Any chance the computer can be upgraded?

Any chance the computer can be upgraded?

Read the article about tesla making a new computer that can do a lot more computations per second then the current version. They stated implementing them in sometime next year. I know thetech in my car would be outdated but not this soon, or by this much. What do you think the chance is we’ll get to upgrade to the far superior computer?

jjgunn | 05. januar 2019

If you purchased Full-Self Driving, you will get the HW3.

If not....I have no idea how much it will cost but my best guess is $7k-$10k

Magic 8 Ball | 05. januar 2019

100% Just buy FSD, done deal.

Hal Fisher | 05. januar 2019

Oh, well just as long as it can be done.

dave999z | 05. januar 2019

$7-10k? Based on what? It’s supposed to be asingle chip that is swapped out. That seems incredibly high.

mrburke | 05. januar 2019

@dave999z- If you don't have EAP, you most likely will not get the new chip. So if you want it, you will need to get EAP($7,000).

CST | 05. januar 2019

I doubt it will be that expensive, the stories about it say the new chip cost less than the one they purchased.

greg | 05. januar 2019

I don't think its a simple [or as cheap] as "a new chip".

Its ben touted as a whole new "black box" - the current one is deliberately placed behind the glove box, to be easily "field upgradeable".

The new one is "plug compatible", which means they remove the glove box, unplug the old black box, and put the new one in its place, screw it down and then reattach the glove box. Upgrade done.

So the "replacement" time will be quick. However, the new black box will no doubt come with a host of changes , new cooling and design and all - meaning the old black-box is probably disassembled and in effect recycled for its raw materials.

The NVidia chips used in the current black box were stated as being $1-$2K each for the chip alone, when packaged into a black box, with cooling system and such overall cost likely double or triple that.

So while the bew chip maybe cheaper, the overall cost of the unit itself may not be different.

Then of course there is the software running on it which makes it all work...

one.more.again | 05. januar 2019

The actual cost of the chip is irrelevant, it comes with FSD. For me that means $12k since I did not purchase EAP at delivery, or after the trials.

one.more.again | 05. januar 2019

EAP at $7k + FSD at $5k.

jjgunn | 05. januar 2019

Those of you who "invested" in Tesla by purchasing EAP/FSD, will reap the benefits of a "free" upgrade thereby improving your vehicle.

If you tried to go the "value" route by not purchasing EAP/ still have a great vehicle, just not improved with the new hardware.

Am I happy I purchased FSD for $3k? Like Heisenberg once said... You're God damn right!

thedrisin | 05. januar 2019

I thought there is no current FSD option.

Magic 8 Ball | 05. januar 2019

FSD can be had off menu as recently as three weeks ago, so may be available today as well.

jjgunn | 05. januar 2019

I believe you need to actually request to order it now. Currently not an option on the website. Elon said..."Caused too much confusion."

Also.....the hardware upgrade will be...."soon" so basically don't hold your breath

thedrisin | 05. januar 2019

But it is not confusing then if the only way to order FSD is by special request? Now, I am really confused.

Magic 8 Ball | 05. januar 2019

By being off menu and order by special request there is less chance of someone being confused about what they are buying (they did their homework). The confusion was from people that did not do their homework and thought they were getting something more than what they paid for.

jjgunn | 05. januar 2019 @Magic 8 Ball states....if you purchased FSD you're basically giving Tesla $3k for "nothing" until it becomes "something"

Nothing confusing about it. You're either investing in your vehicle or you're not.

M3BlueGeorgia | 05. januar 2019

Even without FSD, it is going to interesting to see if the computer upgrade adds value to EAP.

Personally, I'll wait a year, and it may be at least that long before it becomes available for those of us who skipped FSD

mabuck | 05. januar 2019

FSD is about 5 years away at best. Yes your computer is upgradeable for a fee, but not sure cost until hardware is available.

Tesla equipped all model 3’s with the hardware capable of FSD, but it has been arguably said by Elon that it may or may not work and they may have underestimated computational power needed for FSD.

If the CEO is unsure, you’re on the hook for quite a while with your car.

sheldon.mike1010 | 05. januar 2019

It's not a chip. It's a rack-like flat box that slides into place behind/below the dash. Can be done by Tesla Ranger
mobile service or bringing car to Tesla Service when they contact you. They know who paid for FSD.

jjgunn | 05. januar 2019

If you paid for FSD it will be listed in your Order Agreement. Tesla definitely knows who paid for FSD

planetary | 05. januar 2019

Seems like it's way too early to purchase FSD, unless (1) you're going to keep your car for another 5-8 years, or (2) you have some assurance of transferring the FSD option to your next car.

While I did purchase EAP, which is something I can use immediately, I skipped FSD with the Model 3 LR AWD I just bought. YMMV.

thedrisin | 05. januar 2019

"The confusion was from people that did not do their homework and thought they were getting something more than what they paid for."

I think the confusion arises because the definition of FSD is so nebulous. There would be no confusion if Tesla used accepted definitions to describe the term. How about saying, "FSD will provide SAE level 4 and above autonomous driving." That way people can look it up and know exactly what to expect. Also they can provide a list of features. I think I am fairly knowledgeable and I have no idea what you get and when. All I can tell is that you get a new computer chip.

Haggy | 07. januar 2019

Tesla will start selling FSD when they are ready to release it. Once they do (or shortly before it,) and for those who already paid for it, the computer upgrade will be available.

If you don't have FSD and don't plan to get it, there's no reason to get the computer upgrade because everything else has to be designed to work on the existing computer. It will do visual processing much faster but they aren't replacing your screen with something that refreshes faster or replacing your data connection with something that downloads faster. I don't know what sort of improvement people would expect on anything else.

FSD does a lot more processing than Autopilot and the current computer is more than capable of what it does now, and what it will do in the future unless the car gets FSD.

RES IPSA | 07. januar 2019

As pointed out by @thedrisin in a thread last week, will other hardware need to to upgraded on our Model 3 vehicles in addition to the FSD computer upgrade for Level 3 or higher autonomous driving? Like new cameras on the vehicles that will work well in wet driving conditions?

mknewman | 08. januar 2019

I wouldn't pay a chauffeur $12k over 5 years to drive my car for me so why should I pay Elon? After trying the 1 month free trial I can say it's far more annoying to have on than driving myself. Instead of being 'in the moment' driving you are monitoring the computer. You can't take your hands off the wheel, it constantly nags you if you don't wiggle the wheel, and it makes mistakes. My wife was a nervous wreck when it was on. $2k for the whole thing I might consider it. I liked summon and autopark, but no way $12k.

ripatriot | 08. januar 2019

why is it a forgone conclusion that the price of fsd will only go up in the future?

i can purchase both eap ($5500) and fsd ($5000) through my account page > autopilot upgrades

tacc was the only thing that worked flawlessly during the 30 day trial. i'll reevaluate once everything is out of beta.

ripatriot | 09. januar 2019
walnotr | 09. januar 2019

I see the upcoming hardware improvements as a steppingstone toward level 5. I expect the first step will be EAP+ with speed limits, traffic lights, and stop signs being recognized. From there, incremental improvements as more data and miles driven are used to perfect the software getting closer to L5 over time. I purchased FSD as a way to future proof my car as new features and abilities are introduced. Will we get there before the car quits running? I have no idea, but in the interim, I plan on having access to future capabilities as they are introduced.

alienranch | 11. januar 2019

@RES IPSA - the camera and sensor hardware is the same from HW 2.5 --> 3.0. The only update is the computer.

kevin | 15. april 2019

Just an update:

1) the Enhanced Autopilot product has been withdrawn and replaced with Autopilot, which consists of AutoSteer and TACC.
2) The basic Autopilot is now standard on all new cars
3) FSD is available for ordering again at $5,000.
4) The FSD computer is now shipping on new Tesla cars
5) Tesla says there will be a significant price increase for FSD on May 1.