Frozen window on the door

Frozen window on the door

When it´s cold weather, the window at the door freezes and get stuck, and cannot be lifted down. When i close the door, the window falls in a wrong position, which gives a slip in front of the door about 1 cm. How can I solve this problem?

sanna.magnusson | 16. januar 2019


jimglas | 16. januar 2019

warm the car before you get in

mathwhiz | 16. januar 2019

+1 @jimglas ... yep, preheating the vehicle will help

Vawlkus | 17. januar 2019

Apply seal grease to the window seal. That should help.

Preheating solves the issue entirely though.

alexgrindfast | 17. januar 2019

Be sure Preheated the car first, minus 40 degrés here in Quebec I understand you hehehe

sp_tesla | 20. januar 2019

Frame less doors genius but not practical design.