Exact changes between 2018 Model S and 2019 Model S

Exact changes between 2018 Model S and 2019 Model S

I searched quite a bit, but I cannot find any concrete information on the exact physical changes between the two models. All I learned is that the sunroof is gone. What else changed given two identical 100D configurations (wheels, autopilot, etc)?

redacted | 22. februar 2019

There are no model years with Tesla and the features change on an irregular basis. I don't think there's a comprehensive list of features available at time A vs. time B. Maybe you can use the wayback machine, but I doubt it would work for configurations.

tomphamwd | 22. februar 2019

Faster MCU, I believe it occurs end of 2018.

redacted | 22. februar 2019

If you use the wayback machine, while you can't get to the configurator you can get to the Model S Specs part of the model S screen. Many things won't change, but a few there might. You will need to pick a date you consider the 2018 year.

ens | 22. februar 2019

As Redacted wrote, there are no model years as relates to features/options, changes occur at various unpredictable times throughout the year, so comparison is difficult. That said, some big changes that occurred at various times during 2018 and thus far in 2019, is Tesla discontinued the following options or features (these are not exact, but rough summary - most of these were discontinued/dropped between Sept-Dec 2018): no more smart air suspension, no more sun roof (but may be an off menu special order option), less metallic paint options (dropped the metallic black and several other colors), dropped several interior color choices, no more bio-weapons air filter, no more am radio, dropped a non Dual motor option, dropped smaller battery options (i.e., no 65 or 75, now have extended range that is really a 100D and a limited range version of 100D roughly equivalent to a 95D), changed the type of 21" wheel option available, ended referral program that could include unlimited lifetime supercharging for original owner ... and? Also, various items became standard vs extra cost options, and various adjustments in the pricing.

abhirao1 | 22. februar 2019

Wow, sounds like it has lost a bunch of stuff, but seems the price tag hasn't changed much. Did it gain anything substantial other than the software / autopilot updates?

inconel | 22. februar 2019

No more smart air, really?

ens | 22. februar 2019

Air suspension quietly disappeared from any mention on in about Oct. S did gain some substantial items as standard vs options. Items that were part of the Premium option package have slowly been added as standard, instead of as an extra cost, and then the price of the remaining Premium option items dropped significantly, then got dropped as an option altogether with the remaining items also becoming standard - for example, premium sound. Total price has also dropped several thousand (but some of that price drop could be attributed to no more air suspension and no more possibility of unlimited supercharging, as well as streamlining of manufacturing due to less options). Much less options and color configuration choices. Also, if you consider the cost of the standard range S (a limited range version of 100D roughly equivalent to a 95D) it is much less than cost of a 100D equivalent and not much more than what the 75D was for with a lot more range.

EVRider | 22. februar 2019

Smart air suspension became standard a while back, and my new S100D delivered in December has one. Did that change?

abhirao1 | 22. februar 2019

So, I ordered a Model S this month with enhanced autopilot, 21" wheels, etc. I was told that they have another Model S, albeit a 2018 showroom version, but with identical configuration and was told that nothing has changed between that Model S and the one I'm currently waiting for. In fact, that older Model S has extended range and a sunroof, and it's only got 50 miles on it. I have to decide whether to just get that one or wait for my new Model S to be delivered at the end of the month. That's why I wanted to know if much changed between 2018 and 2019, and it sounds like a lot has. Any suggestions what I should do?

acerfacer | 22. februar 2019

Carbon fiber interior option is no longer available.

ens | 22. februar 2019

EVRider - Yeah, air suspension became standard, then seemed to disappear about one year after that. I got my new 100D delivered in Dec, ordered before the cut-off date for unlimited supercharging, and got metallic blk paint and sunroof and it has smart air suspension. But unless locked in from prior configuration, I think cars ordered after about late Oct or early Nov no longer include it ... but no one will confirm.

acerfacer | 22. februar 2019

Full Self Driving option now on hiatus.

abhirao1 | 22. februar 2019

Any comments on whether to just take the 2018 model or wait two more weeks for my 2019 one to come in? The 2018 model has extended range and also a sunroof. I don't know what other differences it has apart from my 2019 one.

SoCal Buzz | 22. februar 2019

@ab, a late 2018 will have newest version of MCU and nothing else has really changed except for the available options and interiors. I see no reason to wait if you like what it has and they offer a good price.

MJP.75D | 22. februar 2019

Air suspension is standard. As is the HEPA filter. If Tesla says they have an identical 2018 to your custom ordered 2019 then it is just that, identical, with the notable exception of the manufacture date. As to whether or not to buy the inventory car, only you can decide. Are you pressed for time? Is there a showroom discount on the 2018 that makes it a compelling option? The choice is yours alone and you will have an incredible car either way. Good luck.

Blackbetty | 23. februar 2019

I don't think there are many differences between the 2 models, but look at how much you drive. I love my model s, my only regret is not getting the extended mileage. sometimes get range anxiety. So If you drive a lot during the day, or take a lot of long trips, you may be happier with the extended range 2018

SO | 23. februar 2019

I didn’t want a showroom model because of people opening/closing doors and getting in/out all the time.

But in hindsight it probably doesn’t matter. No different than buying a car off the lot. Like some have said, they would probably have fixed the cosmetic problems too.

So I’d take the floor model. Especially for the pano roof which gets you XM. I love the pano roof.

Bill_75D | 23. februar 2019

XM is now standard with the all glass roof, too.

EVRider | 23. februar 2019

Although the Model S page doesn’t specifically mention the air suspension, the specs page shows ground clearance as 4.6-6.3 inches, so unless they just forgot to update that page, I interpret that as meaning the air suspension is still there. I ordered my car at the end of October.

Can anyone who took delivery of a new Model S after December confirm that they do NOT have the air suspension?

Other changes that Tesla made shortly after I ordered my car was eliminating the high amperage charger from the 100D (I still got it), changing the standard interior from black textile to black premium fake leather (I got the textile), and eliminating the 400kWh annual supercharging credit (I got that too).

abhirao1 | 23. februar 2019

Ohh gotcha. Let me confirm the exact build date and make a decision. Thank you for the suggestions.

If I do go with the 2019 model, I'll let you know if it has the air suspension.

rm760 | 23. februar 2019

I took a 2018 model S P100D showroom unit with 300 miles on the odometer on 12/26/18. Saved over 12k. It has all of the options. The instant savings and tax credits made the decision for me.

Title17 | 23. februar 2019

Just took delivery of a new Model S, built in February 2019, and can confirm it absolutely has smart air suspension and biohazard/hepa.

fredharoon | 23. februar 2019

abhirao1 | February 23, 2019
Ohh gotcha. Let me confirm the exact build date and make a decision. Thank you for the suggestions.

If I do go with the 2019 model, I'll let you know if it has the air suspension.

I would go ahead and take the 2018 one if the price has been adjusted and you can save a few $. I got a killer deal on my brand new 75D which was a showroom model. I paid a base price and got sun roof (2K), premium interior (3,300), premium wheels (1,500), Grey color (1,500) along with free super charging for life.

Tesla will take good care of you if there are issues. Don't over think, just do it. Welcome to the club.

Yodrak. | 23. februar 2019

"I ... got ... free super charging for life."

Who's, or what's, life? What you got was free supercharging for as long as you own the vehicle.

abhirao1 | 08. mars 2019

I got my 2019 Model S today and wanted to give an update!

My car indeed has smart air suspension, bio terror filter, etc. They're still a part of the package, even if it doesn't explicitly mention it.

mehdi | 13. mars 2019

@abhirao1 Something specific made you decide to go with the 2019 S instead 2018. I'm in the exact same situation,
Either a 2018 model, 1k€ more expensive btw and delivered in 1 month, or longer delivery dates with 1 to 2 additional months (sad Europe), and 1k€ less, if a go with a new 2019 one.

arlo | 28. juli 2019

Is the s75d the same one as the standard range that they offer now? | 28. juli 2019

@arlo - Well, the SR is no longer offered, but yes when SR was offered it was the same as a 75D. Here's a list of all the variants:

nukequazar | 29. juli 2019

Actually I think it's a fairly easy decision. There are no significant drivetrain or AP changes from March 2018 until Raven in April 2019. You get MCU 2 and HW 2.5 starting in March 2018. In March 2019 you get MCU 2 and HW 3.0 but you will get 3.0 with the FSD upgrade so that's not an issue. If you want a sunroof (I won't buy a car without one) it's simple, get an inventory Model S with a sunroof while you can, and you will save some money because they do discount inventory cars, sometimes significantly. If, however, you don't want a sunroof and the price difference won't break your bank, I would definitely go for a Raven for the advanced suspension and longer range.