Autopilot ...Let me teach my Tesla how to drive

Autopilot ...Let me teach my Tesla how to drive

Just wondering if AI team is adding an option for our cars that we can teach them to drive as well. For example, there could be an option on our nav map that we can add a stop where is one on the street, so that car must stop on that point on that particular route. It can be done just for the route we most commonly, shop, friends house....
Just my 2 c

reed_lewis | 19. februar 2019

I am sure that Tesla is working on stop sign and light recognition. That would be much better general purpose system instead of having to tell your car to stop somewhere.

alan | 06. juni 2019

i too would like to see an option to teach the car some location specific actions. my daily commute contains two roundabouts in a100 km/hr zone and the car if left to its own devices will approach at a frightening speed, there are potholes it won't avoid and the maps it uses for the speed zones are a good 5 years out of date. it would be good to teach the car how i feel comfortable handling these conditions.

finman100 | 07. juni 2019

a manual on/off switch for user-shadow mode. i LOVE it!

Leaving garage, activate and drive to work. Same thing leaving work parking lot. car records everything.

Repeat x amount of times, let the algorithms crunch the data.

Throw in a "sitting in your garage and watch the simulation" on the touchscreen.

And then allow a 'session' where the car drives that algorithm on your route with you ready to take over. Any take overs (mistakes) are then incorporated into the algorithm (like Tesla is doing already per the Autonomous Day presentation)

Go Tesla!

Lith I M | 07. juni 2019

`In my neighborhood we continuously see cars driving around outfitted with data collection equipment mounted on them. They are collecting information for a grocery chain that is planning autonomous deliveries.
Tesla drivers/owners could do the same thing with their own vehicles as they drive familiar routes and build their own personal data bases.

Yevhen M. | 09. juni 2019


I'm looked self-driving technology, known as Autopilot - You made a breakthrough in three years. Could you tell me please, how big is the team working on this project?