Screen freezing

Screen freezing

Hello. The screen on my model 3 performance keeps freezing. Especially when I start using the music application. I tried doing a reset by pressing the two steering wheel buttons with the brake down. Has anyone had a similar experience and a solution? Thanks in advance.

ldf8 | 22. desember 2018

Had this today several times. First the music did not work, then I rebooted. Then it asked me to sign in to listen, and there was no longer some of the music options. I rebooted again and it worked normally, but then got glitchy and froze everything on the screen when I was on the music page. Frustrating as I couldn't see map and directions. I rebooted again and who knows. My drive was done. I just updated the other day.

BLKPM3 | 22. desember 2018

Similar thing happened to me. Was OK after reboot. The only bad thing I discovered is that you cannot turn on hazard flashers while you are rebooting. Fortunately someone only came up behind me just as the system was coming up.

robpatrawala | 22. desember 2018

Called tech support. They think it is likely due to a bug in the most recent update. They feel that a patch will be released soon.

garuda | 22. desember 2018

I have the same problem, very specifically with Streaming, as soon as I click that whole screen freezes and had to wait literally minutes to use the car again, happens every time I click on the streaming

Danzer | 22. desember 2018

Same thing happening to me with no music and the screen resetting.

juan | 22. desember 2018

Same thing here. Just got the car last night and experienced this today. Not a great start!

Borys Korolov | 22. desember 2018

Happen to me too in Vancouver it start after last update even spidometr and turn signals freezing It is very dangerous they have to do something

swilliams102 | 23. desember 2018

Me too, after last update,I was showing someone all the features when switching from streaming to radio and back to streaming the screen freezes, I had to reboot.

hamiltonned | 23. desember 2018

Me too with version 48.12 when going to streaming from phone or radio--but not always.

twbushman | 23. desember 2018

Same thing happened to me. Press the 'Streaming' button and the screen freezes for many seconds in the middle of driving. Extraordinarily dangerous!!! I certainly hope there's an update to address this soon. In the meantime I'm going to stay away from the streaming button!

mdennick | 29. desember 2018

We're experiencing the same sort of screen freezing on our Model 3, with 48.12.1. I hadn't noticed it relating to the Stream function, so I'll check that out. I did notice that the it starts to go wrong after the clock time becomes off, about 71 minutes forward. Has anyone else seen that happen along with freezing?

mdennick | 30. desember 2018

I tested the Radio to Streaming, and yes, it did cause an unresponsive and frozen screen for me too.

I also found that once I had attached the car to my house Wifi I would get chronic freezing, that a reboot would not always resolve. This would also be the case even when I drove away from the home Wifi. There was also the symptom of the clock being 71 minutes fast. Once I made the car “Forget” the home Wifi SSID it stopped the freezing. Not easy to do BTW because of the freezing. I’d have to catch it after reboot but before it attached to wifi or cellular. So this appears to be a workaround until the engineers can resolve these bugs. Don’t attach it to Wifi, at least not until an update is ready to be downloaded.

jhaines386 | 31. desember 2018

I got my Model 3 12-21-2018. the screen froze while they were showing me how to use it, It froze again on the way home. Screen went black and came back on, Happened one more time and now works perfectly. Does it matter how many phones are hooked up to your car ? I had one other phone hooked to mine, Took that phone off of the car and it works perfectly now.

robpurks | 16. januar 2019

My screen froze this evening when selecting a streaming channel while driving. After about 2 mins, screen rebooted while driving but all driving functions seemed ok. It then reoccurred as soon as I attenpt to select a streaming channel. I’m on version 2018.50

nickyd221 | 17. januar 2019

Wanted to add to these reports after Googling this issue and finding this post. I picked up my new Model 3 Performance two days ago and experienced this issue on the first night. Same thing, switching from Radio to Streaming tab consistently produces a screen freeze of 30 seconds to a few minutes. The car looses all software controls and information displays during this time. In my case the song playing on the radio was stuck at an unbearable volume and I could do nothing about it for a solid few minutes. Even more aggravating is the screen seems to register all the touches you make while it's frozen, and then executes them all at once when the system unfreezes. So if you tap around the screen in frustration like I did the first time, you're in for a mess when things come back. Overall this is a pretty huge and dangerous bug considering how dependent the car is on that main head unit. Hoping a patch is released soon and steering clear of that stream button in the meantime. Would have been an embarrassing thing to happen when showing off a 70K car with bleeding edge tech, only to have it freeze up like a buggy old phone lol. Glad I ran into that one by myself.

mkommuri | 23. januar 2019

I encountered the same issue in Model 3. Screen freeze when changing from radio to streaming. Screen is inaccessible. Seems dangerous. Microphone button on the steering wheel is also disabled during this time. So cannot send the bug report while this happens. Some times the screen reboots during the freeze. I have given the car for repair. Its been more than 3 weeks. No solution so far and Tesla did not update me yet.

Nodrag | 24. januar 2019

@mdennick I believe the screen freeze you and other folks experienced could totally be due to the wrong clock, and I just experienced 3 days in a row.

Last Sunday my internet went down, but my home wifi router kept running with its clock drifting fast (!) while my Model 3 was connected to home wifi when parked in my garage. Monday morning, the screen locked up on me in night mode, and I could do nothing but rebooting the screen (hold down both scroll buttons on the steering wheel). Had to do it 2 times and finally LTE connected, and a 3rd time after driving half a block from home when GPS recovered. Tuesday morning no lockup, but no GPS either, and the clock was way off, also in the night mode at 7am. Drove for a few miles, stopped, rebooted the screen, all went ok including GPS after LTE connection came on. Wednesday morning, same story. Came home at night, and a half-hour later open the door and prepared to charge only to notice that the clock was 3 hrs ahead (!!!) and the controls behaved strangely (e.g., scheduled charge time won't count down, and stayed at the original set time ("charge will start in 2 hrs") even when the clock was ticking).

Finally realized the lost internet connection (still) and deleted home wifi setting from the car, and rebooted. Everything has been normal since.

So the bottom-line is, if you connect to a wifi, make sure its clock is accurate. Or all hell will break loose.

(when I say no GPS I meant that if you try to do Nav, it will tell you that the route is done w/o GPS. Furthermore, your location won't change on the map when you drive.)

mdennick | 29. januar 2019

Update: We received a software update last week, to 2018.50.5. It didn't help. In fact it seemed a little worse. The screen locked up a couple times, even before I tested it on my house WiFi. The clock time was 70 mins forward during the symptoms. After I removed the WiFi again, it locked up once, then hasn't locked up since.

@Nodrag, I'm not sure about the WiFi/AP's clock. I'll look into that. Thx.

buzgraham | 04. april 2019

I have also had a problem with my touchscreen on my new Model 3. I have had the car for several months and it has been problem free. Then, I recently connected it to our home WiFi, and afterwards I began to have problems with the touchscreen freezing. I have disconnected from the WiFi and deleted it, and rebooted the touchscreen multiple times, but it will work for a while and then freeze while I am driving. It does not affect the car, and the screen does not go black, just frozen until I reboot.
How can I fix this??

jjgunn | 04. april 2019

@buzgraham - set an appointment with the service center.

Good news is the car is still drive-able. Definitely a bug within the firmware that needs to be addressed. happened on my Model X too (2019.8.3) so it's not only M3's

erocphillips | 08. april 2019

I'm getting this too now a few times a week. Almost always when transitioning from "reverse" to "drive". I don't mind resetting, but my wife (who drives it daily) wants me to take it in to get it fixed. This seems unnecessary, but can someone provide an ETA for the OTA fix ??

She is not too tech savy, so doesn't reset and drives around with the frozen screen until she parks again.

djoanise | 08. april 2019

How do you reset? The screen freezing happened to me yesterday, froze on reverse and a picture of my driveway. After I went to my destination and started the car again, the car way OK...not Ok to have no idea of your driving speed.

finman100 | 08. april 2019

depress and hold in the 2 steering wheel scroll wheels until the screen goes black. then let go of them. takes a good full minute (or a bit more!) for the T symbol to reappear, indicating reboot is imminent, and successful.

Practice in your driveway. then it becomes less scary when needing to do it in mid-drive. Which is fine. Does NOT affect the driving of the car. only you can't see your speed, run climate control or music, etc.

vmulla | 08. april 2019

I'd say the burden is on Tesla to educate the owners about these special situations. There are a lot of owners who never visited ANY forum, and they expect a car that has a functional display.

thomastaube | 23. april 2019

Same happend to me yesterday night. Was driving 53km/h when i noticed the display was frozen.
The rest of the car was working as expected and I reseted the display by pushing the wheel buttons, while driving, since i did not want to wait for a Reset to be triggered interanally. After Reboot everything worked fine.

@TESLA Support:
Now i would like to know if there is(will be) a watchdog implemented for dealing with these kinds of issues.
The gear indicator and the speed information is information which is normally considered as greater or qual to ASIL B, with safe-state "off" and a fault tolerant time interval of i would expect less than a second.

If i can support, just contact me.

vmalinsk | 23. april 2019

just had S/W update on 4/21/19. M3 LR DM, 7.3K miles, Version: 2019.8.5 3aaa23d

On 4/22 late afternoon - the Display just became “frozen” while driving! in NYC rush hour traffic!

In about 30 minutes display just went black. in a few minutes - came back again, but still - “frozen".

The car was still drivable, but ,obviously, in a extremely uncomfortable way, no see turn signals, no speed, no transmission selection…

then, later with pushing two steering wheel button simultaneously - i forced display to reboot again, and it came back responsive.

AlfioM | 19. juli 2019

I had the same experience on 18 July evening with my week old M3 LR DM when my display froze. The car could be driven but I was concerned and look where to stop. A procedure of reset cleaned the problem.
I have no idea of what may have triggered it , but I was using the USB with MP3s.

vmulla | 19. juli 2019

These things happen quite randomly. They're getting much more rare, that's good.

Tesla obviously paid attention to all the data, and put some effort to better the situation because of customers expressed their anxiety.

Just know that it's safe to operate the car when it happens.

3Muskateer | 19. juli 2019

Mine just froze this a.m.. I was also using the USB with music on it. Rebooting worked, but wondering if USB/music related.

tonyacuna1435 | 19. juli 2019

I just got my M3 two weeks ago and I had 3 different ocasiones with freezing screen. Then, the Navigation. Autopilot and Self Driving features don’t work as they are supposed to work. This is very dangerous when driving on the freeway. Right now my screen is still frozen, even though I have done two reboots.

jimglas | 19. juli 2019

can runs uninterrupted if screen freezes, its just a display. I call FUD.

ccwells | 22. august 2019

We have had our screen freeze twice - once while driving on the freeway and once pulling out of the driveway. Should I schedule a service appointment for diagnosing?

BeachBI | 02. oktober 2019

I took my brand new Performance Model 3 for it's first drive and on the way home the screen froze. It was scary as this was only my first drive after taking delivery. Eventually the screen went black and restarted ok. Not sure if I did anything incorrectly to trigger this?

Rob | 06. mars 2020

Same happened to me 3 times in a row while driving. Very nerve racking since the blinkers and cruise control stop working as well. Did you find anything out?

rob | 06. mars 2020

I don't remember that happening or making that comment. I really need to start cutting back...

lbowroom | 06. mars 2020

The blinkers still work on the outside, you just can’t hear them. I believe cruise still functions too. However, how essential are either of those to be missing for 30 seconds while the screen reboots?

issacdaddy | 08. mars 2020

I have all kind of problem with my screen every day — map only shows grid lines, display freezes, goes out blank, reboot by itself infinitely. Very frustrating. I scheduled a service appointment a while ago and the tech rep called me and told me they are going to cancel my appointment because it's a software issue and just wait for the next update.... are you kidding me?