When you get into an accident with a Tesla, what does the check list look like.

When you get into an accident with a Tesla, what does the check list look like.

I got into an accident in Oct 2018 and I still do not have my car back yet. It's been almost 3 months. I felt there must be a better way and that perhaps I should have followed some check list for this type of situation. There are check lists for accidents in general but I felt that accident with a tesla is a completely different thing. Maybe you don't agree and I'd like to hear that. But if there is a check list, I'd like to study it before I get back on the road when I get my car back. If there isn't, I feel strongly that one should be formed and advertise on the front page of tesla website.

Anyone know of an existing one that you can point me to? I felt that 3 months can not be an acceptable time frame. I am tired of hearing from everybody and their mother, "oh it's a tesla, that's why". If anything, it's a damn Tesla and Tesla family should not have to go through things harder, if anything, the opposite. If people can get their car back in 3 days, Tesla should do it better. I keep hearing parts is to blame. Well, then why is tesla pumping out cars if they can't supply the 1% the damn parts when they need it. It's frustrating as hell because when insurance company stop supplying you with a rental after 20 days, the 2+ months without a car can drive you nuts.

I don't want driving a Tesla to be a liability. I want to feel that driving a Tesla gives me an edge.

jordanrichard | 08. januar 2019

Wreck an Audi A8 and see how long it takes to get it fixed. There are only 40 Audi authorized repair shops in the entire U.S.

I have never heard of “check lists” for accidents. At this point in time, there are no Tesla body shops. Meaning owned/controlled by them. So aside from supplying parts to your local body shop, there is nothing Tesla can do to speed up the repair process. These cars are not Honda Civics where there a large number of aftermarket suppliers for body panels. They are also not put together like a Civic and take more time considering that they are aluminum and put together with varying fasteners depending on wher eon the car the part is.

frankng | 08. januar 2019

Not talking about how hard it is to fix one car vs another. I am talking about parts taking a long time to get delivered. At first it was major parts that was back ordered and those came and then it was parts that were not back ordered but Tesla does not provide eta on deliver after they are ordered. Which makes it difficult for shops to provide any type of status to car owners. Shit parts like rivets that is not a major part but everything sits there because without them the car can not be worked on. Those parts after it’s been ordered have no eta and Tesla does not provide any help for shops to get any idea on when they will get them.

I went to a body shop that is Tesla certified and I heard there were Tesla operated service centers. Does those not take in repairs?

jimglas | 09. januar 2019

FWIW: I have a broken side window and I have an appointment at the SC next week. Bottom Line: Downtime for window replacement, Exactly two weeks.
Last year, when my windshield was broken by hail in my Jeep (now gone with 2 Teslas), it was replaced in less than 24 hours.

jordanrichard | 09. januar 2019

franking, "Tesla operated service centers" are primarily for servicing the cars. Though some like mine does do glass replacement, specifically windshields.

You are talking about accident repair, different animal. Elon did mention that they were in the process of creating their own accident repair facilities or enabling some of the existing service centers into accident repair centers, but that is still in the planning stages. | 09. januar 2019

Perhaps my repair guide may help:

I lay out a chart of all the processes that go through in a typical body repair.