What outlet should I have installed In my garage for model X charger cable

What outlet should I have installed In my garage for model X charger cable

lilbean | 21. januar 2019

NEMA 14-50

bp | 22. januar 2019

It depends upon how much power you have available, how far the charger will be from the breaker box, and the charging rate/capacity in your current & future EV.

An HPWC with the 14-50 plug will provide 40A of charging [8.8 KWh per hour].

If you hardware an HPWC to a 14-50 line, your electrician may be able to upgrade the breaker to 60A, providing 48A of charging [10.5 KWh per hour].

If your vehicle can support higher charging (72A or 80A), the charger is close to the breaker panel, and you have the available power, you can use a 90 or 100A circuit with an HPWC and get 15.8 or 17.6 KWh per hour charging, but unless you need to frequently recharge your vehicles quickly during the day, you really don't need to charge this fast for overnight charging.

And, if you don't have 50A of power available, then go with a 14-30 outlet, providing 24A of charging [5.2 KWh per hour], which will usually be fast enough for overnight charging of current Tesla vehicles.

Vawlkus | 24. januar 2019

The NEMA 14-50 is more than adaquite, but the HPWC looks nicer.

ajdelange | 30. januar 2019

The HPWC can be as far from the panel as you want. There are consequences though. You will have to pay for a long cable run and if the distance is far enough the cable will have to be a size bigger than it would otherwise.

Make sure your electrician is familiar with NEC 625 | 02. februar 2019

If you want more than you'll ever want to know about outlets for Tesla charging, I wrote this up:

It includes a calculator to identify the power requirements for your specific situation - this varies a lot between owners and battery size, so it's hard to guess what might be right for you (although a NEMA 14-50 is often a good choice).

bp | 03. februar 2019

We replaced our 14-50 connector with a signature black HPWC - and it does look much cooler, plus cable management is much better by wrapping the cable over the top and plugging the end into the HPWC when not being used...

AERODYNE | 05. februar 2019

If you ever plan on having a welder, consider also a 6-50, instead of a 14-50. You will have to buy an adapter, 45 in the Tesla Store. Mine should be delivered today.