I still do not have dash cam update to show side cameras. What update did that come with? Also, does someone know how on a Mac computer to delete saved files form the thumb drive when it is plugged in? Thanks in advance!

myerrored | 05. mars 2019

Pretty sure the side camera dash cam came with the Sentry Mode / Dog Mode update, which I don't have yet. On a Mac, just plug in the thumb drive and go through the files like you would on PC, very little difference.

root1999 | 06. mars 2019

myerrored.Thank you for the reply.

jjt2122 | 06. mars 2019

They haven’t release the 2019 version on a mass scale yet, Elon said 3/15/19 is the next update

jithesh | 06. mars 2019

Side camera update is Sentry Mode.. Many people are waiting for it. Hoping it will with with Mar 15 update

Not sure if you care.. but I actually bought one of these, so I am able to view/delete/move files using my iPhone itself.. that way I don't have to take the USB home and use my Mac to do that

Carl Thompson | 06. mars 2019

I'm still bewildered why they wouldn't include the _rear_ camera in dash cam footage. As someone who (in a previous BMW) was rear-ended and had the culprit speed off and escape I'd really like the dashcam to record from the rear camera so that the license plate could be recorded in situations like that.