Picking up new model 3 but shouldn't it be a 2019 model

Picking up new model 3 but shouldn't it be a 2019 model

Picking up a new model 3 this week. The paperwork shows 2018, not sure it matters but shouldn't it be a 2019 model?

Xerogas | 19. februar 2019

@mlspropertiesllc: Tesla doesn’t have model years. And if it was built a month ago, who cares? Plenty of other manufacturers’ cars sit on dealer lots for months.

walnotr | 19. februar 2019

This is another paradigm shift one needs to make when purchasing a Tesla. There are not cosmetic changes to them simply to declare them a new model year vehicle. While there are major changes to the cars from time to time, they are not rolled out on an annual basis. The next big change to the Model 3, as far as anyone knows, will be HW3 when it becomes standard. I doubt it will come with battery of body design changes. Although there are plenty of people out there hoping it would come with the release of the standard $35K version.

dbwitt | 19. februar 2019

I'd argue that it does matter at least a little bit for resale value. The year is still included in the listing and I would think that at least makes some difference in people's minds as they shop.

rdavis | 19. februar 2019

Dbwitt, I’d be much more concerned about mileage than production year on resale.

ODWms | 19. februar 2019

Why does everyone keep saying that TESLA doesn’t have model years? Of course they do. It’s in the VIN, on your purchase agreement, your title, registration, etc. If and when you list it for sale, you will include it in your advertising. I don’t see anywhere where it’s not.

EVRider | 19. februar 2019

Did you buy an inventory car or custom order one? The VINs usually change years in mid-to-late December, so I would expect a custom order to be a 2019 at this point. The year doesn’t make a difference in terms of features, but it can make a difference in resale and insurance costs.

wiboater4 | 19. februar 2019

Does'nt the BUILD DATE determine what year it is? I can see where it matters because certain years have different hardware so when buying a used one it would be taken into consideration. Not yelling just wanted to emphasize build date.

EVRider | 19. februar 2019

@ODWms: What people mean is that Tesla doesn’t use model years to differentiate cars the way other automakers do. Changes to the car happen at any time and are not based on model years.

dsvick | 19. februar 2019

@ODWms - "Why does everyone keep saying that TESLA doesn’t have model years? Of course they do. It’s in the VIN, on your purchase agreement, your title, registration, etc"

No, that's the manufactured year, it is not the "model" year like you would get a 2018 Corolla that is marketed and referenced in the manufacturers literature as such. With Tesla it is much more important to know the month and year it was built so you can determine what it has and doesn't have. Yes, most people still try to go by "model" year, but that will become less important to people as they get educated about how Tesla does things.

jordanrichard | 19. februar 2019

This is not complicated. The model year is when it was built.

Other OEMs using "model year" as a marketing tool. In as early as the summer you can buy the following year's model. So come this summer/late summer you can get a 2020 model.

If you are concerned about the MY in relation to resale value, then you actually want a "MY 2018" in say March 2019 because for a MY 2018 car it will have less miles than most 2018's which helps the value. In other words you want to buy one of the remain MY cars so that relative to it's designated MY, it will have few miles.

rkalbiarEV | 19. februar 2019

Nope, not me. I would want a 2019 for a discount for 2018...

Wilber | 19. februar 2019

Jordan: Sorry, I disagree. Within the last few days I was given a choice between inventory cars built in 2018 and 2019. Like everyone says, the difference between the cars is minimal. However, i did some research at Kelly Blue Book. It doesnt have info on Model 3 yet, so i used Model S. A 2017 Model S is worth $3000 less than a 2018 model S, with identical mileage and options.

So, sure, ,a lower miles 2018 M3 will be worth more than an average 2018, but the resale value starts with about a $2000 deficit compared to 2019.

But, while i went with the 2019 build, i wouldnt have lost much sleep if i had gone for the 2018.

Telstar | 19. februar 2019

At the Tesla store, I specifically ordered a 2019 Model 3 Performance. A few days later I was given an appointment time to pick up my new car. Great! But after reading the documents, the car is a 2018. I understand that there may not be any changes to the model but every other manufacture would never try to slip in last years model without a hefty discount. It's a month and a half into the new year and if I accepted the 2018, it would be a 1 year old car as soon as I drove it off the lot regardless of miles. Also, it's not what we agreed on. After bringing this up with the Tesla associate I'm working with, he understood completely and is working hard to get me a 2019. I know it wasn't his fault and it's been a pleasure working with him. I'm still very excited about getting my new car...….someday.

mlspropertiesllc | 19. februar 2019

It wasn't an inventory model. We ordered it through the Tesla website. Sounds like the conscience here would be if we plan to sell it in the future, it matters. If we plan to keep it until it falls apart, it doesn't matter.

Flanmansd | 19. februar 2019

It's in the VIN: Look at the 10th character - this will denote the "model year".
H = 2017
J = 2018
K = 2019

I bought my first Model 3 in Jul '18 - it had a "J" in the 10th spot. Paperwork mistakenly listed the car as 2017. Tesla fixed the paperwork.

rdavis | 19. februar 2019


If you don't plan to sell it in the next 3-4 years, I wouldn't worry about. Depreciation has very little do do with the value of the car after 3-4 years. The majority of the hit is in year 1,2 and 3. On top of that, most people buying a used tesla understand there is no real model year and look more at production date and mileage than they do model year.

82bert | 19. februar 2019

This is all ludicrous people. As mentioned earlier even ICE manufacturing vehicles that are listed as “x” model year we’re almost still certainly build in the previous year. Hence the reason 2019 cars have been for sale the past 8 months for most manufacturers.

Furthermore, the reason they use mode years is because the vehicle you drive off the lot is the vehicle you’re stuck with. Any incremental improvements made from previous year are now locked in. As anyone on here should know, Tesla continually updates their fleet via OTA.

If you’re looking to buy a new 3, the only thing you should consider is whether you wait for HW3 to be pre-installed (who knows exactly when that will be). Even that may not really matter as they would swap it out for cost of FSD upgrade. There is no other automaker on the planet that would do that. They would say tough titty, wait for next year’s model.

httran26 | 19. februar 2019

I'm pretty sure legacy automakers got the same complaint when they first started selling cars. To remedy the problem, they just offer the newer year model much earlier and then even earlier.

Prior to the Model 3, Tesla cars were made to order. You place an order, then they start building it.

ODWms | 19. februar 2019

@82bert, “tough titty” is a blast from the past!!


Trekman | 19. februar 2019

@ODWms - bet you can't remember how the rest of the saying goes?

ODWms | 20. februar 2019

You got me!

CV63 | 20. februar 2019

Tesla values the year of the build. I was told this with my search on a CPO model S. They list the year on their used car section as well, but specifically the sales person told me the data they use to determine the sell point considered the year.

I am in the same boat. I sold back my 2014 Model S60 and am about to purchase a Model 3 LR. The one they have on the lot with the color combo I want is a 2018 build. I have the VIN but not sure how to tell the build month. I would think the newer the better as manufacturing lessons learned are being applied all the time and, in theory, newer would result in better build quality.

Anyone know how to decode the build month in a VIN?

EVRider | 20. februar 2019

Even if the resale value is lower for an otherwise identical car with the previous model year, also consider the cost of insurance and value-based annual tax (if you live in a state that has one), which will also be lower. In the end, it might not make much of a difference.

ialsoagree | 20. februar 2019

@CV63, as far as I know you cannot find build day or month from VIN. If they have the car, ask to see it. Build date will be inside the driver's door frame.

Wilber | 20. februar 2019

CV63 and Ialsoagree: I am in the process of buying an M3 and talking to various folks at Tesla. At least two of those folks have been able to tell me the build date for a particular car. Once they have the VIN they can look it up in some database, and see when it finished production. In my case, i wanted to avoid cars built near the end of a quarter since that is when more quality issues show up. Of course, as you know, not all people you reach on the phone at Tesla are equally knowledgable. You may reach someone who says they cant find a build date. i would advise to phone back and just talk to a different person...

SPeditor | 20. februar 2019

Wilber, I feel the same. I requested one with a build day of this year. I'm picking mine up on Saturday. Build date is January 7th.

I considered waiting till mid second quarter of this year before buying. That way any possible hardware fixes needed would be made, and possibly receiving the HW3 chip. However I decided to get the FSD option so I would get the HW3 as a free upgrade later, thus buy now. I wouldn't have gone past the 2nd quarter because of the rebate.

AnnaSmit | 20. februar 2019

I also want to order a model 3 through my own Tesla website. A piece of little-strained news about the delays and that the development is not so fast. A lot of incomprehensible and little confidence. But I really want to go to such a car !!