Compensation for absurd delay in getting the PERFORMANCE Model 3 cosmetic details?

Compensation for absurd delay in getting the PERFORMANCE Model 3 cosmetic details?

I took delivery of my Performance Model 3 on Sept. 1, 2018, and understood that there would be a delay in the cosmetic details the car should have had at delivery. Now I am 5.5 MONTHS post delivery and I still do not have those items that I paid for on delivery nor the replacement passenger sun visor that the car needs as the delivered item has a shattered mirror!

Now, I realize this might be a bit petty, but the carbon fiber spoiler is something like a $1000 item as an accessory. So minimally Tesla has had not a trivial amount of our payment cash when we did not have what we paid for.

I strongly think we should all be getting some kind of courtesy compensation for giving Tesla this much money and having to wait MONTHS for what we paid for. Anybody else also of this conclusion or am I being too critical? I would note....This is my THIRD TESLA. My buying/delivery experience with my 2 previous Model S vehicles was totally different, better, and more satisfying in every way. I really like my Model 3 Performance +, but this delivery experience continues to be a festering issue.

By way of compensation, I am not thinking actual $$, but rather something like a couple of years of complimentary Supercharging? Any suggestions or responses?

JAD | 12. februar 2019

I got mine in August and am not the least bit concerned when a piece of fancy trim gets glued on the back. i figure at the one year service it will be added, but it certainly is not one of the greater concerns in my life. As i recall, the website even said it would be installed after delivery at time of order. Now I totally didn't expect it to take this long, but I don't think it is much of a priority for anyone.

Just my $.02 since you asked...

Rt002k | 12. februar 2019

Would you have accepted a 6 month delay in delivery of your car because the spoiler wasn't available?

jimglas | 12. februar 2019
surfpearl | 12. februar 2019


Bighorn | 12. februar 2019

I agree that you should have stopped when you realized it was petty.

Bighorn | 12. februar 2019

Seriously though, didn’t you already get a $5000 refund that brings the price down to what some of us paid for a stealth performance model that did not come with a CF spoiler, or upgraded brakes and rotors, and upgraded suspension, and Track mode. I’m starting to get embarrassed for you, on second thought.

derotam | 12. februar 2019

"this much money"...

Tesla looking at their financials and "missing $1000"..."ehh probably just a rounding error"

burdogg | 12. februar 2019

Agree 100%....with Bighorn. Couldn't have said it better.

tanya | 12. februar 2019

I feel the same. The delay is way too long.

burdogg | 12. februar 2019

Maybe I am mistaking - but I could have sworn that there was a note on there at time of order that it would be in 2019...Maybe I am just thinking that, or that that was the sentiment of everyone out there and never really said by Tesla...But I really thought I saw it on the order page...

burdogg | 12. februar 2019

It was probably just me completely making it up in my head knowing Elon time

Magic 8 Ball | 12. februar 2019

I think you need to take this up with the ministry of compensation. I had a 1 week delivery delay, what is fair compensation for us? This requires careful study because we want everyone to get the exact fair compensation for the "troubles" they have had to put up with. Wouldn't you feel like a heel if you got more than your deserved?

jamespompi | 12. februar 2019

Like how a ton of people put down a deposit for 2 years just to be able to order the car when anyone else could've?

lbowroom | 12. februar 2019

I'd push for complimentary valve stem covers, shipping not included.

Mike UpNorth | 12. februar 2019

Just out of curiosity - The spoiler is a separate piece that gets glued on...I've never owned a car with a spoiler before - is that how they all look/are? Or are most car's spoilers build with the trunk lid as 1 piece? For those that have owned spoiler'd cars in the past.

lbowroom | 12. februar 2019

Mild ones (cosmetic) taped on. Functional ones usually bolted/permanently affixed.

Tesla2018 | 12. februar 2019

Next we will have people complaining that they want compensation since they didn't get their Dual Motor emblem on their car when it was delivered.

tanya | 12. februar 2019

The dual motor badge serves no purpose, while a spoiler is something people look forward to getting.

JAD | 12. februar 2019

@Mike, if you look closely, there is a small 'spoiler' built into the trunk of the car, but performance models of most sedans have a decorative second, slightly bigger spoiler glued on that really does nothing but look fast at legal US speeds.

Rt002k | 12. februar 2019

I wouldn't want anything to spoil my car, let alone pay more for it :)

djharrington | 12. februar 2019

George, maybe you’re already being compensated. If the spoiler adds drag to add downforce, you’re using less energy driving around. That adds up. Drive long enough without the spoiler and you might recoup the cost of the entire car in energy savings. Maybe you should be paying them the longer the wait is!

George with SacEV | 12. februar 2019

With all due respect to the majority here....Did YOU order the Performance Model 3? Did you pay the full amount required for your Performance Model 3 (of course you did, or Tesla would not have delivered your car)?

How many of you have had previous Tesla delivery experience with the Model S/X? Did those cars get delivered missing even cosmetic items? (My 2 previous Tesla cars came fully as ordered).

How many of you are waiting also for ANY missing or broken Tesla Model 3 part ...waiting since original delivery?

And I too was a Day 1 deposit at the Rocklin SC for my Model 3; Since I wanted a multi-coat red with black interior, I further waited after many others had gotten their Performance Model 3 orders delivered as my color combination was a later production build schedule.

I am quite familiar with "Elon Time." I record the daily number of superchargers in operation and might also note that many of the projected "late 2018" installs on the Tesla planning map are not even yet permitted, much less operational now. Onlike i strongly suspect, many here, I have been a Tesla owner since 2013, so I am quite familiar with the ups and downs of this amazing paradigm shift. But...

I also pay for what I receive and believe strongly that "we" should get what we PAID FOR, or have some adjustment in that equation.....So far I am still waiting and haven't yet heard a thing from my local SC about getting the missing items for my vehicle installed. What would you do if your renter was 5+ months late on their rent or monthly payment for anything? Just saying....

Rt002k | 12. februar 2019

Sounds like you would have been happier refusing delivery until they were caught up with the spoilers.

But the big question is - did you get your mini-model 3?

Halbach | 12. februar 2019

As attorney Jackie Chiles would's outrageous, egregious, preposterous. Lawyer up ;-)

George with SacEV | 12. februar 2019

And to enlighten at least some of you further, here is a link to a video report which features my Tesla Model 3. My car is regularly a regional display car which was featured front and center at the Sacramento International Auto Show in October 2018 (in the EV pavilion) and most recently inside at the Sacramento City Convention Center for MLK day as part of a technology education program. It will be on display tomorrow/Wednesday at the Davis Electric Vehicle Association meeting where I will be giving a talk and was also featured in a Lions Club talk I gave on EVs last week. Having all the "cosmetic" details would be helpful in these promotion settings, IMHO.

George with SacEV | 12. februar 2019

And NO, I did not get my "mini-Model 3" since all the early deliveries of the more basic versions exhausted the supply at the Rocklin SC for those of us getting the later production order versions....

I just this week BOUGHT one off Ebay for $52, as I also have the $225 or so 1:18 Model S

Bighorn | 12. februar 2019

You wrote a lot, but did not acknowledge that you were compensated $5000 after the fact.
Some Model S owners waited on CF spoilers as well. Has to do with the supplier. Are you upset with Takata or Tesla about the air bag delays?
-another 2013 owner.

George with SacEV | 12. februar 2019

Not happy with that delay either, but I haven't actually gotten any notice that my Model 3 needs air bag replacement, so NOT a "personal" issue right now. I do not have such personal wealth that I can afford to own multiple Tesla cars at the same time. I sell my earlier car to afford to pay off the next step in my driving experience. As a matter of fact, I am a ONE CAR household and have been for about 4 years now.

gballant4570 | 12. februar 2019

George, you're makin' me cry I'm soooo sad for ya.....but you'll forgive me if I just go out in the barn and look at my own M3 rather than visiting the Davis Electric Vehicle Association meeting........

Rt002k | 12. februar 2019

It's a good thing you're an avid runner though, otherwise I'd be worried about your blood pressure at this point.

JAD | 12. februar 2019

George, yes I did order the performance and I did pay the full price, but then Tesla sent me a check, sent numerous unexpected free features in over the air updates and will still get me my silly spoiler eventually.

As a stock owner, I don't really want them to not send a car to China because of limited part, have service quit fixing broken cars so they can install spoilers, or halt construction on the Gigafactories so all hands can work toward getting a cosmetic piece to me when I have already paid in full. Very low priority for them as I think it should be. Would it be nice if everything was perfect from the start, sure, but as stated, I am much happier having had the car as is for six months than waiting for a perfect car.

I just try not to get mad over the little things that will be completely forgotten in a few years.

Mike UpNorth | 12. februar 2019

You wanted and paid for red then wrapped it in orange?

George with SacEV | 12. februar 2019

@Mike UpNorth.....
Yes, it would be my 3rd Red Tesla and for later resale, I thought that was worth the extra $$, and when I ordered the Performance version, it was packed with everything including ANY color at $83,500 plus tax and license, etc. I winced but ordered, and when they reduced the order price the next week, I was somewhat fearful that IF I changed ANYTHING I would lose my place in the build/order sequence. I always planned on wrapping, since I was "ready" for something beyond Tesla's limited choices; the interior is also customized to match somewhat the "Liquid Copper" exterior with a Katzkin seating package.

Mike UpNorth | 12. februar 2019

Yeah, I get the 'not wanting to change a thing to delay your order'. That's why I have the light silver and a non P.

Liquid copper looks dope...Lets see a pic of that customized interior....

George with SacEV | 12. februar 2019

I might further note that even with all the price changes I received, this configuration is NOW $1,600 less than what I paid ...actually even less, since I had to pay California Sales Tax on the then #75,000 list price. Which after that $5,000 adjustment check on the base price, Tesla may(?) be able to reclaim the sales tax on the higher figure for their own profit margin????

George with SacEV | 12. februar 2019

@Mike UpNorth

Check my facebook pages, there are more photos there:

Rt002k | 12. februar 2019

My configuration isn't even order-able anymore! Limited edition!

Does that $1,600 account for the $3,750 reduction in the tax credit? Never look at prices after you buy anything. Eventually you will be disappointed.

Bighorn | 12. februar 2019

Wraps are too rich for my blood, yet I managed to justify keeping a Model S with over 200k miles rather than take a measly trade in toward my Model 3. I figured I'd recoup that money with of all the free supercharging.

Mike UpNorth | 12. februar 2019

Seats look good George. Like the wood grain wrap you did to the center console too.

CST | 12. februar 2019

@lbowroom - best comment of the month! Thx for that!

CST | 12. februar 2019

Who wants a cosmetic spoiler anyway? If it has no function, that is as lame as painted red calipers when you have standard brakes. Ooops... didn't mean to insult anyone ...

CST | 12. februar 2019

@tanya - I'd disagree. I think the dual motor actually has a purpose vs none for the spoiler.
At least in California, it could be the difference between being let through chain-control or not.

djharrington | 12. februar 2019

@George, since you asked: Yes, paid for P3D+ (when that was a thing), and took delivery about the same time you did. I received the $5k refund in December, and never expected the spoiler before 1st quarter. I happen to not care about the spoiler personally. If I put it on, I’ll do so after wrapping this 3, which I’m too busy skiing to worry about for a couple more months.

As far as your “5 months late with rent” question: if I had a contract with a tenant that didn’t specify when he should pay rent, I wouldn’t be able to do much about 5months late. Similarly, when I (and you) purchased my P3, Tesla didn’t even speculate anywhere as to a timeframe for spoiler delivery.

Hoping you find some peace with the situation!

Skyking421 | 12. februar 2019

Wow, lots of discussions on the Performance Model 3 and what it costs vs the promise of getting those items missing from delivery some day. I too took delivery of my Red Performance Model 3 in mid September last year missing the rear spoiler and "dual motor" emblem as well and paid FULL price for it. Tesla keeps telling me it will be added to my model 3 in March, but they have been stating that every month since December. I do have confidence in Tesla to make it right! Am I disappointed in how Tesla handled my delivery and no indication of missing items that were to come with the Performance Model 3, Absolutely. But... if any excuses, Tesla is a very young car company that has a GREAT product. Over time they will get it but I am concerned how other owners may take delays in parts or items missing as more become owners and don't expect this type of treatment since other luxury car companies would never dare delay items off their cars at delivery time.

I am also disappointed in paying full price for the Performance model 3 and one month later they wrap the performance pricing into the normal price of the car, thus paying $5,000 for what? Not sure if Tesla really understands how to treat their customer base when they try to attract more low end buyers once the Mid Range and low range battery models get produced. Just my 5 cents!

jimglas | 12. februar 2019

my flatscreen TV sells for less than I paid for it, I want a refund

RCorsa | 12. februar 2019

The ironic thing is all the new performance cars outside the USA are being delivered with the spoiler. Just do a search online and you’ll see photos. I bought two model 3 performance In December (for my wife and I) and assume we will be waiting until summer??

jfaubl | 12. februar 2019

I'm sure they are building completed performance models for China because it would be far harder for them to ship the spoiler to China than around the USA. I'm fine with waiting for mine since I don't want it installed on my salty cold car.

ST70 | 12. februar 2019

@tanya- I guess I'm not a "people"

burdogg | 12. februar 2019

"NOW $1,600 less than what I paid"

Still waiting to hear if he factored in the fact that the Tax Credit dropped by $3750. So if he bought today the exact same car - my bet would be that is not cheaper today then when he got it...but I could be wrong.

On the other hand - one who says they can't afford to have two of them at one time....yet trades cars in like they are candy (lets see if I got this straight - this is the 3rd Tesla?? So in 21013, buy one. Trade it in what, 2016, to trade it in in 2018, man those are some pretty good depreciation hits...) And then all the extra changes done on top...not buying the lack of funds here....

What does the spoiler do anyway?

Hey, I can be compassionate - I feel bad that this has somehow made you so upset to come complain on an internet forum. I do hope you get your items soon. Do I wish Tesla got these items out sooner - you betch ya. Is there a reason - probably - is it a good reason - maybe - or could it really be an evil take your money conspiracy (sorry, but I do wonder what some think...that there are people at Tesla trying to find ways to piss people off).

Good luck - I do hope you get it soon...and not Elon soon.

calpilot7 | 12. februar 2019

Jimglas is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Flat panel TVs don’t cost 79K. 5K is over 6% the price of the car. You’d be a complete jackwagon not to care about getting taken for 5K.