Tesla, please make this forum SEARCHABLE!

Tesla, please make this forum SEARCHABLE!

There are 746 pages of threads, and I'm interested a particular topic. No way am I going to spend time skimming though all of the pages.
Am I missing something? I don't see any search function anywhere on the page. :(

cfgilbertson | 27. desember 2018

Feedback for Tesla about forums

jithesh | 27. desember 2018

There is no search function in this forum. However i have found Google to be very helpful here.

Just Google for

For e.g.


Coastal Cruiser. | 27. desember 2018

There are also several other well-subscribed Tesla / Model 3 forums that are searchable.

will | 27. desember 2018

Yes please

StatsApp | 27. desember 2018

you can also enter this in google search box:
"whatever you want to search for"

langolier | 27. desember 2018

It seems to me that an obvious search box at the head of the forum should be within the forum programmers' abilities.

Wanderer | 28. desember 2018

Yes yes yes

EVRider | 28. desember 2018

It’s not that Tesla couldn’t implement search and other forum features if they wanted to, it’s just not a priority for them.

imran | 28. desember 2018

As a programmer in a past life, considering how the Tesla site and forums are sometimes not very fast in performance, my bet is they don't want to add additional performance cost that may result from a very large amount of search requests that would happen if they integrate search. I know they use the Drupal CMS platform to run this site, I'm not super familiar with it and how it indexes and handles search transactions, but my guess is the performance cost might be the final decision maker.

gballant4570 | 28. desember 2018

There is also a "Tesla Forum Enhancement Suite" available. I no longer have the link, but googling Tesla Enhancement Suite likely would bring it up. There is a text search function available on the forum when installed.

DTsea | 28. desember 2018

not gonna happen.

George with SacEV | 29. desember 2018

You relative "newbies" are SO cute. I have been on these Tesla forums since 2012 as I waited for my first Model S, and this plea has been THE recurring request. Clearly this has been a ZERO priority item for Tesla programmers.

Of course, I agree it would be MUCH NICER IF we had these forums directly searchable. And it MIGHT happen sometime in the Elon Musk "foreseeable future," but then his time sense is "otherworldly" in so many ways. I don't suggest holding your breath on this.

gballant4570 | 29. desember 2018

Not sure if this is the one I used - most likely is. I just did a google search.....

StatsApp | 29. desember 2018

How could modernizing this forum have lower priority than the silly apps that Tesla engineers just added to the cars. Porting all those games to Tesla takes time and resources and is far more complicated than modernizing this forum.

It's not just the search feature that's missing (that can be overcome by appending "" to your search).

The following are some of the features that are implemented in almost all modern forums (e.g., TMC, Model3Owners, etc):
- being able to monitor a thread and get a badge notification when your monitored thread has new posts
- being able to tag people to get their attention
- being able to send private messages

Tesla doesn't even have to write the code from scratch. There are open-source projects that Tesla can simply brand and use.

Magic 8 Ball | 29. desember 2018

TESLA does things different, weird to some, but I like it and TESLA seems to be teaching a bunch of old dogs some new tricks, despite their criticism.

I like that the forum is laissez faire.