Car got stuck while in update had to be towed

Car got stuck while in update had to be towed

Back on 23rd my car starts it update but gets stuck, Screen is black and power is about at 60%..Hour on the phone and they can not log into the car..
Get it towed Monday, now a week later they are waiting on some regional engineer when he can look into it.They have warned me this is a slow process.
I have asked them to swap the computer or roll back to a previous update but they have not answered my txts'

Any one ran into this and they had a fix if so please post so I can get service to wrap this up.

Teslanene | 04. mars 2019

Did you get aloner in the mean time?

zelorsales | 04. mars 2019

Yes I did.

ligemin | 04. mars 2019

This exact thing happened to me. They are going to swap the computer. It's been a week and I am still waiting for my M3.

zelorsales | 04. mars 2019

Did they give you a ETA ..Don't get why they can not just reinstall the previous version.

dalesmith1962 | 05. mars 2019

@zelorsales, maybe Tesla is on the verge of releasing the new computer hardware. If so, they may be waiting to get a new computer to replace your existing one. You might get lucky and get a free upgrade without having to purchase FSD.