Panel in front of steering wheel stays on even after fully charged

Panel in front of steering wheel stays on even after fully charged

I can't find this topic on this forum and hope I'm not repeating this question. When my Model X is fully charged, sitting in my garage, the instrument panel in front of the steering wheel remains on, displaying the battery charged to the level I set it to charge to. I'm wondering how to get that panel to turn off, at least when the car is fully charged and ideally when the car is parked with no-one in it. I can see the charge level from my phone so do not need that information displayed for no-one.
This might take a trivial amount of power but I bought this car because I'm big on doing what I can to reduce my carbon footprint (I have solar panels on my house's roof) so every little bit counts. Additionally, it can't be good for the same image to be on that screen all night long.

Vawlkus | 18. januar 2019

It shuts off when the car powers down to ‘sleep mode’.

mathwhiz | 18. januar 2019

That is called obsessive-compulsive disorder. '-)

ruthieX | 18. januar 2019

Vawlkus that is what I would assume and sometimes it does but sometimes it does not. I guess the car is not always powering down to 'sleep mode'.

Vawlkus | 21. januar 2019

Then make sure your key fob is far enough away from the car so it doesn’t think you’re coming for a drive. Also, using the app will wake the car. | 21. januar 2019

Far less likely, but any chance of any of the doors left slightly ajar? That would leave the displays on. Also a bad door switch would cause this (i.e. car thinks the door is open). Is the main display also on? If not, then my door idea is not the cause.

packpike | 21. januar 2019

Put your fob in a signal blocking case/pouch while at home.

mathwhiz | 21. januar 2019

Power off reset?