All owners who bought before Friday get AP & FSD upgrades for 50% off.

All owners who bought before Friday get AP & FSD upgrades for 50% off.

"All customers who bought a Tesla before yesterday’s price decrease will be able to buy the Autopilot or Full Self-Driving capability for half of what those features would normally cost after initial purchase.

Autopilot, which enables automatic steering, accelerating and braking, normally costs $4,000 after delivery and Full Self-Driving normally costs $7,000 after delivery. Full Self-Driving capability includes Navigate on Autopilot, Advanced Summon, Auto Lane Change, Autopark and, later this year, will recognize and respond to traffic lights.

Any customer who bought a Tesla prior to this week’s price adjustment will be able to upgrade to Autopilot for $2,000 or Full Self-Driving capability for an additional $3,000. In other words, for a customer who previously hadn’t purchased Autopilot plus Full Self-Driving, they will soon be able to do so for $6,000 less than before. Customers who previously purchased Full Self-Driving will receive an invitation to Tesla’s Early Access Program (EAP). EAP members are invited to experience and provide feedback on new features and functionality before they are rolled out to other customers.

Beginning next month, any existing customer who wants to upgrade to Autopilot or Full Self-Driving capability will be able to do so with a one-click payment. There will be no need to call anyone, and it will be as easy as it was to order your car in the first place."
All customers who bought a Tesla before yesterday’s price decrease will be able to buy the Autopilot or Full Self-Driving capability for half of what those features would normally cost after initial purchase."

bgreen770 | 02. mars 2019

My Delivery Center advised me I would receive AP at not cost due to the price decrease. Was I wrongfully informed, if so this will greatly deter me from adding an additional Tesla to my household.

holdthataway | 02. mars 2019

I took delivery in August 2018. I did not pay for EAP. Does this mean that I can now buy AP for $2k AND FSD for $3k? Meaning I can upgrade to FSD for a total of $5k? That would be tempting. (I hope they don’t notice that half of $7k is $3.5k)

marinergreg | 02. mars 2019

@holdthataway - They obviously were using the word "half" loosely. Post purchase price to add both was $11k now $5k or $1k less than half off.

velocipede1 | 02. mars 2019

They made it right!
It compensates for the price drop and a repeatedly requested feature was a cheaper TACC only.
We will be able to get that (and autosteer) for 2000$ and at the same time mitigating the price drop.
I was in the wining camp and this arrangement satisfies me. | 02. mars 2019

Cool, I showed faith and paid $8k for FSD a year ago and now I get Early Access Program......I thought that was implied when I paid Tesla money for something they hadn't completed yet. Assured it was cheaper buying it at the purchase of the vehicle because it will be more expensive post-purchase. Not only did I 'give a free loan' to Tesla as most people have been referring to FSD for a couple years, but now I lost $3k on that 'loan'.

Not. Happy.

nrsrikumar | 02. mars 2019

It is exactly one month since I took delivery.. I paid 8k for EAP and FSD.. now, I feel penalized for paying for it.. is the early access program worth 3k? Tesla, this is not right.

thedrisin | 02. mars 2019

I took delivery in December. I paid 5k for EAP. Now I have to pay additional 3k if I want FSD bur if I had not purchased anything I get FSD for 5k. WTF?

SteveWin1 | 02. mars 2019

Just grabbed FSD for $3K. Glad I didn't buy with my original purchase, although I fully expect the price may drop again later. I'm happy to pay since Tesla will have to swap out my hardware for their custom chip that didn't exist when I purchased. Sucks for the guys who paid for FSD months ago though. Early access is definitely not worth the price difference. I'd pay maybe $100 for early access program, although from what I read on this forum, the people in the program still are often waiting for updates long after most have gotten an update.

chloutfi | 02. mars 2019

I bought in August without EAP or FSD. My account is showing AP for 4k and FSD for 7K , not the new 50% off pricing scheme. Am I missing something here ?

thedrisin | 02. mars 2019

@nrsrikumar. No, it is not right. At the minimum, previous FSD purchasers should get free supercharging, although a refund would be nice. EAP should be upgraded to FSD for no extra cost. I am a first day reservationist, waited 2 1/2 years until delivery and have to pay more than someone who didn't order any autopilot upgrade!!

82bert | 02. mars 2019

Everyone chill out. Elon has already tweeted that it will take a few days to update the system so new pricing available.

He also clarified that if you previously bought EAP, you will be able purchase it for 2k, not the 3k currently listed. If you’ve already purchased the FSD upgrade since the announcement for 3k, you will get a 1k refund.

To everyone else complaining, relax.

weluvm3 | 02. mars 2019

I don’t feel this is fair. I ended up paying more in tax and licensing because I took Tesla at their word and paid for FSD in advance of any functionality. So, because I trusted Tesla, and wanted to support them, I cost my own family thousands of dollars and got virtually nothing in return.

Elon Musk, whatever you were smoking when you made this decision...toss it in the trash, dude.

Passion2Fly | 02. mars 2019

The initial EAP+FSD customers get the short stick here...No AP ones get the best deal... Things might still change, just wait another week! Don’t make your move yet!

weluvm3 | 02. mars 2019

People that trusted Tesla and supported FSD development should not be disadvantaged for doing so. Come on, Elon, fix this.

kevin_rf | 02. mars 2019

He is fixing it, he's pulling in more money to help pay for FSD development. I really admire this car salesman's ability to separate my money from my wallet.

dgcan75 | 02. mars 2019

Elon tweeted that it would hurt the company to go back and give discounts on past purchases so for the few people who purchased FSD they're offering exclusivity into the early access program. They're trying to offer something

thedrisin | 02. mars 2019

It seems to me that there is no point to purchase the 2k FSD uograde from EAP until the new hardware is available and actual FSD features. Pricing may again change, more likely lower.

Magic 8 Ball | 02. mars 2019

Order now.
Use my code: misinformed@magic

dt22cc | 02. mars 2019

Early reservation holders/buyers did get the car earlier, and there is some value to be put on that. Even traditional car companies don’t discount new car models when they first come out vs 1 year later. Although price drop for Tesla was big.

Tesla did make some goodwill gestures 50% discount on AP or early access program if you bought FSD, which they didn’t have to do. I got my car in 2018, so I won’t be made “whole”, but feel better today than yesterday about everything.

Plus everyone getting a 5% power bump for free and all the other features that have been added to the car like dashcam, sentry, dog mode. What’s the value of those features that they didn’t charge us for? Hard to quantify.

dgcan75 | 02. mars 2019

Has anyone been able to get/see the 50% discount yet? If you call in will they process and activate?

mkrueger3 | 02. mars 2019

I would like to ask everyone who paid for EAP and FSD two simple questions. Did you really check those boxes upon ordering your M3 thinking it was some kind of nobel act in "supporting" Tesla? Or was it for a product you have enjoyed (EAP) with peace of mind knowing you will have the latest and greatest when it first comes out (FSD)?

I get it, the money you paid for FSD was for a future product that has yet to be fully released. You made the choice to purchase something that is still in development and if you truly felt like you were "supporting" Tesla for future development you would also "support" this latest announcement. Besides, the more people using Autopilot and FSD features the more data Tesla can collect to bring us all to full autonomous driving faster.

I know it's a difficult pill to swallow but this is a GOOD thing for everyone.

holdthataway | 02. mars 2019

Yeah I totally emphasize to everybody who purchased FSD prior to this announcement. You showed the most faith in Elon and Tesla. There were no features even to use in FSD that weren’t in EAP. My vote would definitely be to give you free supercharging. Especially if you can now purchase for $5k what you paid $8k. I think the vast majority of people only purchased EAP (or neither like me), so hopefully not too many of you out there.

I’m still seeing the upgrades at $4k and $7k as well.

Tuning In | 02. mars 2019

@thedrisin There is also the possibility that the offer is a limited time discount that they will remove. You could be right or wrong and a even Musk doesn’t know what the offer will be in the future.

weluvm3 | 02. mars 2019

I kind of figured that people would try to find a way to make this sound like a "good thing" for the people, like myself, who paid for FSD bundled with the car.

Yeah, right, "Double Plus Good"

thedrisin | 02. mars 2019

@Tuning In. That was the thinking of all those people who faithfully purchased EAP and FSD at original price last year. They thought they were "grabbing" them at a lower price than they would get them in the future at the post purchase price or even higher. There were plenty of past threads discussing exactly that.

82bert | 02. mars 2019

You purchased FSD knowing that there were zero features available for FSD and may never be available. Where am I getting this wrong? We should all be happy that our vehicles are compatible for HW3 upgrades. Seriously what car company upgrades your computer system?! No car I’ve ever owned would even think of it. They would simply say “may I introduce you to next year’s model?”

Michael.last1 | 02. mars 2019

The same configured model 3 with FSD is $100 more than the car configured last week. $100 is fair not $3000 for the FSD upgrade.

noleaf4me | 02. mars 2019

Really not fair for us who paid $5k up front for EAP -- now I could get both EAP plus FSD for the same price I paid a year ago? Come on Elon.....make us whole here! We gave you our $ a long time ago and should NOT be punished for that!

adrian.alvarez | 02. mars 2019

Just got sucker punched again. I have EAP 5500. FSD another 3000. Total 8500. If I waited a month 5000 for both.

akwal07 | 02. mars 2019

I got EAP for $5k at purchase, car delivered DEC... I have to pay $2-$3k extra to get FSD (not sure what exact pricing will be due to miscommunication from the company)

A person who bought the same exact car as I did on the same day without EAP, can now got all my features plus FSD for a combined 5k.

This is unacceptable. I was told if I didn't buy EAP upfront it would be $7k later, now for the entire EAP features + FSD its only 5k.

That was false advertising and a complete lie.... which affected my purchase decision.

They also completely lied about the range of LR AWD...

I want to cancel my EAP, and sign up for the AP + FSD for $5k...

Johnimun | 02. mars 2019

@akwal07 Amen 100%

akwal07 | 02. mars 2019


I went into a tesla store today to ask about this and they were completely unaware of this price change.

They did say the expect further clarification on Monday.

Heres to hoping they decide to get their act together then.

jamilworm | 02. mars 2019

@akwal07 - "They also completely lied about the range of LR AWD"

So what range did they say the LR AWD would get? What range do you actually get going from 100% battery to dead?

Hal Fisher | 02. mars 2019

Yeah, hard to believe a guy who made $20 billion off everyones hopes would be stingy over this. How many bought the full package, 25k? Kick each 10 shares of stock out of his account to buy back the good will. It won’t show on the company sheets. Wouldn’t be shit to a man with his means, literally. He could give himself more shares later.

marinergreg | 02. mars 2019

Bought Sept 2018 RWD with AEP & FSD. I had my little pity party for a day then got over myself. This constant whining I want.....I want.....I want....give me. give me, give me is driving me nuts.

No one promised us that the discount that enticed us to buy early would be indefinite. Tesla has always bounced all over the map on things like this. Cars are slashed in price with big sales all the time, why is this any different.

Lets all be honest we all wanted this car ASAP and were willing to do just about anything to get our hands on one.
Yeah we would have been better if we waited but we didn't so own your decision and get over it.

You loved this car before, now that the price went down you love it less?
Quit crying over spilled milk, get over it, move on It's not all about you. Most of us intend to have this car for a along time, stop stressing on short term price fluctuations. This car will only get better and better, you'll get the value out of what you paid.
Here is what I want. Tesla to take whatever measures needed to remain viable and stable. It does us all no good to have a car from a dissolved company. I don't want them going broke from refunding early adopters. Name me a viable business that does that.
If you are patting yourself on the back and crowing about being an early adopter that's saying that you cared about the companies survival and it fulfilling its ultimate goals. You're saying you did it to move the ball forward not expect a lifetime of price protection, benefits and rewards.
Off my soapbox.......carry on.

Mike UpNorth | 02. mars 2019

Well said marinegreg

SteveWin1 | 02. mars 2019

"Cars are slashed in price with big sales all the time, why is this any different."

The difference, Marine Greg, is that Tesla told us all, in writing, when we purchased our cars that we had to either purchase EAP/FSD right NOW for a certain price OR pay a specific HIGHER price later. A lot of people were swayed to purchase earlier than they should have (especially for an option that does nothing) because of the explicitly stated savings that ended up being the opposite. Someone who bought neither EAP nor FSD can now get both for what EAP alone cost when you and I paid for it. I am adding FSD for significantly cheaper than the price they told me I'd have to pay later and for less than you already paid. That's GREAT for me, but if the pre-delivery "discount" you were promised on your FSD is the reason you bought it (hopefully it WAS, because there was no other rational reason to buy it at that time) then Tesla's misinformation caused you to waste your money.

To be clear, I did buy EAP for $5K and I guess I could choose to be mad that I was lied to about the buy-later price and that now some people can get EAP+FSD for that same amount, but I was fine with the price I paid at the time, I have used and enjoyed EAP for over 5 months, and now FSD is cheaper for me than I expected it to be. So, personally, I'm happy about the changes, but I also completely understand why FSD buyers might be upset.

How can people like you spend time out of the day to get on here and bash people who are venting their frustration? It isn't their fault they were given the wrong information when they purchased their Tesla. Tesla has ALL the information and they gave us wrong information and a lot of people acted on it to their disadvantage. That's actually not OK. Even if you love Tesla and want them to succeed, it is not ok for them to manipulate their customers with false information, which is exactly what they did.

kevcabrera | 02. mars 2019

When will the price adjustments change? On my profile it still has the original prices.

weluvm3 | 02. mars 2019

@SteveWin1 +100

Exactly. Tesla controlled the situation because they controlled the information that we had to base our decisions. The information we were given turned out to be false, so, consequently, the choices we were able to make were suboptimal.

Tesla needed to do it to survive, blah blah blah. Maybe that argument works for your own selfish purposes, but I have no interest helping a company survive by squeezing extra money from my own family by withholding information from us. Either they find another way to survive, or they can just go ahead and fail and good riddance.

thedrisin | 02. mars 2019

+100. Well said. If Tesla had just stated that pricing was subject to change, there would be no cause to complain. Instead, people were explicitly told price would be higher after purchase in order to entice them to purchase the options.

marinergreg | 02. mars 2019

SteveWin1 - Saying if I buy it after purchase it will cost me more doesn't freeze those prices for those options for everyone in perpetuity. So in ten years if it costs 90% less to produce do you expect them to hold the same price for both because of this perceived contract?

The reality is you needed to buy it for that price before rolling it off the lot, if you changed your mind later all bets were off with no guarantees on the price only an estimate of the top end price of what it would cost. If you wanted to buy it later and they wanted more than that as has happened before, they would honor that quote as they have done. Tesla is constantly moving prices and options around tweaking and adjusting. This is new news to anyone?

Yes I took a gamble and bought FSD hoping it would save me some cash but it didn't work out that way. At the same time the reality is I virtually lost nothing. It cost me $8k for EAP + FSD. If I waited and bought today it still costs $8k for essentially the same thing. My understanding is I'm grandfathered in, I'll have all of the same capabilities.
The bottom line for me is did I get the value for my purchase price, and will I feel the same going forward. The answer is unequivocally and emphatically 110% yes. Look at all of the capabilities that have and will be added to my car.
It's selfish to expect others to pay more for FSD just because of the enticement we were offered to buy it at that time. When I paid $3k for FSD the company had more overhead and was losing money. They enticed me with a pre delivery price discount. The economics have changed now and they can offer it for less to all. Tesla had the advantage of the full tax credit, a slightly better economy, a pent up demand,and no competition. Markets dictate price, this market is changing fast and they need to adjust.

Even the price decreases is way overblown. My car cost me $58,000 pre taxes and delivery charge. It now costs $52,500. Take away the $3750 tax credit I would have lost and now were talking about a $1,750 difference or about a 3% drop. And don't fool yourself into thinking the tax incentive wasn't baked into the price and wouldn't need to be adjusted after the phaseout.
I've seen words like liar, cheat, screwed........please cry me a river, give me a break. Ridiculous over reactions.
You most definitely have a right to rant and whine here with your all about me cry's for pity. And I've got a right to disagree and voice my opinion that you should all get over it.
This falsely perceived short end of the stick is what was handed to me as a 2018 RWD AEP FSD purchaser. If anyone should be complaining its me. Not happening, glad the prices are coming down so more can afford to purchase and enjoy this transformational car.

SteveWin1 | 03. mars 2019

"It cost me $8k for EAP + FSD. If I waited and bought today it still costs $8k for essentially the same thing. My understanding is I'm grandfathered in, I'll have all of the same capabilities."

No, that's not correct. If you had waited and bought EAP+FSD today, instead of paying for it when you took delivery, it would only cost you $5K today for the exact same thing -- not the $8K that you actually paid and not the higher price you were told you would have to pay if you waited. You threw away $3K (plus tax and probably interest) because, as you stated, you were trying to save money based on the incorrect information that Tesla put right in front of you while ordering. There was no reason to purchase FSD at that time. It still has provided no benefit to customers. The only reason any rational person would have paid for it at delivery was because of the falsely-stated higher future price.

marinergreg | 03. mars 2019

SteveWin1 - My point was if I had waited to buy the car now it would cost me the same $8k. I get it you didn't buy FSD, didn't think it was worth it at the time. Stop whining for others though. I'm completely fine with my purchase I don't need your concern. Additionally you're being offered the FSD that you don't want for $1,000 cheaper now just to stop the complaining.

You completely ignored my point that what we we're "promised" at purchase is a unreasonable and unrealistic expectation to hold Tesla to. Most if not all of us knew exactly what the deal was as did you since you passed on FSD. I bought FSD to lock in the price, have it paid for, and not have to worry about price fluctuations in the future.

Now lets address this $3,000 that you say I've "lost". That is strictly a peace offering to all the whiners who bought last year and are now freaking over the price decreases on the car. It's bad publicity all the whiners threatening to take their ball home if they don't get "compensated" for their pain.
Tesla is saying ok we can't possibly refund you on your purchase price, how about if we offer you a discount on AP & FSD? Will you quit crying and posting we lied to you if we offer you this? Personally I'm ashamed of this extortion and groveling, ashamed of the wild accusations and terms like liars and cheats.
So yes if I didn't buy EAP & FSD back then, now because of all the whiners I could now have bought it for $3k cheaper.
Guess what I wanted both back then, wanted to support Tesla and had full faith that I would reap future rewards from doing so. I'm more than 100% satisfied with my purchase, understood exactly what I was getting. Did my research and knew that the cars price would decline after the tax incentives went away. And knew that in the past these buy now incentives haven't held with the S & X. I made a very rational decision on FSD which was to lock it in at $3k and not gamble on what price it would end up when implemented. I bought the car and everything that went with it because I wanted it now, wanted it all paid for now. I waited for 2 1/2 years, I wasn't waiting for the price decreases that were sure to come.

Those that are not happy with their purchase need to take responsibility for their own decisions, their unreasonable and unrealistic expectations and their seemingly total lack of understanding of supply and demand and market forces. Grow up and get over yourselves. Tesla's survival is not guaranteed, there is a lot at stake for all of us here. There is a bigger picture than your miss perceived "Loses". Go take a road trip with your Model 3, you'll feel better.

akwal07 | 03. mars 2019

If you buy this it will cost x today, if you buy it later it will cost y more

actually it costs z now

that's false advertising.

82bert | 03. mars 2019

Thank you, marinergreg.

marinergreg | 03. mars 2019

You can't hold them to or prove damages for that. If they promised you a future price and then charged you more you would have damages. You all are making literal points from the wording but not thinking this through.

Ok so lets make the wording literal and legal, lets play your silly misguided game. There is realistic projections that your Model 3 batteries might last 300 to 400 thousand miles. They just recently opened up a gear box that had 1 million miles put on it that looked brand new. You literally could possibly own this car 30 years from now.
So are you saying that Tesla is required to not lower the price on FSD for the next 30 years because of the short term buy before delivery that they were offering you. Seriously you want to make that case? Does your discount offer at purchase lock in the price for everyone in perpetuity? Answer that question please.

Whatever......I give up. Sell your car and sue Tesla then. Their are plenty that would love to have your car.

Mike UpNorth | 03. mars 2019

2 weeks ago this forum had postings saying let's sue Tesla because of false advertising a $35k car.
Now they're offering a $35k car and people want to sue because it's less expensive.

Weird world we live in.

82bert | 03. mars 2019

Scary world. And unfortunately the cause of a lot of problems.

Aneurysm | 03. mars 2019


Payment should look like this.

To get FSD

Orders post 02/28/2019
Full asking price per website.

Orders pre 02/28/2019

Non EAP orders
2k AP + 4k FSD

EAP orders
MR = 1k for FSD
LR = 500 for FSD
3P = Free for FSD

EAP + FSD orders
Early Access Program
Lifetime free supercharging
Invitation to next unveiling event?

I'm a bit biased as I paid for EAP for my 3P in 2018.

If you bought the cheapest model available pre 02/28/2019. You pay same regardless if you paid for EAP or not to have FSD now.
If you bought the higher priced models, you get discounted for FSD on a tier structure.


swanson21 | 03. mars 2019

+1 @Aneurysm, though I think pre-2/28 non-EAP should pay a lil' more like 2500-3000 just for the basic AP