on the top of the headrest to help pulling yourself in.

inconel | 23. desember 2018

I put my X in very low and tell older family members to turn their back to the car and just sit sideway on the seat then rotate their feet in.

mbp11 | 30. desember 2018

I have a suggestion: Has anyone had problems with the right side passenger having difficulty getting out of the front seat of the car? I have a 2009 Mercury Mariner hybrid 4 wheel drive and it has a right front passenger handle in the A pillar that helps to "swing" the passenger out of the car door on the right. My girlfriend complains bitterly that for an expensive SUV, there is no passenger assist handle to help her get out of the car. I am going to get a similar color handle on eBay and see if I can install it on the A pillar to help her out of the car! | 30. desember 2018

@mbp11 - No need to post multiple times in different threads. Adds to the noise in the forums and makes you look like a bot (which copies others messages and reposts them). Repeating my answer:

Grab handles has been a long running debate (for and against) since the Model S in 2012!

Ok, don't bother with trying to add one. The A pillar houses part of the side curtain airbag. There is no way you want to puncture or interfere with that. There are explosive charges for the airbag too, so drilling into that could blow up in your face!

The Mercury, while it does have an optional side airbag, it's coverage looks to be less than the Tesla, since the Mariner doesn't use the A pillar for the side airbag.

mbp11 | 30. desember 2018

apologies, and thanks

lilbean | 17. januar 2019

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mbp11 | 17. januar 2019

What is this guy's problem? vinitapoojari006 is spamming all of the forums!

Blueskies | 17. januar 2019

I'd love a grab loop on the B pillar that older passengers in the front seats could use too.

ruthieX | 18. januar 2019

When I give my 84 year old Dad, who had a stroke and has mostly recovered but is weaker than before, rides to the doctor and such, I hate how he struggles to get into the back passenger seat (which I think is easier for him to get into than the front passenger seat). He gropes about for something to hold onto. I find myself wishing there was a grab bar or loop to help him.

nutner | 20. januar 2019

The lack of grab handles and rear seatbelt clasp location in the rear seats are a challenge for my older parents. I do have the center console they lean on so once they are in they feel more secure back there and love that they can see out the front so easily.