A leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, the company Tesla, decided to tighten the belt. About what on January 18 of the current year Elon Musk reported, having written to the employees about reduction of 7% of workers. Many critics Mask immediately said that Tesla-profanity and bankrupt, but they did not get into the reason for the decrease in staff. Meanwhile, it is not the financial difficulties of the company, and the desire to create a Mask available electric vehicles.

"We have an extremely difficult task-to make our electric cars competitive. Tesla electric cars just have to match the price of a car on the ice! And although we have made great strides, our cars are still too expensive for most people."

jordanrichard | 14. februar 2019

“Budget” based on what metric? Would a $20,000 EV be more to your liking? If so, $20,000 for some people is one year’s entire income. So, again, by what “budget” standard are you insisting Tesla build?

DonS | 14. februar 2019

First, any used car is going to be cheaper than buying new. If you insist on new, you cannot beat a Nissan Leaf on a per mile cost. If you add more requirements for luxury and Supercharging, that isn't budget anymore. That is a Tesla.

eximptrans | 01. mars 2019

Tesla will be more reliable Nissan Leaf. No doubt

Xerogas | 01. mars 2019

@eximptrans: $35K Model 3 announced yesterday. Problem solved.

SO | 01. mars 2019

Average car price for 2019 is 34k.

I’d say Tesla has reached the average American.

Xerogas | 02. mars 2019

@SO: "I’d say Tesla has reached the average American."
Agreed! And with TCO for fuel and maintenance savings over ICE, it handily beats plenty of cheaper cars.

jordanrichard | 02. mars 2019

SO, while I would like to agree with the sentiment that the Model 3 is now available at the same price point of the “average car price” for 2019, that figure is a bit misleading. Car company/dealers consider leases as “sales” and the MSRP of those leased (rented) cars inflates this average because with leases, people don’t care about the total MSRP, just their rent payment. If people/more people actually bought their cars, the avg price would be lower.

virtualpassage | 08. mars 2019

The tesla city car is online for a 2020 release,roughly around the same price as the leaf although it looks similiar to the Citroen C3

mavraamides | 11. mars 2019

While I agree with the notion that people leasing vehicles don't care quite as much about price, it still matters even if they are blind to it. After all, you are paying for the difference between selling price and residual. While it's true that they can jack up the residual artificially to bring down the monthly payment, they have to pay the piper on the back end when you drop your car off.

Besides most people (at least the smart ones) negotiate the price before they even indicate whether it will be a lease or a purchase.

So I think a $35k Tesla is pretty close to an average priced car. Especially if you factor in fuel savings.