2018 Model 3 Displayed P While Driving 75 on the Freeway

2018 Model 3 Displayed P While Driving 75 on the Freeway

Tonight, I was driving North Bound on I15 passing Ogden Utah, when my model 3 when into P (Park) on the freeway at 75 MPH with Autopilot on. The car kept going but I lost the MPH for a "P" in its place. I safely exited the freeway and restarted the car.
I have a 2018 Model 3 Long Range RWD with the latest software approximately 5500 miles on the car, Battery had 210 miles left on it
Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Vimeo Video URL:

RES IPSA | 11. januar 2019

After you rebooted the screen, did it return to normal? I have had my screen go completely black while driving on the freeway

lbowroom | 11. januar 2019

Going into park implies the wheels lock and you go spinning down the road. Did you lose power, or did the display just show the wrong info?

Robert | 11. januar 2019

After I turned the car off and back on the problem was solved. The display showed the wrong information as can be seen on the video. Have you ever experienced this?

lilbean | 11. januar 2019

So it was just a typo?

lbowroom | 11. januar 2019

OK, I just watched the video. Appears there is nothing actually wrong with the car other than the display being incorrect. That's a big relief. Otherwise if that happened for real it world be catastrophic. No, I doubt that's a common occurrence. Would definitely inform service. Just to emphasize, the car didn't actually go into park like your post topic states.

mrburke | 11. januar 2019

The gear selector (PRND) at the upper left show D. PRND

So while scary, I would say it was just a UI glitch.

Maybe you were driving on a parkway and the computer got confused. What happens when you park on a driveway ?

roxybalboaguy | 11. januar 2019

Do you need to post such minor things here?

DanFoster1 | 12. januar 2019

@Robert, nice interface glitch—we’re all delighted you had the sense reboot rather than bother Tesla service!

@lbowroom, No, had the car /actually/ put itself in ‘Park’ it would not be “catastrophic.” Mechanically, the only thing ‘Park’ does is apply the rear, screw-drive, electric brake calipers. One can easily see these small calipers through the spokes of most Tesla wheels. Many other cars have these as well.

The small parking brake calipers are plenty powerful enough to hold a static load (e.g. parked on an incline); they are plenty powerful enough to jar the car to a stop when moving slowly (some have done this in the car wash—keep your seat-belt on and your butt in the seat!); they are absolutely /not/ powerful enough to decelerate the car rapidly from higher speeds.

If the main, hydraulically actuated disk brakes were to fail (which is extraordinarily unlikely) these electric parking brakes can be used as emergency brakes by holding the ‘Park’ button on the direction selector stalk (I refuse to call it the gear selector because Teslas don’t shift gears.) I have tested this on my Model S while driving 60 MPH—it’s fairly gentle deceleration and it even lights the brake lights when used this way.

kevin_rf | 12. januar 2019

Clearly the car was not reading the manual.

Hal Fisher | 12. januar 2019

Just reboot the display while driving. I find when i play with things too much the display gets out of whack, but it’s just that, a display, and doesn’t really control enough to put you in a serious threat other than maybe suddenly shutting down autopilot/cruise, or not getting to wipers or rearview camera.

David N | 12. januar 2019

Glad your ok, initial thought from reading your post title was that your car went “into park” at 70mph, that would be horrific.
Glad all are ok.

howard | 12. januar 2019

Hey Robert, Good report and corrective action. This would be quite concerning to me as well. The display is completely separate from the core vehicle functions and is often subject to numerous and various glitches. In the future to keep from being ridiculed and flamed be careful to word things so as to not cast any negative light on Tesla. Some folks a very very sensitive as you have read. Thanks though.

gballant4570 | 12. januar 2019

Incorrect thread title however. Your car did not go into Park at 75 on the freeway, your display had a minor malfunction that was easily corrected. Leaving that title on this thread makes you a purveyor of FUD. I am sure that is not the intent.....?

DanFoster1 | 12. januar 2019

@David N, it would not be “horrific.” Please read my post three above yours; more people need to know how these cars work.

@Robert, as the original poster, it’s probably best to edit your headline to something that reflects that it was a display glitch, not a parking brake malfunction—people are getting all alarmed up in here!

gballant4570 | 12. januar 2019

As howard mentioned, this forum has been subjected to a lot of FUD perpetrated by a number of trolls. These trolls may be Tesla short sellers or others with an interest in knocking Tesla down or obstructing The Mission. If you're paying attention you've seen their efforts in many places, besides this forum. Sometimes frustration can turn an honest person momentarily into a FUD spreading troll, but others on this forum cannot easily discern a momentary troll from a full time troll. Don't be a troll - edit your thread title.

Not over sensitivity, just reality.

howard | 12. januar 2019

No one that knows the car is or was alarmed. You really thought it skidded off the road? Would have been a different post header I am sure.

AMAZEU | 12. januar 2019

You should try to put a 1960's vintage ice car into park or reverse while traveling about 100mph.

howard | 12. januar 2019

Funny, when I bought our first ML350 I tried more than once to put it in park while cruising down the highway thinking I was putting the wipers on high. Luckily it was smarter than me. I really thought the gear selector was in a very stupid place, but here i am in the Tesla and back to the same.

apodbdrs | 12. januar 2019

Rbert, diid you remember to do a "Bug Report", so TESLA can view the details?

minervo.florida | 12. januar 2019

I believe if you lift up your butt while driving slow, the car will go into park, maybe it did that here but was not activated due to speed. I would have to reread the manual to be sure..

minervo.florida | 12. januar 2019

I believe if you lift up your butt while driving slow, the car will go into park, maybe it did that here but was not activated due to speed. I would have to reread the manual to be sure..

DanFoster1 | 12. januar 2019

It will only automatically grab the parking brakes at low speeds, when the driver’s seatbelt is unbuckled, and the driver lifts his or her butt off the seat.

Sparky | 12. januar 2019

@DanFoster1; thanks for good info on the way the parking brake / emergency brake works. I've been wanting to try it at speed but thought it a bit risky. Your explanation is very helpful.

kawdennis | 12. januar 2019

After I loaded the last update, I think it was V9 my 2013 P85 moved into the garage door all by itself $1120 damage to car, I sent pics to Tesla & talked to Billy lead tek @ SC for 30 minutes He didn’t believe me so I paid they also hit something that damaged (hit something) my rear ouarter panel when the car was in SC for 75,000 service again I paid, my car will never be at that service center again

rxlawdude | 12. januar 2019

I saw something like this in an earlier software release on our early (VIN 00138x) M3.

But it was where the P remained while shifting into Drive. No speed indication. Reboot solved.

Haven't seen this in many months, though.

BW984 | 12. januar 2019

This should be reported as a UI bug to Tesla so they can look into it. The car was displaying the wrong letter, it did not go into park. It’s a bug in the UI, not a safety hazard. Change your title.

Robert | 12. januar 2019

Changed the title of the post to more accurately describe the situation and not alarm anyone. I was initially alarmed after only one week of ownership. Thanks for all of the help and suggestions. How do I submit a bug report? Can someone share a link?

Kenz | 19. januar 2019

Forward video to Tesla service.
Did you do a "bug report" when it happened so Tesla could check the vehicle logs ?

007bond | 20. januar 2019

Since the drive selector showed D with the large P above perhaps the car was trying to tell you it wanted to Pee.

Sjohnson1975 | 06. februar 2020

My 2018 Model 3 has done this twice in the last few days. Once when coming off navigate on autopilot the speed changed to P. And stayed there until I stopped, hit the park button, and back to D. It did it again while driving on a regular road earlier.

I’m on the latest software 2020.4.1

I wonder if I got a bad install for the software update. It took a really long time to install it this time. Can Tesla send a reinstall if contacted?

kkc | 12. februar 2020

My 2018 M3 started doing this consistently around December, not sure if its software bug, appears just to be a UI bug in that the car drives fine. But it happens everyday, often in same location. First the indicators on top of screen all go on, then dash lines, then sometimes ends up in P while I'm still moving. Once, I had a web page open on screen, and when this happened it then it started the videos one the page while I was driving

Rebooting fixes it for a while, but it happens both ways of my commute which is a pain. I'm done "report software bug" many times and waiting to see if next patch fixes it.